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Fallout 76: How to Kill Evan (Personal Matters Quest)


Fallout 76: How to Kill Evan (Personal Matters Quest)

How to Kill Evan (Personal Matters Quest) in Fallout 76

The Personal Matters quest in Fallout 76 is one of the longest quests in the game, taking you all across the map of Appalachia to follow the Overseer’s footsteps in the hope of reuniting with her. One of the major points of the questline is to kill Evan, a ghoul that can be found at a location known as Mount Blair. If you are having trouble with this portion of the quest, check out what you need to know about how to kill Evan in Fallout 76.

Personal Matters

Personal Matters is one of the main quests in Fallout 76 that has you trying to figure out what happened to the beloved Overseer of Vault 76. After journeying all over West Virginia, you will finally discover the fate of your former leader, and will be charged with killing a ghoul named Evan, who can be found in the Mount Blair area.

Unfortunately, many players are reporting that upon arriving at Evan’s location, the ghoul’s corpse will be found instead of a live enemy with the quest marker still specifying the body as the quest target. This is an unfortunate bug, as it seems that Evan does not properly respawn after being killed by a previous player. So if another survivor beats you to the ghoul, you won’t have the chance to kill him for yourself even if you try and reload the area by fast traveling.

Though Bethesda recently rolled out a patch for Fallout 76, it doesn’t appear that a fix for this particular quest bug was addressed in it. However, there are a couple of things you can try in order to get this resolved in the meantime.

Wait at Evan’s Spawn

One option that players have found limited success with is waiting at Evan’s corpse for a possibility of the ghoul respawning.

This seems to have a low chance of occurring, and if it does work, you’ll need to be quick to kill the ghoul before another player stumbles upon it and tries to claim the kill for themselves. There is also no telling how long this can take or if it will happen at all on the server you are playing on.

Jump Servers

This is a tedious task but seems like it’s the best workaround so far. If you log out of Fallout 76 and back in (or join a friend’s world), you’ll be able to hop to another server where Evan may still be alive. You’ll need to be quick and head to Evan’s spot to see if he is still active in the new server you joined.

If he isn’t, you can try server hopping again and repeat until you stumble upon a world that has an Evan you can kill for yourself. It may take time, but eventually you may get lucky and find a lively Evan to inflict death upon.

Other than these two options, it may be better just to wait until Bethesda patches this quest and then complete it at a later date. While it may be frustrating, it will ensure you don’t waste your time for now looking for the elusive Evan.

We’ll keep this page updated if more information comes up regarding this quest, so make sure to keep checking back for more fixes or workarounds in the future.

For other tips and tricks on completing quests in post apocalyptic West Virginia, check out our Fallout 76 wiki.

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