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Is FIFA 23 the Last FIFA? Difference Between EA Sports FC & FIFA 24 Explained

Looking beyond FIFA 23.

It’s all change for EA’s football simulation series, with the devs revealing EA FC and gearing up for a new era. Naturally, some are confused about what it all means. Here’s the difference between FIFA and EA FC, as well as what we expect to happen to the FIFA video game series.

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Is FIFA 23 the Final FIFA? 

No – it’s just the final FIFA video game that’ll be developed by EA Sports. For a number of years now, EA have had a licensing deal in place with FIFA that allowed them to use the governing body’s name for their series. That deal has expired and won’t be renewed. As a result, EA will be developing a new series, called EA Sports FC, or ‘FC’ for short.

FIFA’s President, Gianni Infantino, has already confirmed that the governing body plans to continue the series under the same name. According to The Times, he said: “The new FIFA game – the FIFA 25, 26, 27 and so on – will always be the best e-game for any girl or boy, we will have news on this very soon.”

No development studio or publisher has been touted for FIFA’s own video game series. It’s also worth nothing that Infantino began his list of FIFA games with 25, suggesting there won’t be a 2023 release to directly compete with the first EAFC.  

Regardless, we know that the FIFA series will continue because of Infantino’s comments.

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FIFA vs EA Sports FC

We also know that EA Sports will continue to make football games, just under a different name. It’ll still possess many of the licenses it had previously, opting for deals with leagues, clubs and players, rather than FIFA itself. The fan favorite modes will carry over too, with Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and more already confirmed.

Details on the continuation of the FIFA series, from modes to developer to release dates, have not yet surfaced. It seems likely it’ll try to emulate EA’s successful formula to some degree.

It’s a new era for football video games, with the two collaborators now essentially competing for the larger playerbase moving forwards. This page will be updated as and when more is known but, for now, that’s everything on FIFA’s future, EA Sports FC and whether FIFA 23 is the last FIFA video game ever.

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