Dragon Size Comparison: House of the Dragon Explained

Can't keep up with the dragons on House of the Dragon? Join us as we go through them and make a comparison between their sizes.

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With the Dance of the Dragons creeping in, a few important notions have been established. So far, as we’ve seen in House of the Dragon, the Blacks hold the highest number of dragons. However, it has become clear, that in this context, size matters. Hence, it is relevant to establish a comparison between the size of the dragons we’ve already seen in House of the Dragon and the ones that might appear in the future.

House of the Dragon – Dragon Size Comparison

As House of the Dragon rose because of the success of its mother show we should note that if there was one thing that Game of Thrones did not nail was depicting the size of Daenery’s dragons accurately. Hence, it might be confusing for some viewers that compare the two shows. Just to get this out of the way, Drogon is bigger than his brothers Rhaegal and Viserion, but he is still smaller than any of the dragons that appear in House of the Dragon. Therefore, if you thought that Drogon was grand when compared to the much smaller Arrax (Lucerys’ dragon), you were tricked.

Aemond standing next to Vhagar
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Vhagar, once ridden by Laena Velaryon, now finds herself on the Green’s side with Aemond as her rider. This is the biggest dragon on the show. Compared to the final size of Drogon in Season 8 of Game of Thrones, Vhagar is more than double his size. In fact, it is estimated that Vhagar is 492 feet long (150 meters), which is amazingly longer than a FIFA football field (around 344 feet or 105 meters). Interestingly, even though Balerion (Viserys’ dragon) was bigger, he died of old age before Viserys was even king.

Daemon standing next to Vermithor
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To balance the scales, in the season finale, Daemon puts his dragon-whisperer talents to the test and tries to claim what we believe to be Vermithor, the second biggest dragon.

Caraxes size
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Then follows Dreamfyre (Helaena’s dragon), Caraxes (Daemon’s dragon) and Meleys (Rhaenys’ dragon) in this order. While Dreamfyre is the biggest of the three, the difference doesn’t appear to be so relevant that it would matter in the context of confrontation. For comparison purposes, Caraxes is said to be half the size of Vhagar. While it might not be as long as a FIFA football field, you’d still need to put together around 192 PS5 lengthways to get Caraxes’ length.

Syrax size
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Syrax (Rhaenyra’s dragon) comes next as she is slightly smaller. To better visualize the sizes, just picture Season 8 Drogon. He should be smaller than Meleys but bigger than Syrax. While Syrax’s size changes during the show, it probably will not evolve much as she is kept in chains and does not hunt for her own food, most of the time.

Seasmoke size
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Another three that could easily be comparable in size are Sunfyre (Aegon II’s dragon), Tessarion (Daeron’s dragon) and Seasmoke (used to be Laenor’s dragon), all smaller than Syrax. Although we haven’t seen Tessarion, nor his rider for that matter, they might appear in the future. She is a third of the size of Vhagar, or in other words, as long as the height of the leaning tower of Pisa.

Arrax and Vhagar
Image Source: HBO Max.

Now we go into the smaller side where we find the dragons that belong to all the children Rhaenyra and Daemon had, either together or separately. Vermax (Jacaerys’ dragon), Arrax (Lucerys’ dragon) and Tyraxes (Joffrey’s dragon) are similar and are the biggest out of the small. Arrax is said to be five times smaller than Vhagar, so you’d need to take around 40 steps to walk the dragon from one end to the other.

Lastly follows, Stormcloud (Aegon III’s dragon), Morghul (Jaehaera’s dragon) and Moondancer (Baela’s dragon), which haven’t made an appearance during Season 1. Out of these, Morghul and Moondancer are notably smaller, being very close to what the true size of Drogon should have been – not much bigger than a horse, but definitely smaller than a whale.

As far as wild dragons that the Blacks are eyeing, we could still get to see, for instance, Sheepstealer or Silverwing which, size-wise, are in between Vermithor and Dreamfyre.

That’s everything you need to know about the size of the dragons from House of the Dragon. Be sure to search on Twinfinite for more news and information on the show, including all the wild dragons in the show and who died in Season 1.

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