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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Fly


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Fly

Fly – Dragon Ball Fusions

Flying is what every great warrior aspires to do in the Dragon Ball universe, so there’s no surprise that flying is a very important part of exploration in Dragon Ball Fusions as well. You’ll be able to take to the skies to explore the world as you look for characters to fight or recruit, as well as do a bit of searching for items and complete training.

When out in the world, you’ll actually already be flying, so there’s no need to take off from the ground. However, the controls to actually move about do require some getting use to as they’re not like most games. Essentially, your character is treated like a vehicle, so here are the controls to help you move about:

Thumbstick – Instead of moving you, the thumbstick is used to control the camera and basically steer you throughout the sky.

R Button – This is how you fly forward. Simply hold down R and you will fly in the direction you face. You can change direction by using the thumbstick.

L Button – Lets you fly backwards.

B Button – Holding down B allows you to dash, meaning you’ll fly much faster than normal. Do note that some NPCs will take this as a sign of aggression, though, so don’t dash towards people you don’t want to fight.

Y Button – This is how you lock on to someone while flying. Useful for if you’re trying to catch up to a specific NPC but don’t want to keep having to steer and risk losing them.

That’s all there is to flying in Dragon Ball Fusions. You’ll get the hang of it after a bit and find yourself racing between characters and obstacles in no time.

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