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Does Alicent Want to Start a War in House of the Dragon? Answered

If you're wondering whether Alicent wants a war in House of the Dragon, here's what you need to know.

While Alicent might’ve been presented as a very passive character for the first half of House of the Dragon season 1, this episode shows that she might finally be ready to take some action. With all the revelations and development from the fifth episode, you might be wondering if Alicent is looking to start a war in House of the Dragon. Here’s what you need to know.

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Does Alicent Want a War in House of the Dragon?

When Alicent shows up at the wedding dinner, Larys and Harwin comment on her green dress and mention that when the Hightower beacons light up in preparation for war, they glow green. With that little tidbit, it can be inferred that Alicent is getting herself ready for a possible war with the Targaryens. However, this does not mean that Alicent necessarily wants to start a war in House of the Dragon. It’s more likely that she’s readying herself for that possibility and is prepared to retaliate if needed.

In episode 5, she learns that Rhaenyra had lied to her about losing her virginity, and her father was fired and sent away as a result. Before leaving, however, Otto also warns her of the dangers of Rhaenyra inheriting the Iron Throne. He states that if Rhaenyra does ascend the Throne, she’ll have no choice but to kill Aegon, and Alicent’s only options are to either prepare Aegon to rule, or hope that Rhaenyra shows mercy to her son.

With all that’s happened with her father, her discovery of Rhaenyra’s lies, and the possibility of her son being executed, it seems that Alicent has finally decided to take a stance. This can be seen from her brief conversation with her uncle at the dinner as well, where he states that Hightower stands with her. We likely won’t get a war anytime soon, but Alicent will certainly be ready for it when it does happen.

That’s all you need to know about whether Alicent wants to start a war in House of the Dragon. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the show, including the reasoning behind Daemon’s haircut, and what kind of tea Viserys gave to Rhaenyra.

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