Devil May Cry 5: How to Use Devil Trigger & Sin Devil Trigger

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How to Use Devil Trigger & Sin Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 5

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If you are planning on having any kind of success in Devil May Cry 5, you are going to need to understand the Devil Trigger system. This initiates a special mode in which you move faster, inflict more damage and regenerate vitality. Think Super Saiyan, but for demons, or demonic half-breeds. Here’s how to use Devil Trigger and Sin Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 5.

In general, you will fill your gauges by simply playing the game and engaging in its most basic verbs: killing things and taking damage. As the Devil May Cry series has traditionally been quite heavy on the action side of things, you are going to be doing a lot of killing, and ideally not taking so much damage.

Eventually, you will accrue enough to enter Devil Trigger mode. This requires three full gauges to activate, but again, simply doing what a demon-hunter does best will mean this will happen before you know it. Once you have three full gauges, press LB or L1 to activate your Devil Trigger.

Once activated, you will move faster and inflict more damage, and you will also unlock new combos and attack variations, increasing your lethality tremendously. This will allow you to clear waves of lesser foes with ease, and inflict massive damage on larger and more formidable opponents.

How to Use Sin Devil Trigger

Sin Devil Trigger is an advanced form of the previous move available to Dante, and while it requires a little more work to activate, it is incredibly powerful and well worth the effort. You must advance the main story before it will be unlocked for use, but it’s worth knowing how it works. To activate it, you must have first built up the three standard gauges as outlined above and enter the standard mode.

Once you are in the standard mode, press and hold LB or L1 to increase the gauge into the Sin Devil Trigger state. You will still be able to move and attack while doing this. Once this gauge is completely lit up, press LB or L1 and release to enter the mode proper, and unleash hell.

In this mode, your attacks and combos will deal significantly more damage than they would even in the standard mode. As it does take a little more work to set up, consider saving this for when you have your back to the wall and need to turn the tide.

That’s it, everything you need to know about the Devil Trigger & Sin Devil Trigger modes in Devil May Cry 5. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding Devil May Cry 5 wiki for a selection of other guide articles, or check out some of the games awesome gameplay trailers here, and here.

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