Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Trigger the Ether Ritual Heroic Public Event

How to Trigger Ether Ritual Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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With a new expansion, of course new public events will be introduced to either entertain us, or torment us when players don’t know how to trigger them to become heroic and prematurely end the event. This is especially true right when the expansion comes out as people are still figuring it out. Be nice for now, but in a couple of weeks if your friends and randoms are still messing them up, make sure to politely tell them to get their act together.

Anyway, if you’re here, you’re wondering how to trigger the Ether Ritual heroic public event in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Triggering the heroic version of Ether Ritual is definitely trickier than most public events. It’s straightforward, at least in concept, but it requires a lot of people, and a good amount of coordination. This is one that will certainly be difficult to solo unless you’re rocking something with a lot of ammo.

To trigger the Ether Ritual heroic public event, you must first defeat the orange Chieftain that spawns shortly after the beginning of the event. As soon as he is dead, clouds of ether will spawn from the direction near the spawn of the Chieftain, and these clouds must all be shot and destroyed before reaching the center of the event. If a single cloud makes it, the heroic event is spoiled. So everyone present must drop what they are doing and take down those clouds ASAP if they want that sweet, increased chance of an exotic engram. If you can do this three times for each Chieftain, you will spawn the heroic public event for Ether Ritual.

That does it for how to trigger the Ether Ritual heroic public event in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Be sure to visit our wiki guide for more tips and tricks.

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