Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get to The Dreaming City

How to Get to The Dreaming City in Destiny 2 Forsaken

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We’re going to be keeping this as spoiler free as possible, but if you want to be 100% totally blind to how to get to The Dreaming City, don’t read on.

The newest expansion in Destiny 2 Forsaken comes fully equipped with new strikes, missions, loot, and a new raid. This time however they are changing things up with how to Raid functions. No longer will it simply be a destination in the Directory that will queue players up in a specific area to begin. Players will now travel to The Dreaming City where there are things to explore and uncover, as well as be the hub world for the newest raid in Forsaken. Here’s how to get to The Dreaming City.

To get to The Dreaming City, you must first complete the entire Forsaken campaign through “Nothing Left to Say.” After completing that and speaking to Ikora and Zavala in the Tower, you’ll be asked to return to The Tangled Shore to speak to Petra. She will then point you in the direction of the Spider who will assist you with restoring an important artifact.

The Spider has three tasks. First you need to loot three specific Lost Sectors in The Tangled Shore. You’ll need to go to The Empty Tank, which is the lost sector closest to Spider’s lair. Then visit the Four-Horn Gulch sector which is the “rare green” clue. Finally, unfortunately, we experienced a small glitch and didn’t receive the notification about which of the remaining lost sectors gave us the item we needed to proceed. We believe that it is the sector located in the Jetsam of Saturn, and when we’re able to confirm with certainty, we’ll update this article.

When you have looted the three lost sectors, return to Spider for phase two. You’ll now need to kill a bunch of Taken. You can do this anywhere, but we suggest the Lake of Shadows strike, which contains a lot of them. That or running around Io and completing the Taken Blight public event. Once you have defeated enough Taken, return once again to Spider.

Finally, you must complete the public event, “Ether Harvest” on the The Tangled Shore. This only spawns in the Four-Horn Gulch sector. You do not need to make it go heroic fortunately. Hang out there until it spawns, and then complete it. Return to Spider one last time to get the completed artifact.

After doing that, a new mission called “Beyond the Watchtower” will appear on The Tangled Shore. Upon completion, it will automatically start the next mission Awakening which will take place on The Dreaming City. After you complete Awakening, you’ll have full access to The Dreaming City.

That does it for how to get to The Dreaming City. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Twinfinite.

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