Destiny 2 Forsaken: What is Corsair Down & How to Use Corsair Badge

What is Corsair Down & How to Use Corsair Down Badge in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Destiny 2: Forsaken is here and, of course, there’s a hefty helping of new endgame activities to partake in and mysteries to uncover. This is especially true in The Dreaming City, a new endgame area for Destiny 2: Forsaken that packed with events and activities ranging from the small, such as patrols, to public co-op events such as the Blind Well, to the grandest of them all, the new raid Last Wish. What we’re focusing on today though is the mysterious Corsair Down, message you might have received while messing around in The Dreaming City. Here’s what Corsair Down is and how to use the Corsair Down badge in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

From our experience, getting it in Destiny 2: Forsaken is completely random. What this is, is a pursuit that you can complete for some legendary loot. The message is cryptic, but what you need to do is go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes, a Lost Sector located right near the spawn in point of the Divalian Mists.

Update: There are more than just the one location in Destiny 2: Forsaken. You can be sent to a number of different locations. We’ll update this post with more as we find them. Below is the info for “something about a bay.”

There, you’ll find a dead awoken body near a locked off door (thanks to unicorn_wishes on Reddit for pointing that out). Scan the body, and you’ll trigger some more enemies. After defeating them, you’ll get a Corsair Badge. Keep in mind that the Corsair Down pursuit is meant for players with a power level of 340 or above (the lost sector difficulty for Bay of Drowned Wishes). You can attempt it lower than that, but it will be hard. We suggest just hanging tight on holding off on Corsair Down before that to avoid any trouble.

This Corsair Down Badge can be exchanged for a reward from the Awoken in their hideout in the Divalian Mists. To get there, spawn in and then hug the left wall all the way until you see a big totem of some kind. There’s an entrance to a cave with a banner draped down. If you look at your map, it’s in the top left corner of the Divalian Mists area, kind of in between where the two region chests are marked.

That does it for what Corsair Down is and how to use Corsair Badge in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Best of luck exploring The Dreaming City! If you’re interested in more guides for the game, check out our wiki over here.

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