How Long Days Gone Takes to Beat (Complete Mission List)

Days Gone, how long days gone takes to beat

Sony’s latest first-party exclusive Days Gone is an open world game that offers plenty of content to keep you occupied. It’s a sandbox full of quests, side quests, bounties, enemy bases to clear out, and just about every other open world trope you can think of. But as for how long Days Gone takes to beat, we’ve got your answers below including the complete mission list.

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Days Gone Complete Mission List and How Long it Takes to Beat

Like most open world games, how long Days Gone takes you to beat really depends on how involved you’re going to get in the various side activities on offer.

Obviously, if you’re making a beeline through the main story you’re going to reach the end faster than if you were determined to take out every Ripper base and unlock every NERO outpost.

In our review playthrough, we spent 30 hours from start to finish, and we certainly didn’t unlock and complete everything the game has to offer. It would probably take you another 10 hours to check everything else off the list.

Below you’ll find a complete mission list for all 125 story missions in Days Gone, listed by each region:

Story Missions – Cascade Region

  • He Can’t Be Far
  • We’ll Make it Quick
  • I Say We Head North
  • You Got a Death Wish
  • Drifters on the Mountain
  • Bugged the Hell Out
  • No Starving Patriots
  • Sounded Like Engines
  • Out of Nowhere
  • They’re Not Sleeping
  • Clear Out Those Nests
  • Price on Your Head
  • Making Contact
  • We’re Getting Low on Meat
  • Making Contact
  • They Won’t Let Me Leave
  • Give Me a Couple Days
  • What Have They Done
  • No One Saw It Coming

Story Missions – Belknap Region

  • What Did You Do?
  • Searching For Something
  • It’s Not Safe Here
  • Lots of Sick People
  • It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun
  • The Rest of Our Drugs
  • I Brought You Something
  • I’ve Pulled Weeds Before
  • No Beginning and No End

Story Missions – Lost Lake Region

  • Not Gonna Kill Anyone
  • No Place Else to Go
  • Sherman’s Camp is Crawling
  • I Need Your Help
  • Searching for Lisa
  • Now You See It
  • Playing All Night
  • With Other Men’s Blood
  • It’s On a Mission
  • A Goddamn War Zone
  • Flow Like Buried Rivers
  • You See What They Did
  • Do You Have My Back?
  • On Herod’s Birthday
  • I Could Use a Hand
  • Seeds for the Spring
  • I Got a Job for You
  • Moments of Lucidity
  • Riding the Open Road
  • I Got Work to Do
  • Some Kinda Freak Expert
  • Lines Not Crossed
  • That’s His Mistake
  • Drinking Himself to Death
  • About Boozer’s Arm
  • Was This a Good Idea?
  • You Twisted My Arm
  • You Could Have Done More
  • Not Like I Got a Choice
  • Better to Light One Candle
  • Outta the Darkness
  • Something to Heal His Soul
  • Have it Your Way
  • Riders Sent to Find You
  • Without Being Seen
  • You Won’t Be Needing This
  • Now That’s an Idea
  • That Never Gets Old
  • Riding Nomad Again

Story Missions – Iron Butte Region

  • Don’t Get Caught
  • It Was the Only Way
  • I Kept My Name
  • Should Have Seen It Coming
  • They Will Never Stop

Story Missions – Crater Lake Region

  • Mayday! Mayday!
  • Not From Around Here
  • We’re Fighting a War
  • Prove It To Me
  • Driven to Extinction
  • Don’t Give Me Orders
  • A Target on Their Backs
  • I Don’t Have a Pic
  • A War We Can Win
  • We Will Take Back This World
  • Return to Diamond Lake Camp
  • Keeping Souvenirs
  • I Know Things are Strange
  • I Know the Look
  • We Do Not Discriminate (only a Colonel Garret Speech)
  • I’ve Had Better Days
  • Take Back What’s Mine
  • Afraid of a Little Competition?
  • I Tried to Hit That Once
  • You Got the Wrong Guy
  • Just Another Requisition Form
  • Can I Ask You Something?
  • So Many of Them
  • Couldn’t Stop Shaking
  • Can’t Be Replaced
  • Didn’t Want to Join Up?
  • What Kept Me Going
  • I Knew These People
  • Expect the Worst
  • We Couldn’t Take the Risk
  • This One’s On Me
  • I Don’t Wanna Hang
  • Still Breathing
  • This Could Be It
  • You Alone I Have Seen
  • You Don’t Want to Know
  • He’s Not Big on Tunes
  • I’ve Got a Plan
  • What It Takes to Survive
  • The Anarchist Spy
  • Shadow of Death
  • Ascending from the Underworld

Endgame Missions – All Regions

  • Keep Them Safe
  • The Last of ‘Em
  • Copeland’s Camp Has Been Attacked
  • Nose Down, They Feed Ya
  • I’ll Save Some For You
  • You Can’t Do This Alone
  • For An Outlaw Biker
  • Where’s My Damn Rings?
  • For the Benefit of Others
  • There’s Nothing You Can Do

That does it for how long Days Gone takes to beat (complete mission list). For more useful guides on the game, be sure to check out our guide wiki.

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