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Sarah Morgan Starfield
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The death of a loved one is awful, and in the Starfield quest ‘A High Price To Pay‘, you will have to prepare yourself for the inevitable. So far, you have battled with a companion beside you who is seemingly invincible, but how much longer can this invulnerability last? How will your decisions during this quest affect the outcome? And can you save Sarah in dramatic Starfield quest?

Who Dies in Starfield Quest ‘A High Price To Pay’?

In this quest, you will be faced with a choice: go to The Eye, or stay at The Lodge. Whichever you choose means dire consequences for the other, and there is no getting around that. If you choose to stay behind and fight The Hunter at the Lodge, a companion at The Eye will die. If you choose to save the companion at The Eye, someone back at The Lodge will die.

This is a harsh quest, especially if you play through with no prior knowledge and are faced with losing someone you have spent the whole game romancing. The consequences are actually different for every player because everything depends on who you have been building a relationship with the most. You will have to decide which companion to save.

Sarah Morgan Starfield
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

During this quest, you will be at The Lodge at first along with Walter, Matteo, Vasco, and Noel. Your second favorite companion will also be there with you. Over at The Eye will be Valdimir Sall and the other three companions including your favorite; ie the one you have the highest affinity with.

So, let’s say Sarah is your favorite companion and has the highest affinity while Sam Coe is your second favorite. Sarah will be at The Eye with Vlad and two others. To save Sarah, you will have to go to The Eye. Sam Coe will be left to defend The Lodge.

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Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

What Happens if You Stay at The Lodge?

If you stay at the Lodge, you will help the team escape through the sewers while you defend against the Hunter. You all eventually get to the ship and go to The Eye to see what has happened there. Upon docking at The Eye, you will see that your favorite companion at The Eye has died. If Sarah is the one you have the highest affinity with, then she will be the one to die.

What Happens if you Leave for The Eye?

If you decide to leave and help your friends at The Eye, your favorite companion does not die but is instead severely wounded. When you return to The Lodge, you will find that the companion with the second-highest affinity with you has been killed. In my case it was Sam Coe, and no, Cora never forgave me. We recommend you check the affinity level you have with each to see who is in mortal danger before starting the quest in earnest.

There is no way to save both of the companions, so your decision should be based on which you want to survive. These are the harsh realities of being a mysterious intergalactic explorer! For further Starfield hints and tips, check out more of our guides down below.

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