The Forest Inventory
Image Source: Endnight Games via The Forest Wiki

Top 20 Best Mods for The Forest

Funs of the Forest!

Poor old Timmy has been lost out in the forest so long that it’s started having sons of its own, and at this rate, you’re at jeopardy of ranking among the worst parents of the year. The fate of your family depends on your success, and your old friends at Twinfinite have got just the solution: a series of cheats you can utilize to manipulate your way to a happy ending. With these objectively fantastic top 20 best mods for The Forest, you’ll overcome the cannibals, rescue your son, and be back in time for tea.

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[Updated on Oct. 20, 2023: Added two new entries]

Ultimate Cheat Menu

The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

Let’s start with the mack daddy, and work our way from there. The most popular mod available for The Forest offers you the world, to bend at your will as you see fit. The ultimate cheat menu does exactly as advertised, including the abilities to freeze time, instantly build and repair, respawn animals, items or mutants, or suddenly fly through the air like Poochie returning to his home planet.

And those are just the hotkey options; there are a slew of other cheats at your disposal, from control of the weather and environment to everyone’s ultimate dream: holding infinite logs at one time. Once you’ve messed around with this mod long enough, mere mortals will kiss your feet. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other fun (read: kinda stupid) mods for you to try out, too.


The Forest Map
Image Source: The Forest Map

Like my grandfather used to always say, there’s nothing worse than getting lost in the deep dark woods, especially when it’s teeming with cannibals. Arming yourself with this handy dandy map will have all of those suckers marked right there, so you’ll never be caught flatfooted again.

You will also be able to see the location of all players on your server. You can hover over their icon to view their name, should you be so inclined. It’s important to know the identity of your allies in the quest for survival, even if it’s something as unfortunate as FartsOfFury.

If you’re noticing some visual inconsistencies here, please note that the included picture isn’t from the mod, but rather from the interactive map painstakingly created by a community member. This is also very helpful, but not mod-related, so we shan’t extrapolate further. Let’s just tip our hats to the cartographers who make our lives easier.

Full Inventory

The Forest Inventory
Image Source: Endnight Games via The Forest Wiki

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore. You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty! But who cares? No big deal. I want… more. So I installed this mod, and pressed F7 to completely fill my inventory with everything I could ever hope for. It may not be the most rewarding way of amassing goods, but you can’t argue with that efficiency.

The only question now is what amazing stuff you’re going to craft with all those resources. Our recommendation is the Happy Birthday Trap, because nothing says celebrating someone’s special day quite like a bed of spikes lodged up their bottom.

Champions of the Forest

The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

Way back in the old days when we first listed mods for The Forest (I believe the year was 1932), we included a Player Upgrade Points tool that allowed you to level up your protagonist to boost their stats.

Though that mod has since been discontinued, a new one from the same creator has risen in its place. It is called Champions of the Forest, and not only does it sound like a particularly exciting episode of The Animals of Farthing Wood, but it comes loaded with even more features to sink your cannibalistic teeth into.

Custom weapons, custom stats, options to cater your build as you see fit, and even a range of spells to make you go from desperate survivalist to magician killing machine. Please note, this mod does not play nicely with the aforementioned Ultimate Cheat Menu, so download accordingly. Running both apparently causes “unwanted behavior”, which could mean anything from peculiar glitches to swearing in church.

Infinite Zipline

The Forest Zipline
Image Source: Endnight Games via The Forest Wiki

There is little in this life quite as exhilarating as grabbing hold of a zipline, screwing up your courage, and whizzing through the air. The prospect of an infinite zipline, then, is exhilaration times infinity. Set up your starting point and away you go, for all eternity. Maybe you can even leave the island altogether this way?

The narrative of The Forest is a little bit up to interpretation, but we’re fairly sure it wasn’t canonical that Eric Leblanc gave up on saving his son and instead constructed a zipline that took him off into space.

…Until now.


The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

The future of commercial aviation is a little bit shaky for this fictional airline, because every time someone makes the unfortunate error of choosing to fly with them, they inevitably end up crashing in a heap somewhere deep in the Canadian wilderness. Maybe it’s the route that’s to blame, who knows — the only thing that’s certain is that their insurance premiums must be sky high. Sky high, Carl.

Whenever you’re jumping into a new game, you’re forced to suffer through the trauma of the crash each time, unless you have the strength and willpower to press the space bar. With this mod, however, the leg work is done for you, and you can start fresh as a daisy right in the landing site.

Yes, we’ve gotten to a point of laziness where pressing the spacebar is too much for us. We have no shame.

Easy Building

The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

Crafting yourself a home out of the resources around you sure is an exhausting affair. Shelters are a requirement for your survival against the elements, but you’ll have to amass a hefty amount of logs if you want to construct something that doesn’t resemble Eeyore’s miserable house of twigs.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder, guys. Here’s a mod for you that cuts the necessary resources for all buildings literally in half. That’s right, you’ll be able to cut corners and reap the benefits! It’s your own personal embezzlement scam, though perhaps it’s not quite as exciting when the thing you’re embezzling is wood.

Tree Respawn

The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

I mean, it would be pretty disappointing if we couldn’t find a tree-related mod for a game called The Forest. Each night, trees will respawn by 10% of their total number as you sleep. That may sound like a good amount, but we’re a greedy bunch who seek instant gratification, so we like to apply this mod that maps spontaneous growth to the Shift+R command.

Like a wizard summoning sprouts from the very ground, we bless this world with our beautiful foliage. The only regret we have with this mod is that they missed the opportunity to call it ‘Treespawn’. And that’s a damned shame.


The Forest Nighttime
Image Source: Endnight Games

Sometimes, you just want to hang out with some cannibals without having to worry about a smug Lovecraftian beast strolling on over and messing up your business. And you know what? That’s okay. We live in a world where we have options, and just like in kindergarten, you don’t have to play with someone if you don’t want to. Mutants are known for hogging the slide, for example.

Apply this mod and you can adjust sliders that affect the appearance rates for the various baddies that lurk around. Theoretically, you could then reduce all of them to 0 and turn the game into a pleasant camping simulator. That might be fun?

Longer Days and Nights

The Forest Nighttime
Image Source: Endnight Games

Not enough hours in your day? Finding yourself running short of time and frantically scrambling to get things done? There are no prizes for guessing what this mod does, then. Well, maybe a little prize. Like the kind you’d get in a cereal box in the early 90s.

By doubling the length of both the days and the nights, you’ll become the hyper-efficient go-getter that your parents always dreamt you would be. Keep in mind, dusk in The Forest is not exactly a pleasant experience, so make sure you use your hours of daylight building a sturdy fortress that can ward off the things that go bump in the night.

Alternatively, feel free to spend that extra time playing with the infinite zipline, instead. Whee!

Better Blueprints

The Forest Axe
Image Source: Endnight Games

Are you sick and tired of your lousy blueprints? Ugh, look at them. They’re disgusting, and hardly blue at all! For this reason and this reason alone, you may be enticed by the Better Blueprints mod. You can rotate items quickly or build without anchor points, allowing you just nope the laws of physics and construct your fabulous new home dangling precariously off the edge of a cliff.

You can opt for all of these features or only some, should you want there to be at least a cursory sense of logic in your life. This mod also offers an eternal zipline, so if you didn’t take the chance to bite on that offer before, now is your chance. To infinity and beyond, Buzz.

Bigger Backpack

The Forest Multiplayer
Image Source: Endnight Games

Keen travelers will attest to the value of sensible packing while out and about. Cramming things in recklessly will only elevate the problem and tire you out. Why go through that kind of stress when you can equip a bigger backpack of your very own?

Using the Notepad application will allow you to set the relevant values to your satisfaction. 0 means you can store an infinite number, while -1 will do quite the opposite, preventing you from adding any at all. Yes, the bigger backpack mod can troll you by being bigger in name only, with a storage capacity of nothing at all. What a sneaky bit of kit that is!

Your only recourse may be to follow the above image’s example and murder someone else for their more efficient backpack. Provided only as an illustration of course, we are not actively encouraging such mutiny.

No Sleep Cooldown

The Forest Boat
Image Source: Endnight Games

As is the norm with gaming, sleep in The Forest passes time and allows you to heal. One of these days there ought to be a game that accurately resembles sleep in your 30s, wherein you awaken exhausted and with an unspeakable sense of dread.

In any event, sleeping in the woods is so relaxing, you might be inclined to do it as much as you fancy. With the No Sleep Cooldown mod, you’ll do just that: follow up your afternoon nap with a healthy afternoon doze, then perchance an afternoon snooze leading into an afternoon snore?

You’ll be more than sufficiently healed by then to the point of excess, but it does serve as an effective way to pass the time. After all, you don’t have a chessboard or a willing partner to play with. These cannibals hate chess, though I hear rumors that they’re rather fond of Uno.


The Forest Ocean
Image Source: Endnight Games

The tide is high and I’m holding on. I’m going to be your #1. I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that.

What kind of girl am I, then? The kind who is really into The Forest mods that allow you to change the flow of tides depending on the time of day. Quite simply, I cannot get enough of it. That’s why my life was made complete once I installed the Tides mod, where the ocean rises and falls in 13 in-game hours.

Please note, this mod does not work in multiplayer mode. The wonders of the moon and the sea are for you to enjoy alone, unless you count the shark that is rapidly approaching. His name is Elmer, and he also likes this mod very, very much.

Damage Numbers

The Forest Cannibals
Image Source: Endnight Games

If you prefer games like Monster Hunter that show damage numbers, name your opponents, and allow you to see the health bars of your foes, the Damage Numbers mod will be great for you.

Though the damage indicator is the main drawcard for most players modding The Forest, the randomly generated names are really the icing on the cake. Once you’ve squared off against Fabulous Hazard the hentai star, will you be able to strike him down? Or will that little bit of extra personality that’s been injected into him cause you to hesitate for just a little bit?

True warriors will of course plunge their weapon deep within Fabulous Hazard’s chest, therein becoming the new hentai star, and the envy of the ecchi community.

Zipline Log Storage

The Forest Log Storage Mod
Image Source: Endnight Games via The Forest Wiki

Oh what’s this? Yet another zipline feature? You knew we were going to be onboard for this best and most special mod.

This one increases your productivity by automatically placing any logs dropped down a zipline into log holders, making for a tidy delivery on the other end. Once the log holder is full, logs will simply drop down normally, so you don’t have to worry about any issues with a particularly generous deciduous haul.

It is probably for the best that you exercise caution if combining this mod with the infinite zipline, as there is a vague possibility that you will deliver your logs into the cosmos. Do not tempt eternity with your offerings of wooden effigies, it simply will not appease the recipient.

Light the Way

The Forest Light the Way mod
Image Source: Endnight Games via ModAPI Hub

Vision is a critical element of survival, and far too many lives have been lost when hapless adventurers failed to spot a hazard until it was too late. Who is to blame for this madness? I suspect the culprit is a dimly lit flashlight, and to that I say “no more”!

Even the devs clued in that something wasn’t quite right with the light, as later updates to The Forest would beef up the item’s apathetic glow. This mod, however, boosts the flashlight’s modest strength from waning to awe-inspiring, increases the battery life to 30 minutes, and adds a pleasing circular texture to its beam for ease of use.

You might like to pretend you’re Luigi, pointing it at oncoming ghosts before preparing to suck them up with your Poltergust. You might not like to, there’s no obligation. It just might be a bit of fun, is all I’m saying.


The Forest Clarity mod
Image Source: Endnight Games via ModAPI Hub

What did I just say about the importance of vision? Well, it applies underwater as well. Naturally, when taking a peek with your peepers while submerged, your vision will be blurred with salt water and regret.

It makes sense in a scientific context, but it can sure hamper your gameplay if you particularly like to brave the briny deep. Clarity will reduce this blur somewhat, making it easier for you to maintain your vision. It doesn’t remove it entirely for stability purposes, but you’ll sure notice a difference.

The name of this mod also sounds like a pleasant middle-aged woman who helps out at the local community center. Thank you Clarity, for clearing my vision and offering me a nice cup of tea with my scones.

Better UI

The Forest, Better UI mod
Image Source: Nexus Mods/ Queue

There’s nothing worse than playing a game with a poor User Interface, as doing so often leaves us feeling like a dopey nincompoop, and no-one wants to feel like that. Thankfully, with this handy mod from mod extraordinaire, Queue, you’ll be granted access to plenty of in-depth information to help you understand the ins and outs of The Forest’s many gameplay systems.

Sure, it may not be the most enthrallingly balls-to-the-wall mod in the world, but it’s surprisingly useful, especially if you’re a bit of a newbie to The Forest’s eerie horror charms.

Ronny’s Rad Save Game

The Forest, Ronny's Rad Save Game mod
Image Source: Nexus Mods/ RonnyRrr

I’ll be honest: I don’t know who Ronny is or what he’s been up to, but his save mod is legit rad. Yes, not only do players get access to a meticulously built fortress, but they also snag their very own rollercoaster ride free of charge, because why the heck not?!

In short, if you wanna get a head start, and start your game with a pre-built stronghold to help keep those pesky cannibals at bay, this is the ideal mod for you. Just make sure not to eat before hopping on that Big Dipper. You’ve been warned!

That does it for the best The Forest mods you can’t play without. We polled everyone in the room, and they all agreed, simply cannot play these mods for The Forest. One person tried, and they were stricken down by a bolt of lightning, so it’s not worth the risk, really.

Please be advised, Twinfinite does not sponsor nor endorse any mods present, and their usage is at the player’s discretion. So be as discrete as you like.

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