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Best Tarisland Paladin Build

Let's build a great Paladin!

While not as strong as other melee fighters, the Paladin is still a well-rounded class that many might prefer over those too tank-y fighters. But how to build it? Let’s take a look at the best Tarisland Paladin Build and all the information you might need on how to assign those points.

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Best Tarisland Paladin Build

Best Justice Paladin Build

The best way to build up your Justice Paladin in Tarisland is shaping up your fighter to be capable of withstanding enough punishment to be able to protect other weaker team mates, while also being able to dish out satisfying melee damage and giving special powers via his aura.

The following are the skills you might want to focus on:

  • Glory Strike: Your basic ability that can dish out physical damage for 104% of your attack skill, plus 101 points.
  • Judgement Strike: Combined with Glory Strike, this ability can deal magic damage for 280% of your attack skill plus 392 points.
  • Punitive Storm: Use a strong Sanction Hammer to deal, to all enemies within a four meter radius, magic damage for 37% of your attack skill plus 98 points.
  • Trial of Rage: Boosts your critical rate and speed-up effect for +12%, plus your attack skill is boosted by 6% plus 63 points.

As per your Ultimates, focus on the following while choosing from the usual six:

  • Repentance: This will stun a target opponent for 12 seconds with a 100% chance of negating any damage.
  • Invincible Might: This ultimate will reduce the damage your Paladin is taking by 80% plus augmenting the damage you deal by 50%, for six seconds.
  • Punishment: Interrupt the target’ spell casting.
  • Brilliance: Emit an Aura of Radiance for eight seconds, which inflicts Deceleration for 50% on all enemies around it.
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Finally, for your talents, try to focus on developing the following:

  • Spiritual Recovery: Regenerate six mana points every five seconds while in battle.
  • The Wrathful: Makes your next Judgment Strike stronger, by dealing 4% more damage.
  • Enhanced Punitive Storm: Your Punitive Storm will deal 3.3% plus base damage, with a reduced mana cost of 5%.

Best Guard Paladin Build

If, instead, you prefer to build up your Paladin as a straight tank, then the Guard specialization is definitely the one you should choose. Strengthening the Guard Paladin’s abilities and skills will mean being able to withstand even strong attacks from bosses and also being able to survive raids, especially in dungeons.

These are the skills you want to focus on:

  • Holy Hammer: Use your Divine Hammer to strike damage for 80% of your attack skill plus 154 points, while increasing the Glancing Rate by 6% for the next 273 seconds.
  • Holy Fire: This attack will deal magic damage for 60% of your max attack skill plus +41 points, for six seconds.
  • Holy Reversal: Restore 19% of your max HP level plus 590 points.
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As per your Ultimates, focus on the following while choosing from the usual six:

  • Guardian Order: Attract the enemies’ attention via taunting for six seconds.
  • Breakout: Move faster by 70% for eight seconds, at maximum level it shall grant immunity to all movement debuffs.
  • Scourge: Enemies within five meters of you will be stunned for a couple of seconds.
  • Shield Reflection: Summon a magic shield that shall reflect 100% damage back to the attacker, up to 200% of your attack skill.

Finally, talents:

  • Holy Beacon: Increase the max HP by 2.5% for 10 seconds when using Holy Reversal, while also boosting all healing received by 2.5%.
  • Enhanced Holy Hammer: The Holy Hammer skill shall deal 3% more damage while also granting a 2% higher glancing chance.
  • Enhanced Holy Reversal: The Holy Reversal skill shall heal for 5% more, with its base cooldown time reduced by 10 seconds.
  • Shield Refraction: Each time you successfully use glancing towards an enemy, you will reflect physical damage for 8% of your attack skill back.

That’s all we have for you on the best Paladin build in Tarisland. For more information on other builds, check out best Tarisland warrior build and best Barbarian build.

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