Top 11 Best Stall Custom Designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Best Stall Custom Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Decorating is an important part of Animal Crossing New Horizons, and at this point, you may be trying to figure out new ways to add a bit of personality to your island. One popular item for decorating is the stall, which can be bought with Nook Miles. Here are the best stall custom designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Stalls look good on their own, but to add an extra personal touch to them, they can be customized with different colors and even with a custom design. This item is extremely versatile for decorating, especially with the ability to customize it to look however you want it to.

Using Custom Stall Designs

If you’re stuck on how to design your stalls, we’ve put together some of the best custom designs that look great on this item. Use these designs as inspiration, or simply add them to your own game using the creator’s code.

Once you’ve acquired a stall (or five), head to the kiosk at the back of the Able Sister’s store. Each image here has a custom design code (and in some cases, a creator’s code) that you can enter into the kiosk, allowing you to save the pattern on your Nook Phone.

After saving your pattern, take the stalls to your crafting table to customize them with your new design. You’ll need three customization kits for each one in order to be able to change the appearance.

Once they are customized, you can now use your brand new design to decorate your island. The designs we’ve collected for you can be used in a number of different ways, so take a look and see what inspiration you can draw from them.

Without any further ado, are some of the best stall custom designs for you to use in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Free Recipe Stall – MO-0P8F-GJFX-TG9C

Credit: carrxtoon on Twitter

Have extra DIY recipes to give away? Instead of piling them on the ground, you can use this stall design to show guests that recipes are free for the taking.

Light Bamboo – MO-NDDW-MP4D-FY8D

Credit: bugsnsuch on Twitter

Nothing says “island” more than a bamboo stall selling coconut juice. This design looks perfect on a beach near some palm trees.

Ticket Booth – MO-XV3X-C05T-FF3Y

Source: acnhcustomdesigns on Tumblr

If you have an area on your island like an arcade or movie theater, you can use this design to create a ticket booth.

Honeycombs – MO-2HNY-C721-9KJ2

Credit: krait0s on Reddit

This custom pattern for a stall is adorable, especially if you’re collecting bee and honey related items.

Saria’s Coffee Stall – MO-DPVS-GD7X-J5PX

Credit: KokiriCraig on Twitter

If you’re thinking about setting up a coffee stand on your island, consider using a stall design inspired by the Legend of Zelda. This one features the design of a coffee shop called Saria’s.

Lattice & Roses – MO-1VMT-798T-BT5X

Credit: MissGhouls on Twitter

This lattice custom design is extremely detailed and looks perfect for a garden stall. The creator code also has several other lattice designs to choose from if roses aren’t your style.

Able Sisters & Nook’s Cranny Stalls – MO-9KHV-8180-3G9Q

Credit: faeriacrossing on Twitter

These two stalls match the awnings of the Able Sister’s store and Nook’s Cranny. If you’re looking for designs to put on stalls near these stores, this is a perfect choice.

Festival Stall – MO-4RBT-TLP8-N62B

Source: acnhcustomdesigns on Tumblr

The creator of this design was inspired by Spirited Away. If you’re looking for an eastern-style design fit for a festival, this is the design for you.

Fortune Teller – MO-J8PT-DMLX-Y5ST

Credit: KokiriCraig on Twitter

Another design inspired by the Legend of Zelda, this custom design features the Sheikah eye logo. Pair it with a fortune-telling set and you’ll be able to read the future of any guests who set foot on your island.

Overgrown Foliage – MO-CVH8-JNGF-FTSM

Credit: ElbowRoomIsland on Twitter

This custom design makes great use of the transparent color, giving the foliage an effect of growing off of the stall’s roof.

Lace Stall – MO-X5R5-5FLV-RLYQ

Credit: mizumano on Twitter

This lace custom design looks super classy and can fit any type of theme you’ve got on your island, both formal and casual.

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