Best New Stardew Valley Mods of January 2021

The Love of Cooking

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

Kicking off the list of the best Stardew Valley mods of January 2021 we have the most downloaded inclusion at almost 31,000 at the time of writing, The Love of Cooking mod.

It comes with a ton of content all related to cooking, including a new cooking menu, Community Center bundles, rebalanced recipes, tool progression, and a cooking skill.

On top of all that, it also comes with over 40 new recipes as well. It’s an absolutely massive mod that makes cooking in Stardew Valley a much more enjoyable experience all around.

Greenhouse Sprinklers

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

Instead of placing sprinkers in certain areas of your greenhouse, with this mod you can now pay Robin to install ceiling sprinklers that water the whole of your greenhouse every morning.

You can also level up the sprinklers, making it so they run every morning and every night as well.

And for those who really hate watering their crops, leveling up these sprinklers a final time will allow Robin to add a network of hidden sprinklers underground all over your farm, which water all crops in the morning and the evening.

You’ll never have to worry about bringing along that cumbersome watering can ever again.

Ideal Greenhouse

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

This next mod offers improved greenhouses, which will pair nicely with the previous one.

You are able to expand your greenhouse into three unique styles. This includes the modest, expanded, and spacious greenhouses.

The modest greenhouse can fit four Iridium Sprinklers, has room for eight trees, and in total has 192 farmable tiles

The expanded greenhouse comes with three separate farming areas. The first two can fit eight Iridium Sprinklers with 384 farmable tiles while the last section has four rows of 24 farmable tiles, which are perfect for trellised crops. It also has space for eight trees.

Finally, the spacious greenhouse comes with 2 rooms. The first room can fit eight Iridium Sprinklers with 384 farmable tiles and a second section that has six rows of 24 farmable tiles for trellised crops. The second room has space for 48 trees.

Spouses React to ‘Death’

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

The “Spouses React to Player’s ‘Death'” mod is a content pack that adds dialog for your spouse’s reaction when you ‘die’ down in the mines.

It comes with 300+ lines of dialogue for the 12 vanilla spouses, as well as four for Stardew Valley Expanded mod NPCs.

Now your close brush with danger and death can feel like it has a greater impact with your partner rings your out for your callousness after you wake up.

Advanced Loot and Chests Frameworks

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

The next inclusion is actually four mods all from the same creator aedenthorn. It includes the Advanced Loot Framework mod, the Treasure Chests Expanded mod, the Overworld Chests mod, and Fishing Chests Expanded mod.

The Advanced Loot Framework provides an API for creating custom chests and loot lists which pairs with the three chest expansion mods. It’s sure to make getting to your items a lot easier.

The Overworld chest mods spawns random treasure chests throughout the Stardew Valley world every set number of days. Whereas the treasure and fish expansion chests greatly expands the range of items which can be found in the underground and fishing chests.

Treasure and fishing chests now have multiple items per chest, and have coins to chest rewards as well.

Capstone Profession

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

best stardew valley mods, January 2021

In Stardew Valley you get to choose between certain perks when you level up skills. However, there is no choice when you actually max out all your sets of skills.

This mod adds one final perk, allowing you to choose between making the day 20% longer or gaining a 5% profit on everything that ships from your farm.

Getting 100% for all your skills should come with a decent perk after all.

Greenhouse Gatherers

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

This Greenhouse Gatherers mod allows the sweet little Junimos to finally harvest crops inside buildings.

You will be able to make a new craftable item called the Harvest Statue, and when placed in your greenhouse Junimos can come in and collect up your crops for you. Not only do they collect crops, but they forage products and collect fruit from trees as well.

The Harvest Statue can only be placed indoors, and there can only be one per building.

Right clicking the Harvest Statue will open up a chest-like inventory, allowing you to extract the harvested items whenever you wish.

Goddess Statue Obelisk

Best New Stardew Valley Mods January 2021

Last but not least we have the Goddess Statue Obelisk mod, which has over 12,000 downloads at the time of writing.

This mod replaces the existing obelisks of Earth, Water, Desert, and Island, (and adds a new Farm one) with unique sprites of five beautiful goddesses pictured above.

For those not familiar with obelisks, they are placeable items that allow you to warp to various areas of the map. They are purchasable from the Wizard at the Wizard’s Tower after finishing the Goblin Problem quest, and for the Island Obelisk after unlocking Ginger Island as well.

Honorable Mentions

Last but not least we have even more mods out this month that deserve some attention too. Here’s the honorable mention January 2021 mods list for Stardew Valley.

For more Stardew Valley mods, check out the collection of our favorite ones from the previous month of December 2020.

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