Best FFXIV Servers to Join Today

Best FFXIV Servers to Join Today

If you’re someone who wants to invest time into a deep, engrossing MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV is likely already on your radar. The title has received a glowing response due to the recent launch of the Endwalker expansion and continues to be a welcoming game for newcomers, thanks to its generous free trial and community. But before you can go diving into what jobs to pick and going through the story, you’ll have to choose a home server.

The best servers in Final Fantasy XIV usually have concentrated player bases, such as experts in raiding the intense Savage Trials or connoisseurs of throwing social events and vibing out with friends. There’s a bit of everything for anyone across the list of servers. But you’re wondering what’s the best one for you, yeah? Well, we’ll dive into each regional Data Center and briefly explain what they’re best known for so you can make a decision. Here are the best FFXIV servers to join today.

Data Centers and the Best Servers to Join

To zero in on the Japanese servers, we chose the best out of each Data Center for our official list because of the significant number of servers compared to others. Also, the servers are more overseas-friendly for anyone looking to dip their toes in a foreign Data Center.

As the newest of the Data Centers, the Oceanian servers are relatively fresh and still building up their player base. But it’s a welcoming home to Central, South Pacific Ocean, and Australian players.

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about the best FFXIV servers to join today. Pop down below in the comments and let us know what you decide! If you need more FFXIV tips, check out our other guides to help you on your way.

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