Top 21 Best Conan Exiles Mods You Can’t Play Without

Mod your way to glory in the kingdom!

Barbarians, unite! It’s time to jump into the brutal wilderness and see what kind of insane Conan Exiles mods the community has come up with. Here are the best Conan Exiles mods you absolutely cannot play without!

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How to Install Conan Exiles Mods

To install Conan Exiles mods, you’ll need to head to the game’s Steam Workshop. This is where other players can share mods they’ve created for various games available to purchase on Steam. Once you’re in the Steam Workshop, follow the below steps.

  • Select the mod you want to install from the Steam Workshop.
  • Press the green ‘Subscribe’ button on the page to install the mod. This will require a brief download.
  • Once the download is complete, you’re ready to load up Conan Exiles again.

How to Enable Conan Exiles Mods

  1. Start Conan Exiles in Steam
  2. Go to the main menu and select ‘Mods’ from halfway down this screen.
  3. All mods you currently have installed will be listed here.
  4. Select the mod you want to enable and use the arrow button next to it to move it into the ‘Active Mods’ list.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ and then return to the menu.
  6. Load up your game.

Best Conan Exiles Mods

The Age of Calamitous

Conan Exiles Mods, conan exiles, best conan exiles mods
Image Credit: Espen Johansen (Steam Workshop)

It can be hard getting your name out there as an indie developer. With so many projects flooding the market these days, how can you spread awareness for your project in a way that doesn’t inflate your advertising budget to impossible heights?

Maybe you can look to Anarious Productions for inspiration: this team created an entire mod for Conan Exiles based on characters and lore from their upcoming book and game series, The Age of Calamitous.

The mod adds a bevy of new resources and locations and has proven wildly popular with the Conan Exiles community, and in turn, this promotes the source material as it onto the next stage of development.

That seems like a dastardly good plan, and they deserve commendation not only for creating a stellar mod but for thinking outside the box on the promotion front.

The mod works especially well in tandem with the game’s subsequent Jewel of the West expansion

Pythagoras: Expanded Building

Image Credit: Multigun & Sunday (Steam Workshop)

Remember learning about Pythagoras’ theorem in 12th-grade math class and thinking to yourself that it would never come in handy? Well, guess what?

You probably still don’t have to remember what it actually meant, because this Conan Exiles mod does all the crafting work for you. But kudos for thinking about it for a couple of moments.

Though it’s going through some compatibility issues at the moment, the Pythagoras mod has a great scope as a building tool.

Spiral stairs, weapon racks, wooden ladders and 90-degree triangle ceilings (hence the name)… Hopefully, it’ll return to full functionality soon, because we need a roof over our head, like, yesterday!

Pippi User and Server Management

Conan Exiles Mods, conan exiles, best conan exiles mods
Image Credit: Joshtech (Steam Workshop)

If you’re tired of the blind leading the blind, you can put your trust in Pippi, the all-encompassing party management system that helps organize and maintain the interactive aspects of Conan Exiles.

I like to think that Pippi is a mean old woman who chases off rogue players with a walking frame, but that’s just me.

Pippi features an upgraded chat system, a warp and command system, a rule system, a player system and a dynamic rank system.

What this myriad of systems amounts to is greater control over building your community, and when one considers how important guilds are in other MMOs, this is certainly a welcome addition.


Conan Exiles Mods, conan exiles, best conan exiles mods
Image Credit: nO Pa!N (Steam Workshop)

There’s little more satisfying than picking up a stray bit of coinage off the sidewalk, a thrill that you too can experience by applying this mod.

In actuality, this is one of those weird mods that offers something that probably should have been in Conan Exiles anyway. Why can’t you pick the things up without a mod?

Who knows, perhaps barbarians just have very bad knees.

LTs Compass

Conan Exiles Mods, conan exiles, best mods, conan mods, exiles mods
Image Credit: Rashaka & EzequielM (Steam Workshop)

Another one to file under the ‘things that should already be things’ folder; this mod gives you not only a compass to help you navigate around the sizeable map of Conan Exiles, but it also places a mini-map onscreen during regular gameplay, negating the need to pull out your map every time you want to work out your location.

It sure was generous of Lawrence Taylor to lend us his compass. Hopefully, he won’t want it back anytime soon.


Conan Exiles Mods, conan exiles, best mods, conan mods, exiles mods
Image Credit: Steam Workshop

One of the best new Conan Exiles mods that is gaining traction for throwing in a few extra activities like horticulture and animal husbandry. Every brute needs a hobby.

Mommy barbarian and daddy barbarian are going to be so proud of your green thumb, especially if you later work out a way to create plants that prove fatal to your enemies.

Horticulture is fairly self-explanatory, allowing you to plant a range of flora, and even giving you garden boxes and decorative flower pots. How fun!

Animal husbandry creates an opportunity to build pens in which to house game.

It does not let you marry any of the animals, despite what the title may lead you to believe.

Unlimited Weight

Image Credit: Natataka (Steam Workshop)

This is a very simple but effective mod that essentially removes the encumberance mechanic from the game entirely. That means you can load up your inventory to your heart’s content with all sorts of different items you gather on your adventure without ever having to worry about being slowed to a crawl.

You can download the Unlimited_Weight mod for Conan Exiles from Steam Workshop.

Dye More Betterer

conan exiles, best mods, conan mods, exiles mods
Image Credit: sidewalksurferXX (Steam Workshop)

Sick of dying? Maybe you should start dying instead! Hahaha, the English language is silly.

Though the warriors of old weren’t known for their fashion sense, even they will have to stop and take notice of your colorful attire as you stride into battle.

The crimson red of your shawl will captivate their bloodlust, the stunning blues evoking fond memories of bruises. And the pink? Everyone likes pink.

It’s a no-brainer, really. The DyeMoreBetterer mod adds 40 new dyes to the game, allowing you to really spruce up your look in the kingdom.

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Image Credit: MultiGun, Hades, alrenstormeveer (Steam Workshop)

If you’re a PvP player in Conan Exiles, this likely isn’t going to interest you, but for solo, co-op, and RP server players, continue reading.

If you ask mod creator Multigun, they’ll tell you that while Conan Exiles’ building is okay, it was pretty limited in terms of where, what, and how you could build different structures.

This mod will overrule those annoying messages of NPC camps being too close, and drops your building structures wherever you want… because YOU’RE THE BOSS!

Simply put, if you want to see all of the humorous and bizarre outcomes that can happen from having more control over the building in Conan Exiles, the Less Building Placement Restrictions mod is absolutely one you need to install.

Litman Item Stack & Container Size

Image Credit: LitMan (Steam Workshop)

You’ll get used to carrying a lot of items around in your inventory in Conan Exiles, before dumping them in some form of container afterward.

It’s not always the most entertaining task, but someone’s gotta do it if you want to progress in the game.

So you’ll probably have struggled with the item stack and container sizes in Conan Exiles once or twice.

The Litman Item Stack & Container Size mod for Conan Exiles increases both of these 10-fold over their values in the vanilla version. However, it’s worth noting that this won’t work for any armor or weapons you have.

Still, if you find yourself gathering and moving about items and materials a lot, this would certainly be worth adding.


Image Credit: Noxsa (Steam Workshop)

Conan Exiles will have you filling your inventory with all manner of items, only for you to switch things out, sell things, and replace it all with new and improved alternatives, instead.

As such, you’ll often find yourself carrying too much while you’re out adventuring. This is fine, we’ve seen it plenty of times in other RPGs.

What isn’t so great, however, is the way Conan Exiles screams “YOU ARE OVERENCUMBERED” at you every time you are, taking up a massive amount of your screen in the process.

Not exactly ideal when you’re busy doing something, and it comes up a hell of a lot, too. As such, the NoxUIchanges mod simply changes the scale and position of these pop-ups and other UI features to provide a more pleasant experience and a less overwhelming, in-your-face UI.


Image Credit: lenny (Steam Workshop)

Things can look a little drab from time to time in Conan Exiles. There’s just simply not enough flora and fauna to really help make your environments feel a little less… hostile and depressing.

The Gardener mod for Conan Exiles provides a bunch of plants that can be placed around your world. From small lotus flowers to swamp trees, the Gardener mod has it all.

Oh, and it can all be added from the Garden Bed workstation, so no confusion about how to access your newfound placeables.

IMMERSE RP & Building Decor

Image Credit: TeCh, Sanyetta (Steam Workshop)

The Conan Exiles community is all about role-playing and making the world feels as lifelike as possible. You don’t want barren settlements, but ones thriving with things to see and stuff to do.

Y’know, as if it was actually lived in. IMMERSE RP & Building decor is one of the best Conan Exiles mods because of how brilliantly it achieves this goal.

The Immerse RP & Building Decor mod for Conan Exiles adds in over 300 new placeable items to help decorate your world. Crates and barrels double up as storage.

Bushes, rocks, and other items now feature drop materials, and you can even drop down vendors and luxury goods merchants to make a bustling market.

Level 140 – Unlock Everything

best conan exiles mods
Image Credit: Multigun (Steam Workshop)

The world of Conan Exiles is cruel and unforgiving, particularly for new, low-level players. That’s why this mod is pretty darn great.

No, it doesn’t just instantly make your character level 140 in order to unlock all the different attributes, perks, and feats in the game. Instead, you’ll need to earn it.

The Level 140 mod essentially enables you to work your way through the game with a fair and balanced approach.

You’re not going to be cheating your way through the game, and progression is set at the same rate that the developers used, but it does happen to make things a little more convenient.

It even comes with a few options to unlock those Legendary Chests if players have issues opening these at the usual levels following installing this best Conan Exiles mod.

Pause on Escape

Image Credit: Vodi (Steam Workshop)

While the ability to pause an online game is never going to happen, it is possible to play the game in single-player, and then enjoy a quick break in the middle of intense action thanks to the Pause on Escape mod.

This Conan Exiles mod does exactly what the title suggests. While playing in the single-player mode of the game, pressing Escape on your keyboard (Esc) will pause the game entirely.

Perfect for when you’ve got enemies all up in your grill and you’re not prepared for battle.


Image Credit: Testerle (Steam Workshop)

If you feel that your looks in Conan Exiles aren’t as epic as you would like, but that armor that really looks epic actually sucks stats-wise, this is the mod for you.

Fashionist lets you change the look of any piece of armor you’re wearing into another, on top of additional perks like letting you completely hide equipment. Wanting to see your long barbarian hair flow in the wind doesn’t mean you should give up head protection!

RA: Character Customisation

Image Credit: Whiskey, AtzerriGold (Steam Workshop)

Conan Exiles offers a lot of freedom in many ways, but character customization could be better. RA: Character Customisation does exactly what it says on the tin.

It adds a lot of awesome hairstyles, permanent warpaint that doesn’t glitch with eyebrows, lots of colors, make-up options, and a lot more.

If you have spent an hour to create your characters before, prepare to spend several now.

Warhammer Legendary Arsenal

Image Credit: TheBigBadBusch & Albuslux1 (Steam Workshop)

A relatively new mod in the landscape of Conan Exiles’ Steam Workshop, Warhammer Legendary Arsenal adds in a variety of armor sets and weapons from Games Workshop’s Warhammer franchise.

While the mod is by no means complete, the creators have focused on armor for 5-6 different races, and establishing a proper progression system and balance based on the VAM mod.

It may not be completely finished just yet, but the level of detail in each armor set makes this worthwhile checking out for any and all Warhammer fans who just can’t get enough of exploring the wasteland in Conan Exiles.

Teleport Stone

Image Credit: TimChing (Steam Workshop)

The rather handy Teleport Stone mod for Conan Exiles basically adds in the ability to fast travel around the world. It can help make light weight of all of those trips to merchants to sell all of your loot.

It might not add a ton of exciting gameplay improvements or mechanics, but the amount of time Teleport Stones will save you in Conan Exiles makes it a worthy entry on our list.

NPC Traders

Image Credit: GameWatcher

While no longer available via Steam Workshop, the NPC Trader mod from hades is arguably one of the best for making the world of Conan Exiles feel that little bit more alive.

To help you out on your adventure across perilous long roads, this mod places NPC traders throughout the wasteland. The prices aren’t too horrific, either, meaning that you’ll actually want to browse their wares, rather than straight-up ignore them.

Improved Quality of Life

Image Credit: Emberlight (Steam Workshop)

Improved Quality of Life is a Conan Exiles mod that makes a lot of small but incredibly valuable changes to help… well… improve the quality of life of the game.

This includes an enhanced character creator adding in entirely new sliders for every part of the body, as well as expanded an HUD and GUI that include things like trackers for XP, shelter and time of day, and a configurable minimap.

Even better? It’s compatible with mods like Pippi which we included above, so you won’t fall into any issues with the game crashing from your modding efforts.

We hope you enjoyed this list of best Conan Exiles Mods you can’t play without. If you’re looking for more tips and useful information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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