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Best Clash of Clans Hero Equipment

Take your Heroes to the next level with these powerful equipment.

The dynamics of Clash of Clans have changed dramatically since Hero Equipment was added. As so many choices are available and each piece of equipment can drastically change how your Hero performs, you might be wondering about the best Clash of Clans Hero equipment for each Hero.

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Best Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans

As of 2024, the initial Heroes of Clash of Clans, the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen, each have five Hero Equipment pieces. Meanwhile, the Grand Warden and the Royal Champion, who were later added, each have four Hero Equipment pieces in their arsenals.

Your Hero Equipment selection can help you win more battles in the game depending on the situation. It helps either smash your way to victory or turn the tides with a well-timed active ability for a reverse sweep. So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Barbarian Puppet (Barbarian King)

Starting off the list, we have The Barbarian Puppet. This summons a pack of raged barbarians and provides decent health regeneration on top of an HP boost of 2,550 at max rank. This buff synergizes with the Barbarian King, as he already boasts the highest HP in the game. The Barbarian Puppet is ranked lower on the list as the spawned barbarians are inconsistent. They don’t provide much against higher-level defenses.

Archer Puppet (Archer Queen)

The Archer Puppet summons a gang of archers to assist the Archer Queen while providing the Hero with a DPS increase of 144 at max rank. The Archer Puppet hero equipment fares well against lower to mid-level defenses. It falls behind when placed against high-tier defenses, as the Archer Queen and the summoned Archers all have low base HP.

Life Gem (Grand Warden)

The Grand Warden’s life Gem synergizes insanely well with The Grand Warden’s kit, but has limited usage. The Life Gem buffs nearby allies by providing them with a whopping 441 HP increase. You also get a temporary DPS increase of 66 at max rank. It’s broken against low-tier defense but falls off quite hard against mid to high-tier defenses.

Healer Puppet (Archer Queen)

The Healer Puppet provides the Archer Queen with a sizeable boost to her HP and summons three Level 7 healers to accompany her. While the Healer Puppet offers exactly what the Archer Queen requires, it can often be very situational. It may spawn healers at awkward choke points. This might get them killed almost immediately. To make the most out of the healer puppet you have to plan your raid around your Archer Queen.

Giant Arrow (Archer Queen)

The Giant Arrow shoots a giant piercing arrow across the entire village, damaging all structures and enemies in this path. The Hero Equipment itself offers a notable stat boost for the Archer Queen but the need for proper positioning and deployment limits this Hero Equipment’s potential. With its high skill ceiling, the Giant Arrow is capable of causing serious damage in the right hands, dealing up to 1,950 total damage at max rank.

Hog Rider Puppet (Royal Champion)

This Hero Equipment summons a horde of Hog Riders to aid the Royal Champion and grants her temporary invisibility. Paired with the Hog Riders distracting the enemy defenses, this allows The Royal Champion to continue attacking while remaining relatively safe. The Hero Equipment offers some pretty decent utility. However, it falls short of higher-tier Hero Equipment due to its situational nature.

Seeking Shield (Royal Champion)

This Hero Equipment active ability allows you to immediately eliminate four defenses of your choice. It is a great choice when you need to make pathways into the enemy’s core and take out high-priority targets for a clean frontal assault.

Frozen Arrow (Archer Queen)

Being the only Epic rarity Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen, Frozen Arrow offers remarkable utility by slowing enemy troops by 75% at max rank. Unlike the Giant Arrow, The Frozen Arrow works as a passive ability rather than an active one, meaning it will get to apply its effect much more frequently.

Eternal Tome (Grand Warden)

The Eternal Tome has unrivalled defensive capabilities, offering 9.5 seconds of invincibility. This Hero Equipment can turn the tides of battle in a matter of seconds, completely nullifying all incoming damage and rendering the enemy base’s defenses useless.

The Eternal Tome is insanely broken when timed well with the right strategies and units.

Giant Gauntlet (Barbarian King)

The Giant Gauntlet is a unique Epic Rarity Hero Equipment that transforms the Barbarian King into a Devastating Giant. It buffs him with splash damage that covers a wide AoE and greatly increases HP and health regeneration abilities. Together, these make The Barbarian King almost impossible to defeat. Upon activation, the Barbarian King gains increased damage and attack speed for 17 seconds at max rank. 

The Giant Gauntlet’s unrivalled strengths and lack of drawbacks make it one of the most sought-after Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans.

That concludes our list of the best Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans in 2024. For more Clash of Clans guides, check out how the Blacksmith works and how to beat the Beast King challenge.

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