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There are a lot of ways that gamers dedicate their love to a certain franchise. One of those ways is by getting a tattoo in honor of a game that had a real impact on them somehow or simply stood out as one of the most influential experiences that they have had.

There are few games out there that suck fans into their worlds quite like the BioShock series did. From the first title to Infinite, BioShock has stood against the test of time as a title that is known for its narrative design, unforgettable characters, and immersive world. With the more recent announcement of the Netflix adaptation of BioShock and the constant sales for the three games, the fanbase is constantly expanding.

Many players boast their BioShock tattoos, but many are also looking for inspiration for their own! We have decided to compile a list of the best BioShock tattoos we have seen for you to draw ideas from. These tattoos are not listed in any particular order, so get reading.


Image Source: @mamtattoos on Instagram

This tattoo depicts EVE, a genetic substance that basically serves as mana in the BioShock series. By utilizing EVE, you are able to make use of Plasmids, or powers. Just as it appears in this colorful tattoo, EVE is marked by its bright blue color that seems to glow in the dark.

We love this tattoo for its detail and the slogan it includes. Evolve today is something BioShock players have heard many times as it is the selling point of EVE and its Plasmids. Top up on your own EVE by drawing inspiration from this unique BioShock tattoo!


Splicer from Bioshock Tattoo
Image Source: @the_tats_meow on Instagram

Few enemies in BioShock are as intimidating and strange in appearance as the splicers are. Despite the fact that they are incredibly common, these deformed remnants of people are terrifying addicts of the gene-splicing drug, ADAM. Their masks cover up those horrific deformities, making them even more intimidating.

This tattoo draws on both the beauty that the woman may have had before ADAM as well as the disgusting features that came as a result of her use of the drug. With one half of the face marked by a bigger, malformed eye and the other marked by her former self, we think this is one of the coolest BioShock portrait tattoos you can look to for inspiration.

A Man Chooses.

A Man Chooses
Image Source: u/autonymous14 on Reddit

A slave obeys. These chains come with a double-edged meaning. On one hand, they represent the fact that you will never be free. You will always be a slave to the system. On the other hand, they are also symbolic of Andrew Ryan’s “Great Chain” view of the world.

Every BioShock fan will immediately recognize this symbol. Despite the tattoo’s simplicity, we think it is one of the most effective pieces of art a fan can get as an ode to BioShock without being too obvious. It will speak to fellow fans but also remain a bit more obscure as a visible tattoo.


Vigor BioShock Tattoo
Image Source: @gutterrooster on Instagram

Veni! Vidi! Vigor! This tattoo combines the grotesque with the vibrant to present a beautiful blue bottle of vigor being held by a much less attractive hand. As fans of the series will note, this tattoo depicts the Undertow vigor, a concoction that allows Booker to manipulate a force of water.

This is quite useful when wanting to push enemies back. We love the contrast in this tattoo design and the nod to many fans’ favorite title of the series, BioShock Infinite. Remember, a life with vigor is a life that’s bigger!

Welcome to Rapture

Welcome to Rapture BioShock Tattoo
Image Source: @stefansalamone on Instagram

Nothing is quite as in-your-face in the BioShock series as the advertising is. The only game that could possibly rival the series’ strong ad game is Fallout. There are colorful posters all over Rapture motivating people to enjoy their new life by engaging in various activities, from partaking in activities like balls or purchasing plasmids.

This tattoo takes that concept of advertisement from the game and combines it with the world’s true harsh reality. It presents both a Little Sister and her protective Big Daddy, dead eyes and all. The girl wields her ADAM syringe and stares right through you. We definitely think that this tattoo is unique in its nod to some of the game’s elements.

Bird or Cage

Bird or Cage
Image Source: @soultaffer on Instagram

What did you choose while playing BioShock Infinite? Was it the bird or the cage? Personally, the bird wins my vote in all of my playthroughs. One symbol represents freedom for Elizabeth, the bird, while the cage is symbolic of her captivity.

Regardless of a player’s choice, this tattoo will stand out to any fan as an obvious reference to Elizabeth’s necklace. Not only that but a beautiful one, too. The designs themselves are simple enough, but the intricate detail applied to either tattoo’s exterior speaks to the appeal of the design and skill of the artist.

Little Sister

Little Sister
Image Source: @kevinfurnesstattoo on Instagram

Another creepy depiction of a Little Sister and a Big Daddy? Yes, please! This tattoo positions the Little Sister above and gives her an ominous stare, making us feel almost as though she is in charge or hunting the Big Daddy below.

There is an unsettling contrast between the seemingly innocent young girl and her dominating presence. If you are wanting inspiration that draws on the darker aspects of the game, definitely have a good look at this one.


Songbird BioShock Tattoo
Image Source: @nicolesedef on Instagram

The Songbird from BioShock Infinite is equally as terrifying as it is incredible. While it exists to “protect” Elizabeth or keep her imprisoned, most of us wanted nothing more than to defeat it. However, there is a somber moment when the creature actually crumbles and meets its demise, drawing empathy from players as Elizabeth soothes it.

Since this tattoo evokes all sorts of emotions, it is definitely a good one to draw inspiration from. Perhaps a tattoo depicting that final scene between Elizabeth and her Songbird could look even better?

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan BioShock Tattoo
Image Source: @evjonestattoos on Instagram

This tattoo is insanely detailed. It features a portrait outline of Andrew Ryan, the infamous founder of Rapture from BioShock. Within that outline is a cityscape of Rapture itself beneath the sea’s waves, with the floating city from Infinite, Columbia, situated right above.

This tattoo is a unique ode to both the beginning and conclusion to the series. There is no better way to express your love for a game franchise than to combine elements from various titles! The coloring and shading are also smooth, making for a wonderful nod to BioShock.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy BioShock Tattoo
Image Source: @jamesmullintattoos on Instagram

There are perhaps no three words a BioShock fan recognizes more quickly than the three on this tattoo. While the tattoo has the signature phrase at its base, it also showcases a Big Daddy making his way toward the viewer.

If you prefer the first title in the series over the second or third, then a tattoo like this one would be perfect for you. The coloring is eye-catching as well, giving the illusion of a body of smoke encompassing the Big Daddy’s body as he moves.

Those are the best BioShock tattoos we have come across, but they are by no means the only good pieces dedicated to the franchise out there. If you are a fan of BioShock and are just as excited as we are for the upcoming movie, a tattoo as an ode to the series may just be the perfect addition to your body’s canvas. A new game by the BioShock creator is also on its way, making this time even better for a related tat. For more cool tattoo ideas, be sure to look below for our other related articles!

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