Batman The Enemy Within: Episode 4 Choices and Outcomes

Will John become the Joker?
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Help Freeze or Leave Him to Waller

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Batman The Enemy Within Episode 4 Choices and Outcomes

After Mr Freeze gets infected with the Lotus virus, Iman suggests that he would be a good person to interrogate to find out where Harley might be. However, Waller turns down that suggestion immediately. Batman decides to talk to him anyway, and Mr Freeze says that he’ll reveal what he knows if Batman agrees to turn down the temperature in the airlock to give him a chance to survive and try to fight the virus.

If you promised him that you’d do so, he’ll give up the information. After that, you’ll still have a choice to either turn down the temperature or walk away from him. Turning down the temperature will cause Mr Freeze to be grateful to you as the airlock fogs up.

If you walk away, Mr Freeze will yell at Batman angrily, and call him all sorts of names. He doesn’t die, but he’ll certainly remember this.

Give John a Second Chance

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 4 Choices and Outcomes

After Bruce witnesses the horrific sight at the carnival, John also reveals that he’s figured out that Bruce is Batman as well. He starts acting more and more maniacal, and a lot like the Joker that we know. After a brief confrontation, he asks Bruce to give him a second chance. He says that he’ll track down Harley for him, and contact him once he finds her.

If you choose not to trust John, he’ll show up at Gotham Bridge during the final showdown and complete his transformation into the Joker. He’ll rescue Harley, blow up the bridge, and the pair will escape together.

If you choose to trust John, Bruce will agree but says that they’ll need to have a very serious talk once everything is over. The pair leaves the carnival together to go stop Harley. At Gotham Bridge, Bruce will try to reason with Harley before John takes over. He eventually manages to dupe Harley into handing over the virus, and the Agency is able to take him into custody.

However, Waller turns on John and tries to arrest him. John goes berserk and throws a smoke grenade to distract everyone. As Bruce tries to locate John, you’ll have a choice of either stopping an Agent from shooting John, or stopping John from stabbing Waller. The stab wound isn’t fatal, and John will make his escape. Before jumping off the bridge, he proclaims that he and Batman will bring justice to Gotham.

Save the Agent, Bystander, or Officer

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 4 Choices and Outcomes

At Gotham Bridge, once the detonator has been activated, Batman has to choose between saving an innocent bystander, an Agent, or one of Gordon’s police officers. You’ll have enough time to save any two of them, but regardless of what you choose, the third person will never be saved. This means that choosing the Agent and bystander first will always cause the officer to die, and the results vary depending on who you choose to save.

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