Dr. Stone, Anime Like Dr. Stone if You're Looking for Something Similar

Anime Like Dr. Stone if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Dr. Stone is an anomaly of a Shonen anime, entertaining viewers with battles of wit instead of fist fights and bombastic techniques. As such, you might not be sure what shows would scratch the same itch, so we’re here with five anime like Dr. Stone, AKA other non-battle battle anime that share Dr. Stone’s creative spirit.

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The Promised Neverland

Anime Like Dr. Stone

anime like dr. stone

On a secluded farm in the middle of a forest, a group of children spend their days together, playing and enduring a rigorous education by their foster mother Isabella. It’s an idyllic life, until two of the children – Emma and Norman – discover the sinister reason for the farm’s existence.

Before long, they find themselves drawn into a desperate bid for survival. They must engage in mind games with Isabella to hide what they’ve discovered, and enlist the help of other children who may be able to help every child on the farm earn their freedom.

Like Dr. Stone, The Promised Neverland doesn’t hinge on physical conflict to keep viewers entertained. Instead, it presents dilemmas its characters need to mull over and think on, in order to come to the best solution through creativity and carefully laid schemes.

Likewise, it sees its cast of protagonists banding together to survive a grim challenge, making due with what’s available to them in order to overcome a harsh environment lacking necessary tools that could see them out of their predicament more easily.

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