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Amanda the Adventurer 2 Release Time Countdown, Demo, & FAQ

The more I know about this game, the more creeped out I become.

Dora the Explorer, but creepy—that was the first part. Now, the second part is coming, and even more mysterious figures will invade Riley’s world. To prepare for all the new things Amanda the Adventurer 2 will bring, check the release time countdown and FAQ we’ve compiled below.

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Amanda the Adventurer 2 Release Time Countdown

Note that the exact release date for Amanda the Adventurer 2 is still unknown. The only thing the developers have disclosed so far is that it will be sometime during fall 2024, most probably in September or October. So, the remaining time above is still just an estimate. We will make sure to update it once more info is out.

Amanda the Adventurer 2 Release & Demo FAQ

How to Play Amanda the Adveturer 2 Demo

You can download the demo of the official Amanda the Adventurer 2 Steam store page. It is available to download and play during the Steam Next Fest from 6/10 to 6/17. The demo version is still fairly buggy, so don’t expect it to be a perfect representation of the full game.

How Long is the Amanda the Adventurer Demo?

There are approximately 40 minutes of gameplay in the demo. You will go through the initial parts of the story and see almost all of the new and recurring characters. You’ll also get to feel out the new location, which is the Kensdale Public Library, and get to unravel a few of its many secrets.

What Platforms Will Amanda the Adventurer 2 Be On?

For now, the only confirmed platform for Amanda the Adventurer 2 is PC, and you’ll be able to get it on Steam. Console ports haven’t been confirmed, but it’s likely they will appear in the future. After all, the first title in the series was ported to literally everything, from Android and Switch to PlayStation and Xbox.

How Much Will Amanda the Adventurer 2 Cost?

The price is also still unknown, but a safe estimate is around $10. This is how much Amanda the Adventurer costs now, and it’s a very fair price for an indie title this polished. Naturally, we will update this information once the developers reveal more information.

That sums up all we know so far regarding the upcoming release of Amanda the Adventurer 2 and how much time is left until then. For more helpful guides regarding this and other indie horror games, be sure to follow Twinfinite. Also, if you want to try out a less-known title while you wait for AtA 2, check out our list of horror games releasing in 2024.

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