how to get all secret tiktok emojis
Image Source: TikTok designs / Emojipedia composite

All Secret TikTok Emojis: TikTok Emoji Codes Explained

Wondering how to navigate this secret language? Look no more, we'll tell you all about it.

TikTok has 46 emojis that are hidden from the emoji keyboard that you can use in comments or captions if you just know how. It all comes down to knowing which shortcode to type, recognizing in which context to use it, and typing it between square brackets. If you’re interested in spicing up your posts and comments, just carry on reading to find the codes to all secret TikTok emojis as well as to understand their meaning.

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How to Get the Secret Emojis on TikTok & How to Use Them

how to get all secret tiktok emojis
Image Source: TikTok designs / Emojipedia composite

This is the list of all the TikTok emoji shortcodes and their meanings in order from left to right:

  • Use [smile] to express happiness or appreciation.
  • Use [happy] to express excitement.
  • Use [angry] to express anger.
  • Use [cry] to express either sadness or extreme joy.
  • Use [embarrassed] for awkward or embarrassing moments.
  • Use [surprised] for jaw-drop moments.
  • Use [wronged] to show embarrassment or shyness.
  • Use [shout] to vent and show frustration or to express evil intentions.
  • Use [flushed] to express nerves or embarrassment.
  • Use [yummy] if food looks delicious or to show hunger.
  • Use [complacent] to show coolness and effortlessness.
  • Use [drool] to show admiration or attraction.
  • Use [scream] to express horror, fear or full-on surprise.
  • Use [weep] to express real sadness such as grief or empathy.
  • Use [speechless] to show annoyance or frustration.
  • Use [funnyface] if you make a joke or find something funny.
  • Use [laughwithtears] when you think something is really funny.
  • Use [wicked] to show mischievous intentions.
  • Use [facewithrollingeyes] to express annoyance or that you just can’t deal with something.
  • Use [sulk] to show displeasure.
  • Use [thinking] if you are confused or thinking about something.
  • Use [lovely] to send a kiss or express appreciation.
  • Use [greedy] if money is involved.
  • Use [smileface] to call someone out for their shadiness.
  • Use [wow] if you’re amazed or surprised.
  • Use [joyful] to express extreme happiness and joy.
  • Use [hehe] if you find something funny or to express mischievous laughter.
  • Use [slap] if someone says something harsh.
  • Use [tears] to show sadness or extreme joy, or just that you’re emotional.
  • Use [stun] to show shock or surprise.
  • Use [cute] if you find something adorable.
  • Use [blink] to flirt.
  • Use [disdain] to express that you’re fed up.
  • Use [astonish] if you want to shout because something ticked you off.
  • Use [rage] if you’re infuriated and about to explode.
  • Use [cool] to show coolness or sassiness.
  • Use [excited] if you find something funny just like you’d use XD.
  • Use [proud] if you want to show off.
  • Use [shock] if you’re angrily surprised or shocked.
  • Use [evil] to express grumpiness or evil intentions.
  • Use [angel] to show kindness or innocence.
  • Use [awkward] to express awkwardness or nerves.
  • Use [laugh] if you find something so funny that you’re crying from laughing.
  • Use [pride] to show indifference or that you’re feeling smug.
  • Use [nap] if you’re not interested in something or just feeling sleepy.
  • Use [loveface] to show love.

Now that you know all the secret TikTok emojis, you can use them to surprise your friends. However, don’t keep them a secret too long and just share this with them, too, so you can all make the most of it. For more guides, read up on how to buy TikTok coins or how to repost on TikTok.

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