All Resident Evil 4 Cut Content Returning in Separate Ways DLC, Listed

Where did all this content go? ...Bingo?

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Wong
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For eager Resident Evil 4 fans, it felt as though the long-awaited Separate Ways DLC would never become reality. And yet, it’s here on our doorstep, and it’s better than ever.

Not only will there be entirely new segments not seen in the original, but it even includes some of the removed portions from the main campaign. Eager to find out exactly what Leon missed out on that Ada will have to take care of? Here’s our list of all of the cut content from Resident Evil 4 that’s in the Separate Ways DLC.

There may be spoilers ahead, so be warned!

All Confirmed Resident Evil 4 Cut Content Returning in Separate Ways

Cable Car Shootout

Ada Wong rides the cable car in Resident Evil 4 Remake as part of the Separate Ways DLC
Image Source: Capcom via Resident Evil YouTube

Resident Evil 4 is famous for its set pieces, and the absence of this early-game cable car segment was one of the more stunning omissions from the remake. Before arriving at the stronghold of the big cheese Bitores Mendez in Chapter 2-3, Leon and Ashley took a rickety gondola over a large gap, fending off eager Ganados as they tried to gun them down.

Likely cut for pacing purposes, we instead received a chase sequence with Mendez and the villagers, but fear not! Ada is taking the scenic route in Separate Ways, picking passersby off with her sniper rifle. Alas, we won’t get Ashley’s cute fist pump whenever we shoot an enemy here, but you can’t win ’em all.

Additional El Gigante Fight

Ada Wong fends off El Gigante in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Image Source: Capcom via Resident Evil YouTube

Astute RE4 players may have noticed that while El Gigante and his armored brethren made their triumphant return in the Remake, there is one fewer member of the troupe than previously. Shortly after the standoff in the cabin, the original game’s Chapter 2-3 gave you the option of going down two different routes.

The left path led you through the frenzied assault of the Chainsaw Sisters, while the right had you going another round with El Gigante. With that fork in the road no longer present in the remake, the big guy lost his second fight against Leon.

It’s unclear at this stage whether Ada will be going down the removed path, but we do know for sure that she at least has an El Gigante battle, indicating a likelihood that it is indeed our absent, large, angry friend.

The Laser Room

Ada Wong dodges a deadly laser in Resident Evil 4 Remake's Separate Ways DLC
Image Source: Capcom via Resident Evil YouTube

Of all the tasks no longer assigned to Leon, this one perhaps makes the most sense. Initially found in Chapter 5-3, Saddler’s deadliest trap is a scene lifted directly from the first Resident Evil film.

Taking place in a tight corridor, the player must correctly time their movement to avoid being sliced to ribbons by the various lasers. It ends with a spectacular QTE that had Leon running up the wall and flipping off the ceiling to dodge the final laser strike. It was pretty amazing, but is our daring himbo really athletic enough to pull off such a feat?

Now, Ada will have to test her luck in the Separate Ways DLC, and with her lithe figure and toolbox of gizmos, she is better equipped in more ways than one. We can only pray that the throne room after its completion remains intact, too. We need to witness the glory of Queen Ada!

All Rumored Resident Evil 4 Cut Content Returning in Separate Ways

The Return of U-3

Pesanta in Resident Evil 4 Remake's Separate Ways DLC
Image Source: Capcom via Resident Evil YouTube

By most accounts, the absence of the boss battle against U-3 was the remake’s most significant one. Also taking place in Chapter 5-3, this hideous beast pursued Leon through a maze of crates before a final showdown on solid ground. The door unlocking task prior to the battle was expendable, but the design of the monster itself is iconic, and proved a disappointing loss.

Separate Ways will reintroduce Ramon Salazar’s second Verdugo henchman — who mysteriously disappeared in the main campaign instead of fusing with its master as it had previously done — and fans have started connecting some dots. Also known as Pesanta, this hulking brute seems to hound Ada through her visit to Castle Salazar.

Within the files dotted about Resident Evil 4, it is revealed that the codename for the Verdugo is U-3, making them one and the same. We’ve seen that Pesanta undergoes a transformation in the DLC, so it seems highly likely that his final form will resemble the eldritch beast we missed from the original game.

This is everything we know and suspect about the cut Resident Evil 4 content returning in the Separate Ways DLC, but we’ll update this list with any further developments as we find them! For more on all things RE, check out our links below.

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