What is the box in Star Wars Andor?

All Planets in Star Wars Andor, Listed

Learn about all the planets Cassian Andor visits in the show's premier.

The new Star Wars show features some impressive backdrops, and many are real places around the world. In the first three episodes, there have already been a few different planets, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s everything you need to know about all the planets in Star Wars Andor.

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All Planets in Star Wars Andor

  • Ferrix
    • Cassian’s current home with his adopted mother Marva. It’s also important because he has contacts like Bix who live here to sell rare finds. Many people living on Ferrix participate in salvaging old ships. The planet has a desert climate, which likely contributes to the population’s resistance to authority, as harsh climates tend to make people independent and hardy.
  • Kenari
    • Cassian’s home planet, where his name was Kassa. Not much is known about the planet, except that a failed large-scale mining operation left much of the population missing. Kassa lived on Kenari with a band of children including his sister, who he hasn’t seen in years. The climate of Kenari is lush forest and provided adequate food and water to Kassa’s tribe.
  • Morlana One
    • This mining planet is run by a corporation that accepts Imperial authority to stay in business. This planet has modern conveniences and looks somewhat like Coruscant.

That’s all we have for now on all the planets in Star Wars Andor. More planets are sure to be featured as the show continues. Check out our other Andor content like when Andor takes place and why there’s no Stormtroopers or Inquisitors.

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