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All Maps in Phasmophobia, Listed

Phasmophobia has several spine-chilling locales for players to hunt the paranormal. Here's a complete list of each one.

Given its nature as an Early Access title, Phasmophobia is a release that’s seen consistent additions and adjustments since its initial release in September 2020. Maps are no exception to this, and recent updates have expanded gameplay options for players significantly. For the sake of better preparing you for jumping straight into the horrific fun, here’s a complete list of every Phasmophobia map.

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All Phasmophobia Maps

Phasmophobia currently has twelve maps in which players can carry out their ghost-hunting adventures. Aside from the map name, it’s also important to note the size of each map, as the number of rooms directly affects the difficulty of the game by requiring more exploration to discover the ghost’s location:

  1. Sunny Meadows Mental Institution (Large)
  2. Prison (Medium)
  3. Maple Lodge Campsite (Medium)
  4. Brownstone High School (Medium)
  5. Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Restricted (Small)
  6. Camp Woodwind (Small)
  7. Willow Street House (Small)
  8. Tanglewood Street House (Small)
  9. Ridgeview Road House (Small)
  10. Edgefield Street House (Small)
  11. Grafton Farmhouse (Small)
  12. Bleasdale Farmhouse (Small)

If you’ve played Phasmophobia in the past and some of the entries on this list are confusing to you, remember that the Apocalypse update (released on Sept. 27, 2022) removed the Asylum map and replaced it with the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution, making it the only map in the game currently labeled as Large.

Because the full version of Sunny Meadows Mental Institution is comprised of five distinct sections, the “Restricted” variant of the level randomly selects one of these sections and bars access to the others, effectively turning it into a Small map for investigating any and all ghostly presences.

Camp Woodwind is a Small variation of the Maple Lodge Campsite map, with similar theming and aesthetics but without the cabin and a more limited campfire area.

And that’s every map available in Phasmophobia. If you’re itching for more, feel free to take a gander at our coverage of the development roadmap for the game. If you on the hunt for more gameplay-oriented information, you can learn every question and phrase you can use with the Spirit Box item, or find out where and how to use the Music Box.

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