All Fortnite Paradise Discord Challenges, Rewards & How To Start

All Fortnite Paradise Discord Challenges, Rewards & How To Start

The Fortnite Paradise Discord event offers some great rewards for pretty easy challenges.

Fortnite has started a new event that will use your Discord account. Unlike most events in Fortnite, this one will be completely through Discord, with no challenge page in your quest menu. Here’s how to start the Fortnite Paradise Discord event as well as all challenges and rewards.

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How to Start Paradise Discord Event

How to Start Paradise Discord Event

  1. For this event, you will need to have a Discord account.

    Please know that this will be the Discord account tied directly to your Epic Games account. Due to that, it is advised you use your main Discord account if you have more than one.

  2. With that in mind, you’ll need to join the official Fortnite Discord server available in your language.

    Here is the one for English and you’ll find the rest here.

  3. Use that link and join the server and agree to the channel rules.

    You’ll have to wait 10 minutes until you can do anything, due to a time requirement on how long you must be a member of the server before you can send messages.

  4. From here, navigate to the #paradise-quest channel.

    With the 10 minutes up, press the Start! button and agree to link your Discord, it will take you to a screen to fully link the two, using whatever Epic Games account is logged in on your phone/PC.

  5. When everything is linked, your first task will load.

    From here, all progress will be shown through Discord. Just like with many browser-based Fortnite events, you can use it to track your progress and it will automatically move you to the next task when you finish the previous one.

  6. To track your current progress on a task, hit the Start! button once again to refresh your current task tracker.

All Fortnite Paradise Discord Challenges

There will be six tasks given through this event.

  • Task 1: Assist Teammates With 10 Eliminations
  • Task 2: Catch 15 Fish
  • Task 3: Survive 5th Storm Circle 3 Times
  • Task 4: Deal 3,000 Damage to Opponents
  • Task 5: Heal Yourself: 300 Health Points
  • Task 6: Place Top 10 in Solos 3 Times

This event will be going on until Oct. 2 at 5:59 AM ET.

All Fortnite Paradise Discord Rewards

There are three items available as rewards in the Fortnite Paradise Discord event. None of the tasks/challenges award XP.

  • Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon – Complete One Task
  • Banana Flip Loading Screen – Complete Three Tasks
  • Chrome Flow Wrap – Complete All Six Tasks

This is everything you need to know regarding how to start the Fortnite Paradise Discord event as well as all challenges and rewards. If you’re looking for more recent Fortnite news, the October Crew Pack was officially shown off yesterday. On top of that, the Ranger Shotgun was also unvaulted.

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