All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Exotic weapons provide a great tactical advantage, provided you have the gold bars to spend.

Exotic weapons are great because they provide players with the opportunity to get unique weapons with a special trait during matches. Just about every Exotic is bought from a special Fortnite NPC, and it gives players a reason to visit less popular landing locations. We’re here to walk you through where to find every Exotic weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

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All Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Exotic Weapon Locations

There are only four Exotic weapons to be found in this season. Three Exotics can be easily bought from NPCs but the fourth is entirely random.

Shadow Tracker

Buying the Shadow Tracker

The Shadow Tracker can be bought from Sunbird at The Temple landmark for 400 Gold Bars. You’ll find The Temple immediately northeast of Lustrous Lagoon.

This Exotic pistol has a 16-round magazine and a suppressor. Plus, any opponents shot by it will be marked for yourself and all teammates for a brief period of time.

Boom Sniper Rifle

Buying the Boom Sniper Rifle

The high-damage Boom Sniper Rifle can be bought from Rustler in Shifty Shafts for 600 Gold Bars. She will typically be found somewhere on the east side.

While the Boom Sniper Rifle functions like a normal sniper rifle, all bullets explode on impact, dealing a good bit of extra damage. What’s more, all sniper rifles got a headshot damage buff for the new season.

The Dub

Buying The Dub

The Dub is bought from Mancake in Rocky Reels for 600 Gold Bars. This is one of the most tricky purchases to make considering the neverending popularity of Rocky Reels as a landing location.

The Dub is a short-range and stumpy shotgun that will knock back both the shooter and the opponent upon impact. This little quirk is great for gaining some distance between you and your opponent.

Chug Cannon

Chug Cannon on Ground

Your only chance to get a Chug Cannon will be by killing a roaming Supply Llama. This wonderful exotic is purely defensive and will cause an explosion similar to a Chug Splash on impact, healing everyone nearby. It can even be aimed at teammates and home in on them at a distance. The Chug Cannon has infinite ammo and its five shots will be recovered over time once spent.

The only drawback is rather significant and costly: the Chug Cannon takes up two inventory slots.

The above is everything you need to know for where to find every Exotic weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. Be sure to look over the below links for help getting that Victory Royale in the new season.

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