AE Mysteries Starstruck Walkthrough
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AE Mysteries Starstruck Walkthrough

Can you solve the missing person's case?

A woman is missing and it is your job to find out what happened. Playing as Detective Kate Gray, you are tasked with searching for a missing actress but this is not easy! We have the entire AE Mysteries Starstruck walkthrough below to help you work through even the trickiest puzzles.

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Actress Perla Rose is missing along with her personal assistant Marco. Have they run off together? Or has something more sinister occurred? There is only one way to find out. Find every solution to all the puzzles in our walkthrough below because even the best detectives need some help!

Chapter 1: Movie Set

ae mysteries starstruck chapter 1
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

AE Mysteries Starstruck begins at the police station where you, as Detective Kate Gray, are sent to a movie set to investigate a missing person’s case. You meet a flustered assistant upon arrival who doesn’t seem to have time to chat. Let’s begin the search!

  • Open the camera case;
  • Take the camera;
  • Place the camera on the tripod;
  • Look at the clapboard and take note of the numbers in the info:
    • Pigeons T. Lee, May (the 5th month!) 21, Scene 7, Take 4 (52174)
  • Use the code above on the camera;
  • Tap the dial on the left of the camera so it changes the image;
  • Open the paper bag to the left of the camera case;
  • Take the deflated balloon;
  • Move the folding screen and pick up the pigeon;
  • Take the ribbon from the gift box;
  • Tap the pigeon on the boom mic;
  • Move the traffic cones in the background to find another pigeon;
  • Open the gift box and take the cake.
pigeon locations starstruck
Pigeon Locations. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Tap the trailer;
  • Take your deflated balloon and fill it with helium (HE);
  • Use the string on the the balloon so it does not fly away;
  • Place the cake on the table;
  • Put the three pigeons on the floor under the table;
  • Tap the teacup to turn the handle the other way;
  • The chair also changes color when you tap it;
  • When everything is set just right you can check via the camera;
  • Tap the dials on the right to change the settings until the red button glows;
  • Tap the red button to take the picture;
  • Take the card key.
camera settings in ae mysteries starstruck
Camera Settings. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Inside the Trailer

  • Use the card key to get into the trailer;
  • Take the red nail polish no. 21 from by the dog bed;
  • Find the pink polish no. 56 in the lower cupboard;
  • Finally, grab the turquoise polish no. 58 from the cupboard by the mirror;
  • Place the polishes with the others and arrange them to go from lightest to darkest.
nail polish order ae mysteries
Nail Polish Order. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Find a note to the right of the door with a cryptic message on it;
  • The note says: C3 on a hand, a blue eye, and no. 4 on a pair of lips;
    • This refers to Row C bottle 3 for the nail polish, a vivid dark blue eyeshadow, and the fourth lipstick.
    • Using the numbers on all three cosmetics you get the code: 582041.
  • Use the code on the door and enter the next part of the trailer;
  • Move the cushion to find an iPad;
  • Tap the foot of the recliner to find a charger;
  • Find clues on notes behind a blind and on the floor;
  • Tap the bottom cupboard in the dark cabinet so you can find a card with a key;
  • Charge the iPad by plugging it into the wall behind;
  • Use the key on the fridge and take the muffin;
  • Place the muffin in the microwave;
  • Go back to the previous room and place the muffin in the dog bowl;
  • You can find another clue because the dog moved from the bed;
  • All three clues will show you what you need to look for in each of the movie posters:
    • No. of people in Late For Yoga = 5
    • No. of hair driers in Bad Hair Day = 1
    • No. of coffee cups altogether = 3
    • No. of boots in Too Many Shoes = 9
  • Use those numbers (5139) to unlock the iPad;
  • Look at the notes and calendar on the iPad.

Chapter 2: Yoga Studio

ae mysteries chapter 2
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

AE Mysteries: Starstruck continues at Happy Bird Yoga Studio. Search every corner to find clues!

  • Open the closet so you can find the broom;
  • Pick up a red magnet from the table and then a blue magnet from the lower shelf near the coats;
  • Take the yoga figure from the shelf behind the coats;
  • Find a green gem in the plant pot by the closet;
  • Use the broom so you can get the orange gem from the high shelf;
  • Tap the door and then place the magnets on the puzzle;
  • Arrange the magnets so that the middle number lights up. The petals should not overlap but each one will end up with the corresponding no. of petals:
petal magnet puzzle ae mysteries starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • You can go on through to the next room;
  • Take the mini rake from beside the little zen garden
  • Use the rake on the zen garden and then take the purple gem;
  • Look at the rainbow flowers on the wall;
  • Use the broom to get the red gem from the floor;
  • There is also another blue gem hiding by the colorful yoga mats;
  • Check out the pile of newspapers under the desk. It shows something about a cobra, turtle, and pigeons;
  • Look at the yoga poses poster on the door to the right;
  • Choose the cobra, turtle, and pigeon poses on the poster and then go through the door.

Yoga Room

  • Open the closet so you can find a poker;
  • Pick up the towel to reveal an indigo gem underneath;
  • Use the towel to open the fireplace doors;
  • Get the poker to use in the fire and get the yellow gem;
  • Now you can place all the gems you found in the Buddah statue;
  • The gems will light up Green, Orange, then Indigo. These correspond with the flowers on the wall in the other room: 12, 6, 2.
  • Use the code above to unlock the combination on the cupboard;
  • Move the water bottle and then take the yoga pose statue;
  • Go back to the Yoga Studio lobby and tap the radio behind the desk;
  • Set the radio to station 111 – Slow Vinyasa. This will slow the yoga moves so you can see easily what order the statues need to be in:
yoga poses statues ae mysteries starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Take the key and then use it to unlock the desk cupboard;
  • Inside there is a note saying “1 is your root and 7 is your crown’ along with an image with colored circles and a phone;
  • The ‘root and crown’ clue refers to the colored flowers on the wall:
    • 1 is the lowest flower and 7 is the one at the top;
    • This means the colors in the nother note show the code 5123;
  • Enter this code in the radio player to change the song to Final Relaxation.

Chapter 3: Trash Park

trash park chapter 3 ae mysteries starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Chapter 3 of Starstruck walkthrough continues at the local run-down park. What will Detective Kate Gray find here?

  • Take the note from the windshield of the white car;
  • Speak to the guy passed out on the bench;
    • He gives you clues to the combination to the gate: 6301
  • Tap every set of footprints. There are four in total;
  • Pick up the empty beer bottles;
  • Open the gate using the combination 6301 and go through;
  • Pick up the car keys to the left of the sign;
  • Tap all four of the footprints here;
  • Look closer at the pile of footprints beside the signposts so you can then match the correct ones as shown below:
footprints 1 clue starstruck
1 Footprints Clue. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
footprints 2 starstruck clue
2 Footprints Clue. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
footprints 3 clue starstruck
3 Footprints Clue. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

As you have probably noticed, the map is covered in graffiti s you should head back to the car.

  • Use the keys on the car in order to get inside;
  • Use the arrow buttons to love the car seat and get the rag;
  • Open the arm compartment to get the spray;
  • Move the yoga mat and grab the tubing;
  • Press the Gas button to open the cap;
  • Leave the car and use then the tubing to suck gas into the beer bottle;
  • Next, pour the gas from the bottle into the strimmer which can be found in the back of the truck;
  • Head on through the gate again;
  • Spray the board and wipe it with the rag;
  • Use the strimmer on the grass to reveal three map tiles then place them on the map;
  • Now you can put the tiles where they belong on the map and consequently solve the puzzle!

Trails Park Puzzle

ae mysteries park puzzle tiles
Park Tiles Puzzle. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Once the puzzle is complete you can tap the dark blue path on the right and then use the arrows to make your way through the maze. If you are having trouble following the directions use the solution below:

  • Up, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Up.
  • Finally you need to clear bushes and avoid rattlesnakes until you find Marco’s body.
  • Use the stick to move the rattlesnake;
  • Move Marco’s arm and inspect the bites.
path to the body ae mysteries
Rattlesnake Puzzle. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Chapter 4: The Lab

chapter 4 starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Take the scissors from the desk;
  • Open the first aid box on the wall so you can remove the cotton swab;
  • Take the paper from inside the drawer;
  • Open the door and get a dolly cart;
  • Use the paper in the printer on the desk so you can print what is on the screen;
  • Take the paper and read what it says: lab3 printer printer ID 3748;
  • Enter the code provided to unlock the door;
  • Move items until you can find the Venom ID kit;
  • Tap Marco’s arm and then place the Venom Kit next to it;
  • Use the scissors to open the kit;
  • Use the cotton swab to take some of his blood;
  • Read the Venom Kit instructions to work out the order of the drops: RYRYRB
  • Open the large jar and place the bloodied swab inside;
  • Add the drops in order and the solution should turn green.

Animal Services

  • Move the sheet to find a key;
  • Check for clues on the posters:
    • 1 Blue Parrot, 2 Orange Tigers, 3 Spots on the Green Turtle, 4 Stripes on the Red Lizard, 5 Spots on the Purple Frog, 6 Brown Chimps, 7 Stripes on the Yellow Snake.
  • Use the key to unlock the door and head out;
  • Plug in the server power cable;
  • Look at the arrows on the boxes: Left, Left, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right.
  • Pick up the wallaby;
  • Take the screwdriver and seven colored cables;
  • Tap the server so you can arrange the colored cables in order of 1 – 7 as shown on the posters: Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Purple, Brown, and finally Yellow.
colored cables ae mysteries
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Now that the internet is back on you can return to the front desk and speak to the young receptionist. She can now tell you that someone had filed for a cobra permit under file no. 462543.

  • Put the wallaby in the cage;
  • Go into the filing room on the left;
  • Switch the lights on by using the arrow clues you saw on the boxes: Left, Left, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right.
  • You are looking for file no. 462543 so go to shelving unit four;
  • Use the screwdriver on the panel;
  • Connect the tiles so each one has the correct number of connections as shown on each one.
starstruck puzzle
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • As you know, the file is no. 462543 so we are in aisle 4, and next we need to look in section 6, 2nd row, 5th compartment, 4th binder, 3rd file.
  • Read through the file and finish this chapter of the Starstruck walkthrough!

Chapter 5: Humble B’s Home

chapter 5 ae mysteries
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

The walkthrough continues with Starstruck Chapter 5 at Humble B’s home. The first thing to do is to tap each stone lion and see what appears!

  • Tap the mailbox to see the invitation;
  • Look at the numbers on the gate: 9368 and the dots next to the numbers which denote the order: 8369;
  • Tap the keypad and use the code above to enter;
  • Next up is a path-finding puzzle. Avoid the cameras for three rounds;
    • Right, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up;
    • Right, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Right, Down, Right;
    • Up, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Up, Right, Down.
  • Click on the catering truck;
  • Pick up the rake by the door and the ladder from the van;
  • Use the ladder to peek through the window;
  • Watch Humble B’s rap;
  • Go back to the screen with the fountain and swan;
  • Use the rake to move the leaf pile;
  • Pick up the truck key;
  • Go to the truck again and use the key to unlock it;
  • Take the bread and chicken;
  • Take the catering uniform;
  • Go back and give the swan the brea so it moves and you can see the number 2010;
  • Go left to the pool;
  • Give the chicken to the alligator so it is occupied;
  • Use the rake to bring the float closer then you can grab the remote;
  • The remote can be used to swicth on the tv and you can see more about Humble B;

Robot Guard Quiz Answers

Head back to the truck and tap on the robot guard at the door. He will quiz you before you vcan enter. Two of the answers are found on the award on the fountain and on the front gate.

  • Who are you? A Caterer
  • What year did Humble B win his first Grammy Award? 2010
  • What year was his mansion built? 2013

So you can finally get inside you will need all the information from the invitation and the Humble B raps you saw:

  • Blue: 3 Planes x 2 Tigers = 6
  • Red: 12 Cars – 5 Grammys = 7
  • Green: 2 Tigers + 1 Humble B = 3
  • Use the code 673 and enter Humble B’s abode!

Chapter 6: The Party

Chapter 6 ae mysteries
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Starstruck chapter 6 continues inside Humble B the rapper’s home so let’s see what Detective Kate Gray can find out here! The first thing to do is to open everything up and then grab anything you see.

  • Find the corkscrew, glasses, dish, appetizers and oven glove;
  • Use the corkscrew on the wine bottle;
  • Place the appetizers in the oven;
  • Use the oven glove to take the appetizers from the oven;
  • Enter the party through the door;
  • Place the appetizers, wine glasses and wine on the table;
  • Grab the key from under the toucan on the left;
  • Move animals out of the way so you can find all six of the dishes;
  • Tap the colored liquids on the right and unlock them with the key;

Liquid Lights Puzzle

Look at the colored lights at the party flashing:

  • Yellow, Red, Green
  • Yellow, Pink, Blue
  • Red, Blue, Green
  • Yellow, Pink Red

The colored liquid must sync with the lights now. Tap the liquids as shown above before tapping the rectangle button under the color you don’t need and then the circle (first circle for the first set, second circle for the second set etc). When that is all done grab the key.

colored tube liquid ae mysteries
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Back in the kitchen you can now put all the plates in with the rest;
  • Arrange the dishes so each share a pattern with the one next to it on all sides as shown in the image below:
plate solution ae mysteries
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

The plates will move the kitchen island to the side which will reveal a secret hatch in the floor. Use the key and go downstairs.

  • Pick up the fish food from the bar and then feed the fish;
  • Count the fish types: 3 round, 2 diamond, 6 oval, 5 triangle;
  • Tap the recliner and use the fish types to unlock the box: 3265;
  • Take the record from inside;
  • Put the record in with the rest on the wall and tap each record to spell out HIT: first the H and then the I and finally the T;
  • Humble B shows up and gives you the business card for the guy who sold him the cobra.

Chapter 7: Flower Shop

flower shop chapter 7 ae mysteries starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

The Starstruck walkthrough continues at the flower shop as Detective Kate Gray sarches for more clues.

  • Pick up three flowerpots;
  • Tap the van;
  • Take the hose and another flowerpot;
  • Open the toolbox and get the hammer;
  • Go back to the store and place the hose on the faucet;
  • Tap the faucet so it washes the mud from the van;
  • Use the hammer to get the crate open so you can pick up another flowerpot;
  • Place the fowerpots on the pedestals so they match the ones on the van:
flower pot solution starstruck
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Enter the flower shop and then turn on the lights;
  • Pick up the watering can;
  • Take the wire cutters;
  • Open the drawer to see Marco’s bill for wedding flowers;
  • Check out the plaque showing Alex as Employee of the Month;
  • Tap the parrot who will say Orange! three times;
  • Head back outside;
  • Take the hose from the faucet and replace it with the watering can;
  • Fill up the can and take it inside;
  • Pour the water from the can into the empty vase;
  • Take the purple tangram piece which is floating on top;
  • Tap on the fridge and enter the code you saw on the flower bill: 1542;
  • Remove the orange and banana;
  • Feed the orange to the parrot and he will say ‘Iris, Sunflower, Marigold’;
  • Marigolds are orange, Irises are purple, and sunflowers are yellow so now enter those colors to unlock the cabinet.

Flower Tangram Solution

  • Place the purple tangram piece with the rest and then complete the puzzle three times as shown below:
flower puzzle ae mysteries
No. 1 Flower Puzzle. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
flower puzzle 2 ae mysteries
No. 2 Flower Puzzle. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
flower puzzle 3 ae myserties
Final Flower Puzzle. Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite
  • Go back outside so you can use the keys to unlock the van;
  • Tap the crate to see the label;
  • Enter AXEL to unlock the combo lock;
  • Use the wire cutters to unlock the box;
  • Give the chimpanzee the banana and then read the card by his feet which says PHONE + 2222;
  • Check out the flower shop awning and the phone number, and then add add 2222 to it making the number 555-5432;
  • Tap the GPS in the van and turn it on via the power button;
  • It says to enter your code so literally enter the words ‘YOUR CODE’ as shown below:
your code chapter 7
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

We end the Chapter 7 walkthrough with Kate choosing which destination to investigate next. The GPs shows three places and Kate decides on Canal Street.

Chapter 8: Canal Street

chapter 8 canal street
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Chapter 8 of the AE Mysteries Starstruck walkthrough sees Kate investigate the case on Canal Street. Check out around on the street and pick up anything you find.

  • Pick up the cement brick;
  • Get the rocks to throw at the security cameras;
    • Stop the rock as it hits the right spots on the X and Y axis to throw the rock at each of the cameras.
  • Use the cement brick to break the glass on the door so you can get inside;
  • Get the key from the table and the wrench from the small cage on the floor;
  • Head back out and use the wrench to get the oar;
  • Use the key on the dumpster;
  • Use the oar on the trash inside and find the flight tracker;
  • Go back into the building and then find four shipping labels which also show up with directions on the map in the dumpster:
    • IN482 (label ends in 001) RIGHT
    • EG753 (label ends in 002) LEFT
    • BR120 (label ends in 003) UP
    • CH301 (label ends in 004) LEFT
  • Go to the lock at the back of the room and use the directions to open the lock — Right, Left, Up, Left — but do not go through the exit yet;
  • Note the weight and prices of each ape in the cages;
  • Look at the EZ Sedate Dosage chart on the floor to work out the right dose for each ape:
    • 40lbs – 8
    • 10lbs – 2
    • 25lbs – 5
  • Use the numbers (825) to unlock the box and take the EZ Sedate;
  • Head out through the back door.

Perla Puzzle

Perla is lying on the floor and you need to get to her quickly. The idea is to move the boxes to make way for the green ones and get them on the pressure plates. This puzzle takes some time but follow this little walkthrough here to get going:

  • Move the two far left brown boxes first so they are positioned in the top left corner;
  • Next move the brown boxes in the center area to the outer walls;
  • This makes way for Kate to move the green box toward the right;
  • Move the green box into the bottom right corner;
  • Now you can move the brown boxes in the right towards the center so you can access the top right corner;
  • Be careful not to block off part of the box you want to push!

Now the pressure plates are pressed you can give Perla the anti-sedative and exit through the back door to find Axel.

  • Show him your evidence using the images of the sunglasses and flip-flops provided;
  • Tell him about the flowers for Marco by selecting the invoice;
  • Choose the rose and the footprint next;
  • Next, select the crate and the venom test kit;
  • Now show him you know about the warning sign and the park ranger;
  • Finally, choose the note on Marco’s car and the note from the monkey cage.

Now it is time to go back to where the small boat and dumpster are sitting outside. Use the key on the back of the boat and take the battery charger. Take them back to the speed boat where Axel is standing. Use the battery charger on the boat and then start the boat with the key and complete Chapter 8!

Chapter 9: Pirate Chase

speedboat ae mysteries chapter 9
Image Source: Haiku Games via Twinfinite

Our walkthrough speeds on to a thrilling conclusion as Kate and Axel are on board a speedboat. But do either of them know how to drive one!?

  • Tap the throttle lever and watch as the numbered buoys pass by:
    • Red 2
    • Blue 3
    • Silver 4
    • Yellow 5
  • Look at the guages which say 20 and 4;
  • Change the radio channel to 204, tap the wheel on the side of the radio and the police will speak;
  • Combine the buoy colors to find clues for the combination lock:
    • Blue 3 + Yellow 5 = Green 8
    • Red 2 + Blue 3 = Purple 5
    • This gives the answer 2835 and you can enter this on the combo lock to receive WD-40.
  • Use the WD-40 on the steering wheel;
  • Tap the radio again so you can speak to the police again;
  • If you tap the gate on the left, all of the gates move at once. The aim is actually to get the boat to the X and not let it leave the map. You will more than likely go all about the map until you finally get to the final destination!

Congratulations! You have saved the animals and solved the case as Detective Kate Gray. That brings the AE Mysteries Starstruck walkthrough to the end. If you like this AE Mysteries walkthrough then you will love Allied Spies!

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