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5 Anime Like Hundred if You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Among the sea of anime about super-powered teens, few execute the concept as well as Hundred can. Telling the tale of chosen individuals taking up the fight against the Savages, strange creatures who have staged an all out attack on Earth, it weaves an entertaining experience of camaraderie, action, and sacrifice with the best of them. Despite the wealth of source material available though, there are only 12 episodes available for viewing, making for a high chance of needing new shows to sate the void left after the final episode. To that end, we’ve got five series to watch if you’re looking for something similar.

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Accel World

A victim of bullying and ridicule in the real world, junior high student Haruyuki Arita has always found an escape in video games, honing his skills to a fine point in the process. Through this, he gains the attention of Kuroyukihime, one of his school’s most popular students and a player in Brain Burst, an augmented reality MMO fighting game which offers its victors real life augmentations and abilities. Together, they strive to reach the highest ranks of Brain Burst, meet the creator of the game, and uncover the reason for its creation.

A fun mix of daily school life shenanigans and action-packed sci-fi fantasy battles, Accel World has plenty to love for those willing to stick it out. For all of its flaws, there are pulse-pounding battles, an engaging story, and a cast of characters you’ll learn to love.

God Eater

In a world ravaged by Aragami, strange creatures who have mutated into vicious and ravenous man eaters, the last line of defense between humanity and extinction are the wielders of the Aragami-infused weapons known as God Arcs. Soma, a new recruit, is eager to restore peace to the world and dives headlong into the fray of his first battle. As a result, his God Arc shows a new behavior never before seen, changing on the fly between the form of a great sword and that of a massive rifle. With this new weapon, the tides begin to change in the fight against the Aragami and humanity has their first clear chance at ending the fight for good.

A gorgeous series on par with the rest of producer Ufotable’s works, God Eater is perfect for anyone who enjoys plenty of action in their post-apocalypse fiction. It’s also great for anyone who needs a quick and digestible series, holding only 13 episodes that can be knocked out with a weekend binge.

Seraph of the End

The world has ended. Every adult across the planet died off in an instant due to an unknown disease, and those who were young enough to escape the pandemic have been captured and herded into holding facilities by powerful and ruthless vampires. Yūichirō, one such survivor, strives to escape his imprisonment alongside his adopted siblings, but is met with tragedy when they are all decimated in the escape. Luckily, he is rescued by a human resistance faction looking to free humanity and restore order to the world, wielding demonic weapons capable of slaying the newly risen vampires. With a renewed hope and a need for revenge, Yūichirō takes up his own possessed weapon and sets out to bring vengeance on his family’s killers and bring peace back to the remaining humans of the world.

Though a bit slow to start, the series is more than capable of going to the brink of Shonen insanity with tense battles and insane attacks on the level of shooting tiger ghosts from a sniper rifle. There’s also the chance of more episodes coming in the future, thanks to the manga’s continued publication and popularity.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Surprise! The world has ended, this time via an outbreak of virus infected corpses with a hunger for human flesh. In order to survive, humanity has sealed itself away in iron-walled stations, transporting themselves between each one via massive armored trains. This proves enough to keep them safe until one such train comes crashing through the wall of a station, unleashing a wave of infected into the refuge. Ikon, an engineer, finds himself bitten by an infected only to survive, keeping his mind and proving himself a member of immune individuals known as Kabane. Alongside other such survivors, he works to help his fellow citizens find a new home, battling against the hordes of undead monsters along the way.

Attack on Titan


Trapped inside the walls of a massive city, Eren Jaeger has always dreamed of seeing the world just outside what he knows. Unfortunately, the world comes to him when a Colossal titan breaks open the walls, unleashing a wave of man eating titan monsters upon the populace. Following the carnage, Eren swears revenge against the creatures, promising to wipe them all out and to see a world without them come to fruition.

One of the biggest series to come out in recent years, there’s more than a few reasons to hop on this show’s hype train. Full of characters fighting to survive against insurmountable odds – and full of just as many character deaths when the series so chooses – you’ll be on the edge of your seat with each new encounter or blood chilling encounter with the series’ titular creatures. With time though, the series opens up in some interesting and novel ways which should provide even the most discerning anime fan with something to chew on.

Know of some other series like Hundred that are worth watching? Mention them in the comments below, and check out some of our other lists of anime to watch if you enjoyed Violet Evergarden or In Another World With my Smartphone.

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