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Top 20 Best Lara Croft Custom Levels


Top 20 Best Lara Croft Custom Levels

Best custom levels.

The Experiment 3 (Part 2) – Budapest by Simen – 2007 (9.93) <a href=”″>The Experiment 3 (Part 2) – Budapest</a> is one of the highest rated custom levels ever created. Lara was tricked into finding an ancient Dwarven treasure, known as the Golden Tablets and heads to Budapest to continue her hunt. In the wonderfully designed level, you search through a museum and an impeccably crafted cathedral. Lara croft

The Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire by Rene Brooymans – 2002 (9.86) <a href=”″>The Sactuary of Water, Ice and Fire by Rene Brooymans</a> is a very long level but is generally considered to be perfect. Lara Croft just returned from an expedition in Egypt and she sets out to find the forgotten sanctuaries.

Tomb Raider Redemption – MagPlus – 2013 (9.80)

Tibetan Winter Remake by MrXY – 2015 (9.76) <a href=”″>Tibetan Winter Remake</a> is a level that doesn’t feature enemies or traps yet the design makes it stand out as an excellent custom level. Lara is looking for a missing relic that was once protected by monks in the snowy mountains of Tibet. It is also a remake of another level but the visuals have been upgraded and two new levels have been added to it.

HyperSquare by Psiko – 2015 (9.90) <a href=”″>HyperSquare</a> is the first of a three part journey. In part one, Lara gets in touch with the strange society of Eternals, who seem to control time and space to uncover what is happening with a breach in the space-time continuum that has opened.

Coyote Creek Part 2 by Cowboy, EssGee, GMac, Titak – 2013 (9.81) <a href=”″>Coyote Creek Part 2</a> comes four years after the original and sees Lara Croft in the Wild West and confronted by aliens. Her quest is to unravel the mysteries of Coyote Creek. The environments are beautifully designed and the puzzles are fantastic – a worthy follow up.

King Arthur Project – by The KAP Team – 2013 (9.83) The <a href=”;aid=100&amp;lid=2589″>King Arthur Project</a> is one of the largest customs game’s available, coming in at 24 levels long. The story starts where Twin crystals saga ended and dives into the world of Kind Arthur. Most of its praise comes from the impressive scope and detail in the levels.

Mists of Avalon – First Clues by Titak – 2012 (9.88)

The Jerusalem Project by Clara, Masha, and Sponge – 2012 (9.81) <a href=”″>Mists of Avalon</a> introduces a link between the worlds of Atlantis and Avalon. This adventure features an incredible amount of detail and is littered with original objects that shape the beautiful environments. The levels are also challenging and well designed.

The Rescue Against – Fight Against Apophis by Pascal Ducey – 2004 (9.72) <a href=”;aid=161&amp;lid=877″>The Rescue Against – Fight Against Apophis</a> is a bonus level in the Rescue series of custom levels. However, it is also the highest rated due to its unique puzzles and impressive setting. Fans feel that is should be a core part of the series rather than an add-on due the quality of its design.

Legacy of the Gods by. Luisa Martins – 2005 (9.72)

Tomb Raider A – The Techno Egyptians – 2005 (9.80) <a href=”;aid=168&amp;lid=1115″>Tomb Raider A</a> is a huge collection of levels featuring reworking of some of Psiko’s best creations. Fans of the level have praised it for the wonderful final boss and the visuals, which are far more colorful than most other custom Lara Croft levels.

UUB1 Recruiting Demon Smalls by Richard Lawther -2005 (9.87) <a href=”″>Recruiting Demon Smalls</a> sees you enter a magical world alongside Demon Smalls in the first part of the Underworld series. The world Lawther creates is imaginative and creative, with some hilarious moments throughout the journey. The puzzles are also unique and impeccably designed helping it become one of the highest rated custom levels in the game.

UUB1 The Ghost Train at Castle Oor by Richard Lawther – 2005 (9.83)

Underworld UB3 – The Plain of Jars by Titak and Richard Lawther – 2006 (9.85)

The Wrath of Thor by Sue Wicks – 2006 (9.70)

Jungle Ruins 3 by EssGee, GMac, Raider X -2006 (9.83)

Neon God by Nadine Lannte – 2007 (9.83)

Himalayan Mysteries by Titak- 2009 (9.86) This custom level

Babylon is Fallen by Eric Claire – 2010 (9.78)

Tomb Raider Requiem

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