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12 Steam Summer Sale Deals Cheaper Than a Cup of Coffee

steam summer sale

12 Steam Summer Sale Deals Cheaper Than a Cup of Coffee

The Steam Summer Sale is now live. You can explore the depths of the online store to find the best deals or you can just read our list on the best deals that are cheaper than a cup of coffee.

Steam Summer Sale Deals

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations is one of the most beloved Sonic games of all time and that’s because the entire game was split into modern and classic stages, giving old-school fans what they wanted while also catering to the modern Sonic lovers. You can grab this one for just $1 on Steam. That’s too good of a deal to pass up.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear Solid game was such a delightful parting gift. The stealth combat here is perfected in a way that’s unlike any other game in the long-running franchise. You can grab The Phantom Pain for only $5.99 right now during the Steam Summer Sale.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 brings players back into this fictionalized version of Japan for a prequel that explores the backstories of Kiryu and Majima. You can get this one for $4.99 right now.

Doom (2016)

Doom (2016) is a very badass first-person shooter from id Software that’ll have you ripping and tearing the heads of demons while listening to insanely appropriate heavy metal music. For just $5.99, that sounds like a good time to me.

Left 4 Dead 2

It’s been quite some time since Left 4 Dead 2 first launched but the cooperative zombie shooter is still loads of fun, especially when you link up with your buddies online. Grab it now for $2 on Steam.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy is regarded as one of, if not, the best superhero video game franchises of all time. The epic conclusion has plenty of content to sink your teeth into and you get to drive around Gotham with a nifty Batmobile. You can get Arkham Knight during the Steam Summer Sale for $4.99.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 throws Leon Kennedy into a spooky European village filled with “zombies” and chainsaws. It successfully combines the excellent survival horror mechanics of the early entries with modern action. Grab it for $4.99 right here. The other RE games are on sale as well, if you like the scary stuff.


After having issues with his wife back home, Henry sets off on a summer getaway and decided to volunteer as a fire lookout in a lush national park. Firewatch has an incredible story that’ll pull you right in. Grab it during the Steam Summer Sale for $4.99.

Dead Space 2

I have been championing Dead Space 2 for what feels like forever. It’s a fantastic space horror game from Visceral Games that does atmosphere like no other developer. If you have not tried it out, please go and download it here for $5.99.

Half-Life 2

With Half-Life: Alyx now out for VR players to play, why not go back to the game that made the series what it is now. It’s only $2 and that’s literally cheaper than any latte out there.


PlatinumGames’ flashy hack and slash action series, Bayonetta, is now on Steam. You can experience the over-the-top and stylish title in stunning visuals for just $4.99.

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider reboot from Crystal Dynamics humanizes Lara Croft in a manner that’s never been done before. This action-packed adventure game is worth much more than $2.99, so grab it at this price while you can.

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