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15 Scary Games To Make Halloween 2020 Even More Terrifying


The first scary game on this list is none other than Phasmophobia which took the internet by storm this year. Cooperative or solo, players take on the roles of both ghost hunter and detective as they explore different houses and buildings to figure out what kind of supernatural being is haunting the area. Through the use of tools like religious crosses, video cameras, and incense, players need to gather clues to identify the supernatural beings to properly end their haunting. While controlled through a first person perspective, you have the option to utilize VR for an even closer and more immersive experience.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a horror classic at this point in video game history and for good reason. For those of you who have yet to play this insane game, Dead Space is a third person survival horror game set against the backdrop of a space station falling apart. Being stuck on an infested space station overrun by terrifying creatures birthed by a Lovecraftian artifact leaves you feeling some type of way and the atmosphere easily reflects the feeling of this eerie and unsettling situation. Even after 12 years, Dead Space is a scary game that still manages to freak you out.

World of Horror

A gorgeous, stylized blend of RPG elements and the works of Lovecraft and Junji Ito, World of Horror is a delve into the investigation of the haunting of a particular town. Strange and subtle changes begin to take effect as the Old Gods awaken and the characters you control are tasked with surviving the terrifying challenges this awakening causes. Utilizing turn-based combat, text-based gameplay, and roguelite elements, World of Horror bends genres to bring you a cosmically horrific game set in a town supernaturally falling apart.

Until Dawn

An interactive narrative, Until Dawn takes you on a vacation gone wrong for a group of friends. This scary game seemingly starts off like a normal and stereotypical horror movie but as you continue deeper into the story, you discover something a lot more sinister. Utilizing quick time events and the motion capabilities of the PlayStation 4 controller, you’ll easily feel like you’re right there in the thick of the action with these unfortunate friends.

The Amnesia Collection

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is another video game horror classic and The Amnesia Collection bundles it and A Machine for Pigs together so you can play through two psychologically horrific experiences. Amnesia: The Dark Descent perfectly blends a terrifying atmosphere and suspense to take you on an insane journey deep into a remote castle. There is no traditional combat within the Amnesia games and all you have at your disposal is a lantern. As you delve deeper and deeper into the castle solving puzzles, you are forced to hide and run from its spooky inhabitants.


You could argue that Outlast is getting up there as a horror game staple. Similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Outlast is a first person survival horror that takes you on a journey through a hostile environment where you can’t defend yourself at all. Trapped inside of an insane asylum with violent enemies, the only tools at your disposal are your trusty camera and your wits. The only option is to hide from enemies and the terrifying atmosphere this scary game lays out will give you heart palpitations.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Out of the other Resident Evil games in the series, Resident Evil 7 has a different take on the horror we’ve come to know about the franchise. Akin to Dead Space and Amnesia, you’re trapped in a house infested with infected enemies and a powerful family bent on ruining your day. A more traditional survival horror compared to the other games in the series, Resident Evil 7 blends puzzle solving with heart pumping first person combat against grotesque enemies. However, there is still that good old Resident Evil feel when you take on dramatic bosses and survive some insane scenarios.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation should honestly be illegal. Like all good horror games, you’re trapped on a space station stalked and haunted by enemies. The titular Alien is actively hunting you wherever you go and you have to journey all over the station to find a way to survive. Alone, you need to use every weapon and tool at your disposal to keep the Alien at bay. However, the most distinguished part of Alien: Isolation is its adaptive and terrifyingly smart AI programmed into this monster making every one of its moves calculated, clever, and downright horrifying. You’ll easily feel like you’re being tracked by an actual human player.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an eerie side scrolling fantasy adventure with terrifying imagery and visuals. Through platforming and puzzle solving, you take control of a child who must escape The Maw, a mysterious vessel full of unsavory enemies. While not as scary as many of the other games on this list, Little Nightmares will still make your skin crawl and make you feel incredibly uneasy with its unsettling story, atmosphere, and gameplay. Its sequel, Little Nightmares II, is set to release in 2021.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club is a scary game that, at first, looks like the complete opposite of a horror game. Entirely free to play, Doki Doki Literature Club is a psychological horror visual novel that delves into the depths of meta and reality. It functions like any normal visual novel with beautiful artwork, heavy text, and enjoyable music. Though, that doesn’t last too long and after a certain point it takes a sharp left turn in its story. It outright lists a few trigger warnings before the game begins so beware of an insane and trippy experience.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

You could argue that the entire Five Nights at Freddy’s series should be this entry but the fourth game in the franchise particularly unsettles and terrifies players due to its eerie and nightmarish atmosphere. Like the other games in the series, you’re set up looking at specific locations and defending against dangerous animatronics until a specific time in the night passes. Unlike the other games, you take control of a child desperately trying to survive the night against his fears based off of the animatronics we’ve come to know and love. There is also a heavier emphasis on audio cues and auditory elements over visuals which helps create a more terrifying experience.


Darkwood is a top down survival horror game set in a mysterious and supernatural forest full of dangerous monsters, psychological elements, and terrifying imagery. You take control of a man who doesn’t remember how he got to the forest in the first place. His main goal is to escape but that is easier said than done when each periodic night cycle is filled with aggressive enemies bent on breaking into your shelter. A different take on survival horror, the player has a set amount of time to explore, gather resources, and talk to NPCs before the day shifts to night and you’re forced to barricade against horrifying monsters. Darkwood is honestly a scary game that everyone should experience and it’s a crowning example of eerie atmospheric horror.


Ignoring the really odd name, GTFO is a cooperative survival horror game where players must traverse through levels infested with numerous terrifying monsters with varying abilities. Players must use a combination of stealth and coordination to make it through each map and passed hordes of enemies. Different tactics need to be used depending on the room’s layout, and the type of enemy players encounter. Coupled with a killer soundtrack and unique gameplay focused on cooperation, GTFO will easily get your heart pumping.

Maid of Sker

Set in an eerie and terrifying hotel, Maid of Sker takes you on a crazy psychological journey with British folklore, gory imagery, and an unsettling story. Akin to Amnesia and Outlast, Maid of Sker utilizes stealth over combat to defend against the horrific enemies and monsters you’ll encounter. With a focus on auditory gameplay, you’re equipped with a defensive sound device you can use against enemies that also rely on hearing and sound to find you. Because of this unique gameplay and a wild twist on Welsh folklore and myth, the atmosphere in Maid of Sker will simultaneously intrigue and freak you out.

The Forest

The last scary game on this spooky list is The Forest, a survival/adventure horror that follows a father searching for his son after their plane crashes. His son is taken by mysterious and creepy individuals and he must both survive and delve further into the forest to uncover its secrets and to find his son. The Forest focuses on more traditional survival elements with the player being able to build shelters, cook food, and craft weapons and tools. You must balance this survival aspect with the main character’s goal of finding his son. The narrative for The Forest will easily have you on the edge of your seat especially as you discover the truth about the forest.

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