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Here Are 10 iPhone 7 Rumors to Get You Hyped

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Here Are 10 iPhone 7 Rumors to Get You Hyped

It’s that time of year again.

Headphone jack- The biggest and probably most solid rumor that’s been doing the rounds recently is the absence of the headphone jack on Apple’s new flagship smartphone. The removal of this port would allow Apple to make the iPhone 7 much thinner, but would force users into using either a pair of bluetooth headphones, or a lightning – 3.5mm jack adapter. This adapter is also rumored to come in the box. This rumor has been further confirmed by the appearance of iPhone 7 cases on Amazon, showing a device without the jack.

Dual lens- A slightly less likely rumor is that of a dual lens which would allow users to gain excellent quality photos even when zooming in. Though this was rumored to be included on a ‘Pro’ version of the iPhone 7, that rumor has since been all but debunked.

Bigger camera- Since the iPhone 6, iPhone users have had to deal with their smartphone’s cameras protruding out from the back of the unit. This means that the phone would never lay flat on a surface. It looks like that may be present once again with the iPhone 7, although leaked images of the 7 show a larger lens, suggesting some sort of camera quality upgrade as well.

Home button- The home button looks to be getting a redesign with the iPhone 7 too. According to reports, the home button will be pressure sensitive. This means you’d no longer have a physical button, but it would instead vibrate to let you know you’d touched it.

Antenna lines- The antenna lines are another feature that seem to be getting some sort of a change. While there doesn’t seem to be an agreed rumor, the antenna lines are either being completely removed from the iPhone. The more likely rumor is that they’re being moved to the edges of the device, removing them from the phone’s back. This would suggest why some reports may have stated the antenna lines as having been removed as they’re far less notable.

New colors- A video circulated recently suggesting that we may see the iPhone 7 come in a couple of all-new colors for the company. Both a Space Black, and a blue colored iPhone have been shown in leaked photos. This is certainly a possibility, considering the popularity of the Rose Gold variation of the iPhone 6S last year.

Waterproof- In an attempt to keep up with its main rival, Samsung, Apple may well be bringing the very first waterproof iPhone to the market. With phones now being taken just about anywhere, this would be a welcome new feature.

Different models- Less of a rumor and more of an educated guess based on the past, rumors have circulated stating that Sept. 7 will see a 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and a 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus revealed. Though there was talking of an iPhone 7 Pro, that rumor has since been debunked.

Storage options- In an age where people use their smartphones more often than ever, it’s believed that Apple will ditch the 16GB versions of the phone and add a 32GB model as the entry level device. There have also been talks of a 256GB model of the iPhone 7 releasing, too.

Release Date- According to Evan Blass, a rather big name in the realm of tech leaks, Apple fans can expect to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 models Friday, Sept. 16.

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