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Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Best New Legendary Weapons & How to Get Them


Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Best New Legendary Weapons & How to Get Them

If you’re looking for the best new Destiny 2 Forsaken Legendary weapons, we’ve got you covered.

Best New Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2 Forsaken

The Supremacy

How to Get it: Last Wish Raid Drop

We had to include The Supremacy on this list. It was one of the most famous guns in Destiny 1 history due to its extreme rarity (only available through a short lived event in the first year of Destiny), and is still pretty damn good in Destiny 2 as well.

The Supremacy is an extremely powerful Sniper that can do a lot of things really well, and is only held back by it’s so-so range.  It has an excellent rate of fire though and decent stability. Meaning you can pop quick accurate shots from medium-long range with lots of power. This describes lots of PvP scenarios, and it instantly is one of the best new snipers for Crucible in Forsaken.


How to Get it: The Dreaming City Legendary Engram Drop

Sleepless is a simple rocket. It has a huge blast radius, and it can can get some of the most desired rocket launcher perks such as tracking and cluster bombs. As long as you don’t mind the somewhat slow velocity and reload speed (both of which can be improved with perks) then Sleepless has everything else you would want out of a rocket launcher whether you’re talking PvP or PvE.

Distant Relation

How to Get it: Gambit Bounty Engrams and Rank Ups

What’s super nice about Distant Relation is its excellent stability, range, and all around balanced stats. If you’re someone like me who has trouble landing consistent precision shots, Distant Relation is a great gun to use. If you get a roll that includes perks like Triple Tap, or Full Auto, you can put some serious hurting on something’s head.


How to Get it: Gambit Bounty Engrams and Rank Ups

Trust is one of many great Hand Cannons to be released in Destiny 2, and is one that is excellent both in PvP and PvE depending on the rolls that you get. It has extremely desirable stat distribution and is the perfect balance between being somewhat easy to handle without sacrificing too much impact.

Like most Hand Cannons, it’s at its most deadly when you can consistently land head shots.

Nation of Beasts

How to Get it: Last Wish Raid Drop

Nation of Beasts another one of the great Hand Cannons you can choose from that we decided to put on this list in addition to Trust. It’s been compared by many as the new Fatebringer as it has very similar stats, does Arc damage, and can even have the same perks.

Age-Old Bond

How to Get it: Last Wish Raid Drop

A lot of the best auto rifles seem to be in the primary slot, but Age-Old Bond is one of the few that you can use in energy instead. It does crazy high damage so you can rip through shields no problem if you’re using in PvE. Try to look for perks that increase its stability though as it’s a bit difficult to handle otherwise.

Chattering Bones

How to Get it: Last Wish Raid Drop

Chattering Bones is a new Pulse Rifle that are for people that like pulses that are easy to handle, control, and land quick strong blows. Like all guns, it has hidden stats such as aim assist, and Chattering Bones has a very high aim assist stat.

It doesn’t work that great in PvE with its stat distribution and archetype, but in PvP it fits like a glove.


How to Get it: The Dreaming City Legendary Engram Drop

Tigerspite is probably the best primary Auto Rifle to come out in Forsaken and just edges out the Gambit auto, Hazard of the Cast which is also really great.

It’s very stable, and all-around powerful. It really doesn’t have many weaknesses. Provided you have decent aim, it can very quickly dispatch red bar enemies with ease especially if you pair it with a perk like outlaw for quick reloads.


How to Get it: Gambit Bounty Engrams and Rank Ups

You’ve probably be killed by this weapon many times in PvP. There’s a reason for this. It’s because it’s a beast in all game modes, but especially the Crucible. That’s what makes it one of the best new Legendary weapons. Bygones has a very favorable bullet pattern that sends aimed towards the chest/head area, right up into your opponents face. It is very easy to land consistent critical shots, and take out enemies in just a few quick bursts. It’s not a slouch in PvE either and can take out red-barred enemies easily.

Luna’s Howl

How to Get it: Forsaken Shock and Denial Quest Line from Lord Shaxx

Finally we arrive at Luna’s Howl. It’s a long process to get it from Lord Shaxx, but it’s worth it if you’re a hand cannon fan. It’s unique perk, Magnificent Howl, grants a powerful bonus damage shot after landing two rapid precision hits. In PvP, it’s bang bang, two shots to the head, and then one more and you’re dead. It’s paired with Zen Moment which makes it a bit easier to land shots after dealing damage.

Landing precision hits is key to using Luna’s Howl though. If you can’t, then put this gun away and use Trust or something else entirely.

That does it for the best new Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Forsaken and how to get each of them. Did we miss any? Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Forsaken guide wiki for more information on the game, as well as our official expansion review.

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