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Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, All 21 Ranked from Worst to Best

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Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, All 21 Ranked from Worst to Best

Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, All 21 Ranked from Worst to Best

SoulCalibur VI is the latest entry in the iconic franchise, and it features a mix of classic characters with a few new faces. We’ve ranked all of the game’s characters of far with the exception of Inferno, due to him being an unlockable character not usable online. <br>
This ranking has been made through a combination of different tier lists and our own 50+ hours of experience with the game. Keep in mind, of course, that you can realistically use any character in the game effectively, and things like a tier list only really matter at the highest level of play.

21. Astaroth – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

The hulking giant brings up the rear, in this case. Astaroth isn’t bad by any means but his huge size gives him a much larger hit box than most characters, and his actions are a bit slower than most as well. To combat this he has devastating attack power, but it’s harder to string combos together with Astaroth than many more accessible characters.

20. Zasalamel – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Zasalamel’s role in SoulCalibur VI, much like other games, is as a watchful eye on the events of history. Zasalamel can be a tough character to learn due to his unique gimmick, time orbs. He can stack orbs on the enemy and cash them in to stop time and unleash some huge combos, but doing so requires some training and know-how.

19. Xianguah – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Xianghua’s movest in SoulCalibur VI is a return to form from SC IV, and not the similar character in SCV. Her attacks have a lot of wide-reaching, sweeping motions and there’s a definite emphasis on air combos and juggling with her. Because of this she can be a bit hard to learn and master, but still a strong character nonetheless.

18. Voldo – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

The creepiest character in SoulCalibur does what he does best in SoulCalibur VI, unnerving and awkward combat moves. Voldo’s sheer flexibility makes him a dangerous character to go up against, and his ability to go into a low stance can be used to great effect to dodge and surprise the enemy. On top of that he has some really powerful throws.

17. Siegfried – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

The poster boy of the SoulCalibur series once again makes his return, and his moveset is incredibly similar to past games. Siegfried is entirely based around huge sweeping attacks and stances. Using B+K you can switch into various stances with Siegfried, which will change the nature of his next attack. You’ll need to learn the follow up attacks on each stance, and Siegfried can be tough to play if you don’t know how to effectively use his stances gimmick.

16. Raphael – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

As you might expect, Raphael is laser-focused on piercing, frontal attacks. His rapier lets him unleash rapid successive blows, but Raphael significantly lacks the range that other characters do. You’ll need to get up close and personal, but luckily, his moveset does contain a few moves that let you duck and dodge around enemy blows, if you know how to use them.

15. Taki – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

One of the original Soul Edge characters, Taki remains just as agile and unpredictable as ever. As a character, she’s entirely focused on speed with ultra-fast attacks and the ability to chain some lengthy combos together. Taki’s magical blade, Mekki-Maru, has the ability to cause chip damage even if the enemy guards, so couples with her fast speed she’s an entirely offensive character.

14. Talim – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Talim has lower damage output than most characters in SoulCalibur VI, but her speed and flexibility more than make up for it. Talim can jump and dodge around an arena, getting the jump on opponents with surprise attacks. If you learn how to utilize her dodges properly, your enemy can have a hard time countering your attacks from all directions.

13. Maxi – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Maxi is probably one of the toughest character to learn in SoulCalibur VI, just due to the strange way his combos link together. As Maxi attacks he’ll switch into different stances, which can then lead to a selection of different attacks. You can have some really drawn out damaging combos, making Maxi one of the best damage dealers in the entire game if you can learn how to link his stances together.

12. Seong mi-Na – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Seong mi-Na’s biggest strength is her range, giving her the ability to keep the enemy at a distance. Mi-Na’s attacks can hit hard, but if you’re not able to land them correctly there’s a sizable recovery time, compared to other characters. If you can master her long reach, you can win battles without ever even letting the enemy touch you.

11. Azwel – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Azwel is one of two brand new characters in SoulCalibur VI, and he’s one of the easiest to use in the game. Azwel’s combos are less complicated than most characters, and you can easily string them together. His B+K attacks can easily launch the opponent into the air, while his basic A+B attack hits the ground with a shockwave that stuns the enemy.

10. Tira – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Tira can be a tough character to learn, as she was in past entries, due to her split personality. This leads to her literally having two movesets that she can swap between by performing certain moves or hitting a percentage of health. Happy has long reaching attacks that can chain together, while Gloomy is much more aggressive and close range. Learning how to effectively use both of these movesets is the key to effectively using Tira.

9. Yoshimitsu – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Yoshimitsu is another character almost entirely focused on close range attacks. With a wealth of strikes and stances that can trick the enemy, one of Yoshimitsu’s biggest tools is deception. Many of his attacks can sap the opponent’s life and restore a portion of Yoshimitsu’s own health. Learn to use his stances, and you’ll be able to run circles around your opponent.

8. Cervantes – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Cervantes is one of the most diverse characters in SoulCalibur VI, which means he’s also one of the toughest to learn. He has a combination of close-range strikes and long-range ones, and his teleportation strike can be particularly deadly when used effectively. When playing as Cervantes you’ll want to go on the offensive and push the enemy up against the wall for extra damage.

7. Mitsurugi – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Another longtime SoulCalibur alumni, Mitsurugi can cause some serious damage. Mitsurugi’s biggest strength is that he can reliably go up against any character and any range. His moveset has a wide array of close and medium range attacks, some of which can be comboed straight into a Reversal Edge. His two other stances also allow for even more offensive and defensive options.

6. Sophitia – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Believe it or not, Sophitia is actually one of the best damage dealers in SoulCalibur VI, with a wealth of offensive capabilities. Sophitia works best when keeping the pressure up on your opponent, and many of her combos can alternate between medium and low attacks, keeping the enemy on their toes. At the same time, she has a ton of attacks that launch the enemy, which can then translate into an air combo.

5. Nightmare – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

No other character in SoulCalibur VI can match the sheer power of Nightmare, no even Astaroth. The Azure Knight can absolutely overwhelm his opponents with a string of devastating attacks. Despite being mid to long range, Nightmare is surprisingly agile, and using certain attack will put Nightmare in Terror Charge. This allows him to use attacks that he’d normally have to be Soul Charged to use. Fighting Nightmare always feels like a defensive battle.

4. Kilik – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Kilik is one of the easiest characters to learn in SoulCalibur VI, due to attacks that can easily be strung together, including ones that can cause even more damage to a downed enemy. He can keep the enemy at a distance with long-range attacks, but immediately switch to close-range ones if needed. His Soul Charge also significantly amps up his damage and can cause sizable chip damage, at the cost of your life draining.

3. Geralt – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

Geralt of Rivia makes his way to the world of SoulCalibur and, surprisingly, he’s one of the best characters in the game. Geralt’s a fast character that also packs a punch, and his moves let him dodge around enemy attacks. His Witcher signs also give you some robust options for countering and stunning the enemy. It also helps that his simple but effective moveset is one of the easiest to learn.

2. Ivy – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

It should come as no surprise to anyone with SoulCalibur experience that Ivy is one of the best characters, but also incredibly difficult to learn. Her unique whip-sword lets her attack from literally any range, and her moveset has a host of moves that can surprise your opponent, and be hard to counter. It takes a lot of practice to master her complex moveset, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

1. Groh – Best SoulCalibur VI Characters, Ranked

A SoulCalibur newcomer, Groh is a fantastic addition to the series’ roster. His dual swords have good reach and can cause a ton of damage. He starts at mid-range, but his stance lets him split his sword in two for some great close range options. Groh can unleash a flurry of blows on the enemy for long combos, and this is even more true with his Soul Charge. With strong offensive and defensive capabilities, he’s one of the most accessible characters in the game.

For even more on SoulCalibur VI, take a look at why we think Geralt is the best guest character yet and why the game’s story mode stands out among fighting games. You can also check out our ranking of the series, in general.

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