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10 Best Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween


10 Best Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

10 Best Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

Let’s face it – there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween night than watching a good scary movie. You can watch with your family and friends, or if you’re brave enough, alone in the dark. With so many horror movies to choose from, however, you might not know which one to actually watch. We’ve got you covered with the 10 best scary movies you should watch this Halloween.

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It (2017)

Stephen King’s notorious novel is back to scare everyone with the 2017 film remake. Pennywise is back and scarier than ever as he terrorizes the town of Derry, eating kids and causing mayhem with his sinister schemes. It follows a group of young social misfits, fittingly named the Loser Club, who are all the targets of Pennywise’s terror.

The creature feeds on childhood fears, bringing their worst nightmares to life in an effort to kill them. While there are plenty of scares peppered throughout the movie, It is also about learning to face your fears and move past it. There’s also a sense of nostalgia that comes with watching kids just being kids (despite the fact that they’re being hunted by a killer clown). The It remake is a solid film for Halloween and one that you should definitely watch with friends.

Halloween (2018)

What better time to launch another Halloween remake than, well, Halloween. Set 40 years after the first film, Laurie Strode is forced to live with the emotional scars of Michael Myer’s relentless killing spree. Despite her trauma, she had decided to put her survival in her own hands by training for the day when she could finally kill Michael.

The latest Halloween remake puts a modern twist on the horror franchise, proving that even the hunter can be hunted. Michael and Laurie have aged considerably, yet still manage to pull of the same thrill as they did in their first film. You really can’t go wrong with watching this scary film on Halloween night.


If you aren’t big on jump scares and prefer a slow burn type of horror, then Hereditary should be right up your alley. The film starts harmless enough, centering around a seemingly normal family. Things begin to escalate when the youngest daughter, Charlie, is caught up in an accident, leaving everyone in shambles and heightening tensions between their eldest son, Peter, and his mom, Annie.

Strange occurrences begin to plague the house, and Peter is seemingly haunted by Charlie’s spirit. Meanwhile, Annie becomes desperate while grieving and turns to the occult for a chance to speak to her daughter again. Hereditary builds itself up slowly and relies on its sinister plot rather than cheap scare tactics to frighten its viewers. If you don’t mind sleeping with the lights on tonight, Hereditary is hands-down one of the best scary movies you should watch.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a breakout in the horror industry, winning fans and critics with its smart and unsettling themes. The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where monsters that are sensitive to sound roam freely. While most of humanity is left in shambles, A Quiet Place follows a family who has learned to cope with the horrors by living as quietly as possible, using methods such as sign language to speak and creating soundproof rooms with scarce materials.

That said, A Quiet Place is also full of tense moments that have viewers at the edge of their seats. Sure, this scary movie uses a few tropes here and there, but it’s easily overlooked by the brilliant acting and ingenious ideas of having to adapt to a practically silent lifestyle to survive.

Get Out

Not all monsters are, well, monsters – sometimes they’re human, too. Get Out strays from the concept of supernatural terror, but instead focuses on the horrors between people. The story centers around a couple, Rose and Chris, who are celebrating their first anniversary as a couple. Rose decides to take Chris, an African-American photographer, back home to introduce him to her parents.

What seems like your run-of-the-mill American home takes a sharp turn when Chris begins to realize that some of the people there are acting strangely. To add to that, these people are all African-Americans. Taking matters into his own hand, Chris decides to investigate that leads to a dark and unsettling discovery. Get OUt is definitely a strong contender if you’re looking for a good scary movie for Halloween.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This disturbing film centers around two men who are tasked with performing an autopsy on a woman dubbed Jane Doe. Apparently, they found her corpse at the scene of a bizarre homicide and can’t seem to identify who she is. As if watching an autopsy isn’t creepy enough, weird events begin to occur as the two men begin to tamper with her body.

Moreover, they also notice that her corpse has been desecrated: shattered bones with no signs of visible trauma, a cut tongue, blackened lungs, and other strange phenomena. Soon enough, the two men continue to find strange discoveries as they try to inch closer to the reason behind her mysterious death. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is strange as it is scary, making it a perfect film for Halloween.

Don’t Breathe

A simple robbery plan goes horribly wrong when a group of young crooks break into the wrong house in Don’t Breathe. Rocky, Alex, and Money are delinquents who need some fast cash, so they turn to ransacking an old house in an abandoned neighborhood.

While their tip mentioned that only an old blind man occupied the building, little did they know that he was heavily armed and dangerous. Don’t Breathe is packed with plenty of tense moments as the group struggles to find a way out of the house without trying to alert their stalker. Despite his age, the old man follows brutal methods and harbors a dark secret in his rickety home.

Neon Demon

Neon Demon is a twisted look into what goes on behind closed doors when you’re a young and vibrant aspiring model. 16-year-old model Jesse finally lands a gig at a modeling agency and enamors her photographer and all of the other models there. However, their fascination soon turns into a morbid obsession as they begin to act strangely around her.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jesse slowly begins to suffer from severe hallucinations and gets pressured by her colleagues. The film ends with a terrifying twist that points to darker forces working behind the scenes. Neon Demon comes with pretty much every staple in a scary film: necrophilia, gore, lucid hallucinations, and tons of shock value.

The Visit

What could possibly go wrong when two kids take a trip to visit their grandparents in the middle of nowhere? Well, you’d be pretty surprised, actually. The Visit holds that same premise, so the kids have to play along with their strange grandparents (who they’ve just met for the first time).

While the old geezers might seem like the perfect grandparents, they soon start showing some weird and even scary vibes. The grandmother has quite the habit of roaming around naked at night, while the grandfather enforces a strict curfew for the two kids. Their erratic behavior only continues to worsen over the weeks, to the point in which the kids find themselves in terrible danger. The Visit isn’t your run-of-the-mill scary movie, but there’s plenty of surprising scenes that’ll leave you utterly baffled.

Scream 4

If you’re going to watch a scary movie, whether it’s Halloween or not, you need to watch Scream. The series has provided tons of scary movies throughout the years, serving fans gruesome deaths, kickass scenes, and some pretty funny moments, too. The fourth movie is the latest entry in the series and follows Sidney Prescott on yet another Woodsboro bloodfest.

While we get to see some familiar faces, such as Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley, Scream 4 focuses on an entirely new ensemble of teenage misfits who are being hunted down by none other than a new Ghostface. At this point, Sidney Prescott isn’t playing around and uses her hardened survival tactics to put this new killer to rest. And, hey, if you’re gonna watch Scream 4, might as well binge the entire series for Halloween.

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