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Top 5 Best Just Cause 4 Mods You Have to Try Out


Top 5 Best Just Cause 4 Mods You Have to Try Out

Best Just Cause 4 Mods You Have to Try Out

Just Cause 4 is one of the most chaotic games in the industry, as it lets you deal out massive damage, fly around with grappling hooks, and even summon tornadoes. So the question is, how could it possibly get crazier? Well, mods of course! Here are the top 5 best Just Cause 4 mods you have to try out right now.

100 Percent Completion

just cause 3, trophy, trophies

Playing through the campaign in order to unlock all of the fun, destructive items isn’t for everyone. Some players simply want to start things out with all of their favorite toys without the hassle.

This completion mod does just that, liberating every territory and completing all story missions in Just Cause 4. As a result, all weapons are now available from the Rebel Drop and almost every vehicle is unlocked, simple as that.

Pure Vision Reshade

Just Cause 4

The world of Just Cause 4 is vibrant and full of life, even if a lot of it gets destroyed in the gunfire and Rico-induced natural disasters. With this reshade modification, players can take in the mayhem through a new lens.

Lens flare effects, added haze depth, and overall sharper graphics are just a few things you can expect when touching up the game with this aesthetically pleasing mod.

Entity Spawner

One of the best things about video game mods is that you can kind of play god, creating and destroying life as you see fit. The Entity Spawners Just Cause 4 mod is the epitome of this, as it lets you spawn (almost) whatever you desire.

Spawn nearly limitless vehicles, characters, animals, props, and even clothing to entertain yourself when you get bored with everything else. Players can even trigger in-game events and change the world parameters around Rico.

High-Quality Icons

Something like changing the quality of a simple icon may be trivial to some, but for those that hold even their portraits to a high graphical standard, this mod is for you.

Installing these High-Quality Icons will provide you with four brand new Just Cause 4 images for you to enjoy.

Better Trainer

Using the number and control keys, this better trainer Just Cause 4 mod is essentially a cheat code shortcut that allows players to implement quick mods on the fly.

Infinite health, ammo, and reload are just one of the 16 options this feature will map to your keyboard once installed. The sky is the limit with better trainer, especially since it can make Rico literally fly.

And there you have our picks for the best Just Cause 4 mods you can play right now. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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