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7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re Looking for Something Similar

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7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re Looking for Something Similar

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia, an aspiring writer and summoner of powerful spirits, pines for a life of wonder where she can join a guild of wizards and witches in journeys across the land. Her wishes are realized when she meets Natsu, a young boy raised by one of the world’s last dragons, and Happy, his flying cat companion.

The two are members of Fairy Tail, a guild notorious for causing trouble wherever they go, and through happenstance Lucy is dragged into one of their ill-fated missions. Though the mission goes less than smoothly, Lucy finds it to be everything she always dreamed of and she decides to join their guild and lend her skills to their cause.

What follows is a series of adventures wherein close friends join together to learn hidden truths, uncover ancient magics and elevate their guild to be the best in the world. Along the way, they may even save the world a time or two and take down some of the most fiendish villains ever born, though not before causing any number of headaches for those they would seek to save.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

One Piece

When the King of Pirates was caught and brought to trial, he set off an age of piracy with the reveal that his entire fortune is hidden in One Piece at the furthest corner of the world. Adventures, thieves and power hungry psychopaths all set out to find it, sparking a race to find the treasure and become the new ruler of the seas.

Monkey D. Luffy, a young man with the ability to stretches limbs and body like rubber, is one such aspiring pirate, inspired by one of the four Pirate lords to claim the treasure for himself and prove that he is a true pirate. On his 17th birthday, he sets out to find a crew that can help him toward his goal of becoming the next King of the Pirates, leading him from one town to the next in search of new friends, misadventures and hints at how to find the One Piece.

Full of imaginative locales, inventive abilities and techniques, and a cast of characters you’ll come to love, One Piece should scratch the itch of even the most discerning Seven Deadly Sins fan. It’ll also prove a near inexhaustible source of anime, with an episode count nearing the thousands.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

Black Clover

In a world where magic is integrated into the fabric of society, the brazen orphan Asta dreams of becoming the Wizard King and has competed with his rival, Yuno, in the pursuit of this goal for years. There’s just one problem: He has no magic energy, and despite training his body to near super human strengths, he has yet to manifest even a hint of magical abilities.

All hope seems lost until, in a moment of peril, he manifests a dark and foreboding grimoire from his soul. With it, he can summon a giant blade capable of dispelling any magic, making him nearly invincible against any enemy which underestimates his apparent lack of magic.

With this new ability, he is accepted into the Magic Knights as a member of the Black Bulls, rough individuals known for leaving destruction in their wake while they try to help the kingdom’s populace. Together with these fellow outcasts, Asta pushes forward to achieve his dreams and take on sinister threats which would send the world of magic into ruin.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

Akame ga Kill!

Tatsumi, a young warrior eager for a life of adventure, sets out into the world alongside his two friends to find their fortunes. They are separated early on though, and as a result, Tatsumi finds refuge with what appears to be a family of kindly nobles.

Later that night, the nobles’ home is attacked by a group of mysterious anti-government rebels. Tatsumi holds them off as best he can, but before long the battle takes him out to a secluded section of the property. There, he discovers his friends tortured and on death’s door at the hands of the nobles, left to their demented devices by the corrupt monarchy.

Filled with rage, Tatsumi kills the remaining nobles and joins the rebels, determined to take revenge on the monarchy and reform the country for the better. To these ends, he’ll even sell his soul to demons ato take on individuals who have crossed the line of humanity to better serve their corrupt regime.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar


In an ancient land, there are magical structures known as dungeons that have existed since time immemorial. Legend hold that deep within them lie magical treasures and mountains of fortune, though most all who have tried to claim them have found death at the hands of the dungeons’ guardian beasts and monsters.

Alibaba, a small-time merchant with a mysterious past, dreams of one day exploring a nearby dungeon, though finds himself unable to muster the courage needed to enter its depths. This changes when he meets Aladdin, a young boy with otherworldly powers who has been dropped into the world from an unknown location.

What follows is a roller coaster ride of destiny realized, timeless friendships built and a dominos effect of events that will change the course of history forever. With any luck, Alibaba and Aladdin will remain at the center of it, though they’ll have to work together if they want to survive the darker forces at work behind the scenes of the world’s affairs.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

Dragon Ball

High up in a secluded range of mountains, the young boy Goku enjoys a humble life of hunting and living in the home of his deceased grandfather. This all changes when he encounters Bulma, a girl on the hunt for magical, wish-granting artifacts known as Dragon Balls. As fate would have it, his grandfather owned one of the seven Dragon Balls, and in exchange for it, Bulma agrees to take Goku along on her adventure.

From here, an epic adventure and the life of the world’s greatest warrior begins. In his travels, Goku will make new friends across the world, take on armies of nefarious thieves and killers, and learn kung fu in the hopes of competing in the world tournament. Ancient techniques will be mastered, long lost sights seen and the impossible made real.

7 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins if You’re looking for Something Similar

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

On a cold and rainy night, a carriage runs off the road and into a ravine. Eager to see what he can steal from the wreckage, a thief finds his way down to the wreckage and finds that a nobleman and his son are still alive. Mistaking his arrival for a rescue, the nobleman promises the thief any favor he wishes, which the thief later uses to give his son a new home and a chance at riches he could never gain on his own.

This sets off a chain of events between Jonathan Joestar, the son of the noble man, and Dio Brando, the son of the thief, that will span generations and drag the world to the edge of destruction. Their encounters will awaken otherworldly abilities in themselves and others, resurrect ancient monsters and rewrite the fabric of reality as we know it. It’ll be a bizarre ride, but an enjoyable one none the less.

What are some shows you turn to for an experience similar to The Seven Deadly Sins? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our other recommendation lists for series like Parasyte and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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