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5 Best Outer Worlds Mods You Have to Download


5 Best Outer Worlds Mods You Have to Download

The Outer Worlds may have only been out for a matter of days but there’s already a budding modding community tweaking the game. Just like the Fallout series it was inspired by, The Outer Worlds seems destined to become a platform for modders to flex their creative talents.

Here we’re going to be taking a look at 10 The Outer Worlds Mods you have to download, from reshades to added gameplay mechanics.

Enabling Console Commands – Best Outer Worlds Mods

If you’re into modifying video games then chances are you’ll want as much control over your gaming experience as possible, and having access to console commands is, therefore, an absolute must. We have a detailed guide on how to install it (via Nexus Mods) and what all the console commands are in the game here.

The Outer Worlds Tweaked

The Outer Worlds Tweaked is the most comprehensive performance package for the game so far, optimizing it with a number of changes that really do enhance the experience. We won’t list everything here, but they range from disabling motion blur to increasing the draw distance. Essentially, it makes the entire game run better and look sharper. This is absolutely one of the best The Outer Worlds mods.

Terraformed ReShade – Best Outer Worlds Mods

There are plenty of reshades available for The Outer Worlds but this is by far and away the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. Described as giving the game a “new level of depth, color, and visual effects,” it does exactly what it says on the tin, bringing out more detail in the game’s textures. You can find a bunch of image comparisons on its Nexus Mods page here.

Minimal HUD

While The Outer Worlds’ is absurdly small and hard to read, the UI itself is quite intrusive. So, if you like a more immersive gameplay experience then this minimal HUD is well worth a look. As you’d expect, it removes some of the clutter and shrinks the important stuff, which makes it one of the best The Outer Worlds mods.

Remove Chromatic Abberation – Best Outer Worlds Mods

Ever wondered why the edges of objects in the game tend to blur and seem to have a slightly red/blue outline? That’s chromatic aberration, and it sucks. The graphical effect is supposed to mimic a flaw of IRL cameras for a more movie-like effect, and it’s worked well in games like Alien Isolation and The Order 1886. But honestly, it’s not one that really makes sense for The Outer Worlds. This mod removes it.

That does it for our list of the best The Outer Worlds mods you have to download. For similar content, why not check out this post or this one.

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