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12 Games to Get You in the Christmas Spirit


12 Games to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

12 Games to Get You in a Christmas Mood

12. Dead Rising 4

The first Dead Rising was half zombie game half biting critique on Black Friday and the holidays. But Dead Rising 4 steeps itself full-force in the Christmas Spirit. You can slay zombies dressed up as Santa, an Elf, a Snowman and any number of things. Bludgeon them to death with a giant candy cane, or run over them in a custom sleigh, it’s your choice. <br><br>

The whole extreme violence thing may not mesh so much with the message of Christmas, but hey, you’ll forget all about that with the wonderful decorations.

11. How the Saints Save Christmas

The second DLC pack for Saints Row IV added some festive Christmas flair into the game, with a story about the saving Santa from a simulation and the Saints teaching their leader the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, the three missions are filled with the same ridiculousness that Saints Row is known for, and the gun-toting Snowman in the picture above should be proof enough of that.

10. Kingdom Hearts II – Christmas Town

What’s more Christmasey than meeting Santa Claus himself? Well, Kingdom Hearts 2 has you visiting the colorful Christmas Town to help Santa and fend off the heartless. The entire party even gets festive new getups, and the music feels like it’d feel right at home on a holiday album. <br><br>

Without a doubt, this may be the most festive holiday section featured in any video game ever.

9. Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and 5

You know how people say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Well, Yakuza is basically the Die Hard of video games. Believe it or not, most of the Yakuza games take place during the holidays and you can even spot Christmas decorations in shops, and hear Christmas songs playing as you wander around Kamurocho. <br><br>

You can even visit a snow festival in Yakuza 5, and there’s a substory called The Santa Hunters. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the holidays with the most feared Yakuza in all of Japan?

8. Home Alone (NES)

When you think of classic Holiday movies, Home Alone is always one of the top ones that spring to mind. If stopping bumbling robbers is synonymous with Holiday spirit for you, Home Alone is the perfect experience. As Kevin McCallister you’ll be able to set various traps and obstacles around the house, in order to stop Harry and Marv.

7. Final Fantasy XIV – Starlight Celebration

For eight years now Final Fantasy XIV has celebrated the holiday season with its Starlight Celebration, and 2018 brings the festivities back yet again. The realm of Eorzea is decked out with festive lights, holiday trees, giant gift boxes and more. Of course there are new outfits and equipment to get, and in 2018 a holiday quest has you organizing the Ishgardian Choir.

6. Overwatch

Overwatch, yet again, has a festive holiday-themed event that players can enjoy all the way until January 2. There are two winter brawls to take on, Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Of course, the big things to go after are the sweet new costumes. From Junkrat’s Krampus costume, to Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy there’s plenty to try and unlock with costumes alone, let alone emotes, intros, and more.

5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing games are the perfect fit for nearly every holiday, as they always have decorations and events to celebrate. Spend time with your animal neighbors in the falling snow and lit up trees, decorate your house for the holidays, and exchange gifts. New Leaf, and other games in the series, will automatically start the events based on your calendar, so it’s the perfect companion game to play in the holidays.

4. Die Hard NES

Hey, if you can count Die Hard as a Christmas movie, you better believe that the Die Hard game is a Christmas game. Die Hard on the NES is actually a surprisingly good title. Played from a top-down perspective you control John McClane as he makes his way up the building while defeating 40 terrorists. <br><br>
You’ll see Christmas decorations scattered around as you explore, so you know, it’s not all guns and violence.

3. The Sims 4: Seasons

If you find yourself getting sick of your real family this holiday, why not jump into the Sims and create your own virtual one? The Seasons update will let you deck your halls with some holiday cheer, and have your Sims undertake fun activities like building a Snowman or celebrating Winterfest.

2. Destiny 2: The Dawning

Have you ever wanted to make some delicious holiday cookies with Vex Milk and Taken Butter? Well then, Destiny 2’s The Dawning event is absolutely for you. It’ s a blast to make different holiday treats, but there’s also plenty of new wintery gear to get as well as an awesome sleigh-based Sparrow design

1. Rocket League

Every year Rocket League holds its Frosty Fest, adding in a host of holiday items to celebrate. For a limited time maps boast a frosty aesthetic, and at the end of each match you can collect snowflakes to redeem for rewards. These are new accessories and skins for the holidays, like a topper that’s a mug of hot cocoa or wheels that sport a moving picture of a warm fireplace.

For more holiday-related content, check out why we think Destiny 2’s The Dawning event is so good. You can also look at a few of our gift guides if you’re needing some ideas, like the best gifts for PlayStation fans, Marvel fans, and gaming in general.

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