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Best Destiny 2 Forsaken Weapon & Armor Mods You Need to Use


Best Destiny 2 Forsaken Weapon & Armor Mods You Need to Use

We break down the 10 best weapon and armor mods that you’ll want to have in Destiny 2: Forsaken, whether it’s for PvP, PvE, raiding, or Gambit.

Best Destiny 2 Forsaken Weapon & Armor Mods

Counterbalance Stock (Weapon)

The Counterbalance Stock mod does exactly as described: it makes your weapons slightly more stable. This one cracks the list because, let’s be honest, we’re not all crackshot. Having a little bit of extra stability will help, especially on precision weapons like Scout or Sniper Rifles. That said, it’s a wasted slot if you do have great aim, so safely ignore it if that’s you.

Melee/Grenade Recharge (Armor)

We coupled these two together because it’s going to vary widely based on your subclass which you would prefer. Some subclasses lean more on one or the other, but both of them will reduce your recharge time heavily depending on how many you stack with diminishing returns. The first two will knock off 30 seconds total (20+10), and it drops off sharply after that.

Radar Tuner (Weapon)

While only hunters can wear Knucklehead Radar, other subclasses can get a little taste of that life with Radar Tuner. It doesn’t work exactly like it, but it does effectively remove the delay after aiming down the sights, for your radar to return. You can quickly scope, check your radar to make sure yu’re safe, and return to scoping much more effectively with this mod.

Backup Mag (Weapon)

Backup Mag is great for weapons that are low, and you wish you could have more of. That applies to lots of weapons in Destiny 2, so slap this on if all you want is a bit more shots per magazine.

Targeting Adjuster (Weapon)

Targeting Adjuster makes your auto aim much more effective. Like the Counterbalance Mod, this is going to depend a little bit if you even want or need it. If you have trouble aiming, then it’s great. If you don’t though, you actually might find the extra help annoying. Still, it’s a helpful mod for weapons for sure.

Icarus Grip (Weapon)

The Icarus Grip, unlike some of the other perks, is for skilled players that can handle aiming while in the air. It’s hard to pull off, but the damage bonus is super helpful if you’re able to land it. Equipping this onto a weapon is a commitment to playing this type of play style, especially in the Crucible.

Super Mod (Armor)

Most of our subclass choices are based around what super we want to have available. With the Super Mod, you can reduce the time it takes to wait quite dramatically, especially if you stack them. Your natural super recharge can go from roughly five minutes to almost three and a half minutes with all five equipped.

Boss and Major Spec (Weapon)

Both of these are together because they serve similar purposes. Put this onto your favorite raid weapons that you know you’re going to be using either for a DPS phase (boss) or to clear out difficult orange bar enemies (major). This one is great for Gambit as well.

Transcendent Riven’s Curse (Armor)

After being purified by completing a Queen’s bounty (after presenting an offering), that risky Riven’s Curse mod transforms into a straight +dmg while in the Dreaming City, which of course includes the raid, Last Wish. It’s 5% damage up per piece, and if you use all five, you’re doing a massive +25% more damage while in the raid. Crazy!

Taken Mods (All of Them)

All of the Taken armor mods obtained in the Last Wish raid are extremely powerful, and useful.

They can be combined with the purified Riven’s Curse armor.

Or used on non-Dreaming City armor if you want to use something else. They all have perks such as granting heavy ammo to reserves after killing Taken, reducing incoming damage by 20% after taking damage from Taken, etc. Barrier, Armaments, Invigoration, and Repurposing are all powerful depending on your play style, and mix them in with the transcendent blessing to be super raid ready.

That does it for our list of the best Destiny 2 Forsaken weapon and armor mods you have to get your hands on and use. Which one’s did we miss? Which one’s your favorite? Talk to us down below!

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