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6 Reasons Why Just Dance 2023 Is the Perfect Party Game

Make sure to have Just Dance 2023 at your next party because it's the best party game for these 10 reasons.

With the 14th and final iteration of the most popular dance game releasing today, here are 6 reasons Just Dance 2023 is the perfect party game for family and friends. This game is easy to play and enjoy for any type of gamer or non-gamer and brings an element of fun to anyone who’s willing to get down and boogie to some freshly released pop music. It’s the longest running game franchise that turns your home into party central and entertains people from every background and walk of life.

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Online Multiplayer

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Surprisingly, this is the first time Just Dance features the full experience of the game online with up to five other players in groups that you can create as the host. There’s a bunch of emote stickers to use in your private room, multiple songs to choose from, and cross-play is available across different platforms. Local multiplayer is still an option, so no matter how you choose to play, you’ll be able to join up with other dancers and keep the party full of life.

Be Your Own DJ, Music Video Director, Game Designer

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Everyone secretly wishes they can be their own party DJ and Just Dance 2023 gives you the power to create your own custom-made sessions so you’ll experience the game the way you want it. Plus, the more you play, the more the title smartly learns your preferences and playstyle, and then adapts to you. You’ll also be able to have more competitive fun by challenging your friends to try and beat your best scores, which are now tracked and saved along with your progress.

In addition, with Just Dance 2023, you’ll be able to make your own music videos to share on social media. We’re not talking super serious, professional-looking music videos here. Instead, you’ll be able to make the kind of personal videos that you’ll want to share with close family and friends for laughter’s sake. If you have the confidence to share your music videos, you’ll end up with a large collection of music videos to share with people for generations to come. So, get your camera phone or video camera rolling and start living like a music video dance star!

Finally, with a little bit of creativity and cooperative family and friends, you can make up your own mini-games and challenges for endless entertainment and laughs. You can do something as simple as trying to count how many times a certain dance has you jump or raise your hands, or get hardcore and have players dance while not facing the screen to see who memorized the dance the best. Another great idea is having each player try and make up their own improv dance routine for everyone else to judge. The fact of the matter is, there are many unique ways to enjoy this game at your next house party while keeping everyone involved one way or another.

New Progression and Rewards For Your Style

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To help with the competitive edge, Just Dance 2023 will challenge players to try and rank up based on their performances, and every time they complete a dance, they’ll earn in-game points that they can use to purchase rewards. These rewards will make this game more lively at parties since you’ll be able to show off more personalized and expressive dancer cards with different avatars, backgrounds, name badges, and dancer alias’s. No party game is complete with customization and now that there’s plenty of that in Just Dance 2023, it’ll quickly rise to the number one spot.

Healthy Fun Exercise While Learning How to Dance

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We’re always told to get more daily exercise, and now you can do just that while partying it up. Dancing helps you burn calories while putting in cardio by dancing your time away, and you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll find it hard to believe you’re exercising, playing a dance game, and partying it with up a group of friends— at the same time! You can be the hit of the party by organizing a get-together that encourages everyone to dance to their favorite music and get healthier while they’re at it. With Just Dance 2023, you’ll be throwing some of the hottest and healthiest dance parties in your neighborhood.

When most people party, they’re either too afraid to dance because they don’t know how to, or they do whatever the heck they want and look silly. With Just Dance 2023, you’ll learn to dance either knowingly or subconsciously through muscle memory, and even though you still might end up looking silly, at least you know you’ll be recreating the same dance moves used by the pros. The more you play the game, the more dance moves you’ll end up learning as a positive side-effect, and soon, you’ll be able to showcase a wide repertoire of dance styles any time, any place.

Never Ending Good Times

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It’s no secret that music is a great mood booster and promotes mental health and well-being, and it all depends on the type of music, but Just Dance 2023 has a wide variety of current pop music to choose from. Players can also look forward to more music being added since Ubisoft has announced that the Just Dance Series will continue through downloadable updates instead of brand-new games. For anyone who enjoys even a few songs from the available selection, you’ll be able to move and groove to express your feelings.

The worst thing about any fun and awesome party is the end. When the music stops and people have to go home, you know that you’ll be craving the next good time. With Just Dance 2023, you’ll be able to party whenever you feel like it, simply by turning on your electronic device, booting up the game, and starting it up. You should have no problem getting a friend or two, a roommate, a family member, or an online buddy to get the party started with you. Soon, you’ll have high-energy music pumping through your television speakers, and with its new online service, you’ll be able to continually download new music to keep the party alive and fresh.

Ultimately, playing Just Dance 2023 at a party is sure to keep faces smiling and people laughing, and as a result, you’ll share memorable good times with family and friends. The moment when you finally completely memorize your favorite dance to your favorite song will be a memorable accomplishment that you’ll be proud of. You can even throw Just Dance 2023 on during a special at-home celebration like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation and it’ll quickly become one of the highlights of your evening. 

By now, you should have no more qualms about why there are 6 reasons Just Dance 2023 is the perfect party game. The only thing left for you to do is get yourself the game and start inviting people over to share in all the nonstop party fun! It feels like it’s been forever since the official announcement of Just Dance 2023, so get your favorite flashy and comfortable dance outfit on and turn your room into party central with this game!

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