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Ranking All AR Mobile Games from Worst to Best

It's reality but not as we know it!

Augmented reality (AR) mobile games can transport you to another realm from right in the palm of your hand. Many folks first tried AR with Pokemon GO, but there are many more AR mobile games to try out. We have collated all the augmented reality games we could find and ranked them especially for you. Have a peek at our list of AR mobile games ranked from worst to best and see which we recommend you try out today!

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13. Monster Park

monster park AR screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Vito Technology

In Monster Park a dinosaur appears right in front of you with pterosaurs flying overhead. You can choose to have the full forest effect or just have your dino appear in your room. Unfortunately there are a limited number of dinosaurs available, but players can pay for extras which is disappointing.

It is pretty boring and there doesn’t seem to be much point to it other than to tap your dinosaur until it dies and then reappears. The AR element, which can be switched off, is fine but nothing mind-blowing. The pterosaurs flying above your head are the best part, really. Rating: 2/10

12. Stack AR

Stack AR screenshot
Image Source: Twinfinite via Ketchapp

Stack AR is ok for a few minutes of time-killing but other than that not worth the epic drain on battery. There isn’t much point in the AR aspect of the game to be honest. Even if you could turn it off, what would be the point when you could just find another stacking game of this type?

Stacking the blocks through AR doesn’t add much to the game other than perhaps a little novelty factor if you are new to augmented reality. The stacking itself is not bad if you have a short bus ride, or are stuck in a waiting room for a few minutes. Overall it is a fun game, but there is no real reason to play it through augmented reality. Rating: 3/10

11. Peridot

Peridot AR screenshot
Image Source: Twinfinite via Niantic Inc.

Peridot had the potential to be the newest Pikmin Bloom type of AR game but falls short. It doesn’t take long for you to run out of things to do in Peridot. The fact Nests cost money is a huge downside and will stop many players from continuing to play. The creatures are cute and the idea is good, but the execution is lacking. It is meant to get you exploring the neighborhood and find a mate for your Dot, but creating Dots is too limiting to bother.

The AR aspect is great, and the creature is active and adorable. After five minutes of running around the room it settled down to sleep on my dog, which was sweet. It is a real shame they made it into such a money-grab because it would be an otherwise good game. Rating: 3/10

10. Magic Streets

magic streets AR game screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Geo GPS

Magic Streets is pretty similar to Monster Hunter Now with its fighting, upgrading, and weaponry features. It’s fun and has a lot of creatures to fight and visiting the Inn is a unique feature. The key differences between Magic Streets and Monster Hunter Now are the fighting styles and the multiplayer option in MHN. Magic Streets uses tap and hold, while Monster Hunter Now uses swiping dodges and attacks.

The graphics are also a bit lacking in Magic Streets, so I would recommend that if you are going to download any monster fighting AR game then choose Monster Hunter Now over Magic Streets. As with other AR games of this type such as Pokemon Go and MHN, the AR is at least used well. Battling creatures in the streets or in your home is as fun as ever, there are just more appealing games to do this with. Rating: 5/10

9. Angry Birds AR

angry birds AR screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Rovio Entertainment

If you are expecting anything but Angry Birds with added AR game elements you will be disappointed. It is fun up to a point but it does make you wonder what the point is in combining Angry Birds with augmented reality. After the first couple of games thinking ‘hey cool, it looks like the pigs have built a tower in my living room/bathroom floor/on the train’ it doesn’t really add much more.

You don’t get different pigs or a variety of puzzles depending on where you play, so the AR is just a change of background really. The AR aspect also makes the gameplay a bit awkward as you try to hold you phone still and at a specific angle. Plus, the game kept crashing after a few rounds which was frustrating. Rating: 5/10

8. WrldCraft

wrldcraft AR game screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Running Pixel

The idea of Wrldcraft is brilliant, the execution is not. It is hard to get decent perspective to see where you are placing blocks. Thankfully it is pretty easy to remove blocks by tap-mining them. There are all different types of block designs to choose from, and there didn’t seem to be a paywall of any kind so plenty of freedom to create as you like.

Bonus points for the game for having three modes: Creative, Explore Outdoors, and Zombie Island Battle Royale. The BR element is not AR, and is styled to look the most like a Minecraft world but it is a lot of fun. The AR modes are good, especially for kids, but you need unending patience to attempt to build anything with any real design due to the clunky nature of the construction. Also, unfortunately, the soundtrack is ear-bleedingly awful so we recommend putting it on silent! Rating: 6/10

7. AR Dragon

dragon AR screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Talking Pet

This cute game is just like having a Tamagochi again (90s kids will remember). Having a pet dragon would be absolutely magical, if a little dangerous, so this is the next best thing. The dragons are adorable and grow quickly into majestic beasts. They collect crystals for you if they are happy, but fly away if you neglect them which is enough to keep you playing.

One day in our world is one dragon year so you don’t have to wait a long time to see them grow. It is much like the other pet games on mobile: feed it, train it, play with it and it grows. It’s a cute distraction and the AR aspect does add a little as many would enjoy seeing their pet sat on the sofa or playing around them. Rating: 6/10

6. Ghosts n Guns

ghosts n guns AR screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Turbo Chilli

I was pleasantly surprised by this game with its retro blocky graphics, and quick rounds of shooting enemies. It’s like a modern-day Space Invaders. It is not one for playing on the train or bus unless you don’t mind looking like a lunatic waving your phone about trying to find the ghosts flying around you.

It is a lot more absorbing than most of its type, and gets those competitive juices flowing as you try to beat each level and face the big boss ghostie. The best thing about this game is how it doesn’t just put the action in front of you, instead you have to move around and look everywhere to find all the ghouls! A good example of how to use AR in a fresh and captivating way. Rating: 7/10

5. Five Nights At Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

FNAF AR game screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Illumix Inc.

Really enjoyable if you are already a FNAF fan, but even if you aren’t it is a bit of creepy fun. It promises jumpscares, as one would expect from a FNAF game, and it does deliver at first. However, soon you kind of get used to the rhythm of the attacks and the animatronics lose the creep-factor. The fact Freddy and his friends kind of come out of nowhere as you wait to time your shock defense is good fun, and I can see this AR game being a firm favorite of older kids in particular.

The way the animatronics attack from whichever direction you face could be changed to improve the scare factor. If the player had to keep turning this way and that to catch the animatronic before it attacked, that would add an extra element of surprise. Rating: 7/10

4. Pikmin Bloom

pikmin bloom screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Niantic Inc

Pikmin Bloom is a fun addition to the Pikmin series as it brings a little something different. Just like Pokemon GO, this game encourages people to leave the house and wander into their local parks and other areas. The only way you progress is to walk about with your Pikmin, and send them out on exhibitions.

If you need encouragement to walk, or you love seeing flowers bloom around you then Pikmin Bloom is perfect for you. The Pikmin are adorable in and out of AR, but to see them skipping about as you wander through a park is just lovely. The added element of designing your own avatar to walk with them when you are not using AR is really cute. Rating: 8/10

3. Jurassic World Alive

jurassic world Alive AR screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Jam City Inc.

This is a decent AR game with plenty to keep you busy! Collect dinosaurs, evolve them, produce hybrids, and collect DNA from all around your neighborhood to create new fighters. You can feed and play with your dinos wherever you are using the AR function, and battle with other dinosaurs to level up for rewards.

It’s really fun, especially for fans of Jurassic Park/World, and for people who never grew out of their dinosaur-obsession phase. Bringing dinosaurs into your world through AR is really cool, and after the disappointment of previous AR dinosaur games, this one really hits the spot. Rating: 8/10

2. Monster Hunter Now

monster hunter now screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Niantic Inc.

Good fun for Monster Hunter fans while also proving a great standalone game. The fights are not overly complicated but involve tapping to attack and swiping to dodge. Your little companion, Felyne, can help you find monsters to kill, and collect resources around you while you are busy doing other Monster Hunter duties.

The process of levelling up is steady enough to keep you interested, and the difficulty of the monsters increases as you get further in too. The multiplayer mode is a great touch and teaming up with other players is a lot of fun. Using AR to create a world within your own is still as exciting as ever, and many players will love exploring their own neighborhoods for different monster types! Rating: 9/10

1. Pokemon GO

pokemon go screenshots
Image Source: Twinfinite via Niantic Inc

Pokemon GO proves that AR games can have longevity and a solid fanbase if they are created well. Many trainers have been looking for Pokemon since its creation in 2016, with new players joining all the time. It has had extra features added, regular updates, and every Pokemon you could possibly want to catch just waiting in your nearby parks, cafes and beaches!

To conserve battery life it is possible to turn off the AR mode and the game is still as fun as ever. However, there is nothing better than seeing a Pokemon ready to be captured right in front of you! It must be doing something right to still be going strong after all these years. Rating: 10/10

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