How to Pre-Register Monster Hunter Now on iOS and Android

The hunt has (nearly) begun!

Screenshot gameplay preview Monster Hunter Now
Image Credit: Capcom/Niantic

The time has finally come to bring your dragon-slaying dream into reality, as Monster Hunter Now is coming to your neighborhood via your smartphone! The new augmented reality game promises to be the “ultimate experience” for any players who wished Pokemon Go had more jeopardy and teamwork. Now, you can officially pre-register for the game so that you’re all set to dive in when it launches on Sept. 14. But how do you do so?

Monster Hunter Now Pre-Registration: How it Works and What it Does

Gameplay of Monster Hunter Now from Niantic/Capcom
Image Credit: Capcom/Niantic

To pre-register for this brand new augmented reality mobile game, you can visit its page via the App Store or Google Play and register your interest in joining the hunt. This is done by clicking the Pre-Register button. Once you do, you’ll be added to the list of players interested in the game.

What Does Pre-Registering Do?

As for why you’d want to pre-register for Monster Hunter Now, the reasons are many.

In addition to ensuring you gain access to the game as soon as it launches, this early registration also contributes toward rewards for all the game’s potential players. The more players who register before Sept. 14, the better the chances are that we’ll get the following extras:

  • 500K Pre-Registrations – Potion x10 and Paintball x3;
  • 1M Pre-Registrations – Founder Metal and Wander Pebble x3;
  • 2M Pre-Registrations – Makeup x2 and Item Box Expansion +500;
  • 3M Pre-Registrations – Makeup x2 and Reward Ticket x3;
  • 5M Pre-Registrations – 10K Zenny and Item Box Expansion +500.

Over 2 million players have pre-registered so far, so most of the rewards are now guaranteed to players of the upcoming title. It’s a nice bonus for players right out the gate, and there’s little reason not to take advantage of the clever marketing tactic.

And with that, you’re all caught up on how to pre-register for Monster Hunter Now. Be sure to check out our other articles related to the wider franchise down below.

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