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10 Burning Questions We Have After Andor’s Season One Finale

Well the first season of Disney+'s Andor has ended & we still have way too many questions...Ten of them, to be precise

When Tony Gilroy and Gareth Edwards put out 2017’s Rogue One, it was nothing short of a triumph. Not because it helped fill in the blanks of what happened between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, nor because of how much money it made that year, but because it was a full-fledged Star Wars movie that actually felt like a war epic. Now, with that same authenticity and brilliant storytelling, showrunner Tony Gilroy has captivated the minds and hearts of fans everywhere with the first season of Andor. Whilst we await the latter part of the limited series’ two-season run on Disney+, fans have many burning questions regarding plot lines, character threads, cliffhangers etc. So, here are the 10 questions that we have after watching the Andor season one finale.

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How & Why Does Luthen Not Kill Cassian?

Andor Season 1 Finale Cassian Portrait
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

The final couple minutes of Andor (aside from the post-credits scene) paint a picture of Cassian Andor being in something of a pickle, as he not only boards Luthen Rael’s ship but then is held at gunpoint by the shadowy character himself. Obviously, anyone who has seen Rogue One knows the fate of Andor by the end of that film. But the “how” is a bit cloudier and simply begs the question in a Rocky and Bullwinkle rhetorical kind of way, “How will our hero get out of this one?”

It would seem pragmatic to assume that Luthen essentially sets Cassian on his path towards joining the Rebel effort whether that is by teaching him some kind of backhanded lesson via turning him into the Imperials, or something else entirely remains to be seen. Alternatively, there is the chance that Cassian might kill Luthen first. However, hopefully that isn’t the case as Stellan Skarsgard has been so incredibly compelling in the role. 

How Does Luthen Know So Much About Cassian?

Luthen Raile Season 1 Andor
Source: Lucasfilm & Disney+

This leads us to our next entry on the list, involving those very same two characters. In the first few episodes, Luthen brings up Cassian’s family/lineage as if he knows him on a deeper level but then that plot line is quickly abandoned.

Now, an argument could be made that the family he knows about is Cassian’s family whom he is adamantly on the hunt for (more on that soon) or if it’s about his posthumous adoptive family who seemingly have (posthumous) strong ties to the alliance – specifically Marva (played by Harry Potter’s Fiona Shaw) and her husband Clem. The simplest answer would be that affiliation, but we are dying to know the real explanation.

Will Cassian Ever Be Reunited With His Sister?

Kassa and Sister on Kenari Andor
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

During the show’s earliest flashback, we see Cassian on his home planet of Kenari. There, the audience learns of his real name “Kassa” where he lives amongst other planet natives alongside his actual sister Kerri whom he is very protective of. However, after a mining disaster occurs simultaneously along side the Imperial occupation of Kenari, Cassian is separated from his only biological family member, only to be later found by Maarva and Clem. But earlier in the episode, we see him searching for Kerri on the watery planet of Morlana One, which in turn sets in motion the plot of the show (in a semi-convoluted way).

Presumably, he has been trying to find Kerri for a very long time and this intel reveals that she works at a bar on Morlana One, which is the closest lead he has. It isn’t long before that thread is lost in the happenings of the show itself. But according to a Collider interview with Diego Luna who plays the titular Cassian, the search is far from over. Additionally, there are multiple theories about who Kerri may be in Andor’s “current” story. But only time will tell.

Who Is Syril’s Mysterious Uncle Harold?

Syril & Mother At Breakfast Andor
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

After departing Morlana One, Andor gains the attention of one Syril Karn (played by the captivating Kyle Soller), who works for the Preox-Morlana corporate entity (the same one from the series’ intro) and is a very easy-to-hate character. Eventually, Syril becomes seemingly obsessed with tracking down Cassian which also leads to his downfall including the loss of that job and moving in with Syril’s very judgemental mother.

While jobless and in the constant company of his mother, Syril is repeatedly berated for his life choices. But not before she repeatedly mentions Syril’s mysterious “Uncle Harlo” who seemingly has some level of status within the empire. Long story short, Harlo “saves” the day and gets Syril a job with the Imperial Security Bureau. But given that we never actually see his Uncle, it leads the audience to safely assume that he is someone that Star Wars fans are familiar with and will in turn be introduced in the next season.

Will Syril Officially Join The Empire Now?

Syril and Dedra Imperials Andor Season 1
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

While Syril’s employment in the pencil-pushing position within the ISB brings him some level of productivity, he still is rather obsessed with Cassian being potentially at the center of an emerging Rebel plot (which he’s not wrong about and it again ties to Luthen Raile). Syril then inadvertently gains the attention of Imperial Officer Dedra Meero whom she believes is interfering with an ongoing investigation.

Later on in the season, he travels to Andor’s home planet of Ferrix where Syril saves Dedra’s life during an Imperial coup gone wrong. Then and there, it also becomes glaringly obvious that he has a puppy love level obsession with her. This in itself makes us believe that Dedra will offer him the opportunity to officially join the Empire, where it’s likely he’ll cross paths with his beloved Uncle Harlo.

Is Bix Going To Be Okay?

Cassian and Bix Andor
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

Speaking of the Empire, let’s talk about Cassian’s dear friend Bix who has certainly seen better days. It should be pointed out that there is definitely some chemistry between them, which is later all but confirmed. While hot on our hero’s trail in Ferrix, the Empire kidnaps and tortures Bix for information on Cassian which can only be described as inhumane. It gives viewers a gut-wrenching idea of just how terrible and desperate the Empire was to stop any sign of insurrection.

Through those decrepit forms of interrogation that utilize the dying cries of a sentient alien race that the Empire had everything to do with, she is beyond recognizable by the end of the show’s 12-episode run. It’s not entirely clear how long they put Bix through this agonizing process, but by the time we see her she is seemingly a mere shell of who she was. The last we see of her, she manages to escape her home planet of Ferrix with other freedom fighters. Overall, we are just hopeful that Bix has better and brighter days ahead of her.

What Happens To Saw In-Between Andor & Rogue One?

Image Source: Lucasfilm & Disney+

While we’re on the topic of Rebellion, Andor brings back Forest Whitaker in his Rogue One role of Saw Gerrera (albeit in much healthier shape than in the movie). We see that he has a working relationship with Luthen and is actively trying to recruit him to the cause, although the scope of that is slightly unclear.

While his paranoia is still intact, he seems to be in a much better place than that in the 2016 film. Furthermore, Saw doesn’t seem to be so dependent on his oxygen machine and his voice isn’t as raspy. So, this begs the question: what exactly happened in the 4-5 years leading up to Rogue One? 

Where In The World Is Senator Bail Organa?

Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa in Rogue One
Source: LucasFilm

Speaking of Rogue One, there are several plot threads in Andor that we see revisited in that film alongside specific characters too. Aside from Cassian and Saw Gerrera, there is also the matter of Mon Mothma; one of the OG founders of the Rebel Alliance. However, one character notably absent in the series is fan favorite character Senator Bail Organa (whom we know is alive and active at this point in Star Wars’ story) played by Jimmy Smits.

In Rogue One, we see him talking to Mon Mothma (reprised by her Rogue One actress Genevieve O’Reilly) about the whereabouts of his “Jedi friend” who is almost definitely Obi-Wan Kenobi. Regardless, it would likely be safe for one to assume that the Senator would be very close by. Let’s just hope we see him in the second part of Andor’s run. Otherwise, it would be a big missed opportunity.

What Kind of KX Unit Was That On Niamos?

KX Unit on Niamos
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

About halfway through Andor’s first season, the series kind of loses some steam when Cassian is on the run from the Empire (but quickly regains it). He takes refuge in Niamos, a resort-like town which essentially just looks like Star Wars’ version of Venice Beach, where Andor is seemingly living his best life.

While on a grocery run, he unfortunately crosses paths with some troopers alongside a few very familiar looking KX droids. Many fans of Rogue One will probably confuse this droid with K2SO who acts as Cassian’s comedic second-in-command in the film, but don’t be fooled – it’s not him. We have already been told that K2SO will not cross paths with our titular hero until the second season (if at all), so the question is: what kind of KX unit was that and how far off is his sarcastic counterpart?

Is Kino Loy Still Alive?

Is Kino Loy Still Alive?
Source: LucasFilm & Disney+

The final question is one that seems to have Reddit very perplexed – is Kino Loy (played by the always excellent Andy Serkis) still alive? During the aftermath of the Niamos subplot, Andor meets Kino when he becomes a prisoner on the very bleak Narkina 5 (in a very Jean Valjean-esque storyline) in which the prisoners are building something of great importance for the Empire. While at first Kino keeps his hands clean under false pretenses of being freed, he eventually comes to understand that the Empire has no intention in releasing anyone.

From there, he issues a very inspiring speech in which he repeatedly tells his fellow inmates that there is only “one way out” which leads to a rebellion. After the coup itself begins, it isn’t long before the inmates have full control of the prison. The only problem there is that they must jump hundreds of feet down into ice cold saltwater hoping to survive. But if you can’t swim like Kino? Well, you’re probably screwed. However, the real question is actually directly related to the first character Andy Serkis played in the Star Wars universe; Supreme Leader Snoke. Could they possibly be one and the same?

Regardless, that’s our 10 questions we have following the Andor season finale. Do you agree with our list? Are there any others we may have missed? Be sure to check out our other Andor-related articles such as a potential canon contradiction based on the post-credits scene. And as always, may the force be with you!

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