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Concept Art Tricked Mandalorian Cast Into Thinking Plo Koon Was Showing up Instead of Luke Skywalker

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’ve no doubt seen the shocking ending to season 2 of Mandalorian, which saw a de-aged version of Mark Hammil’s Luke Skywalker appearing. It was an amazing scene that no one saw coming, including the cast of the show.

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During the most recent episode of the Disney+ docuseries Star Wars: The Mandalorian, executive producer Dave Filoni revealed that he inserted several digital and script decoys to throw the cast of the trail that the legendary Star Wars character would be appearing. Instead of Skywalker, the Jedi that everyone thought was appearing was actually the Kel Dor known as Plo Koon.

Koon has a rich history with the Star Wars franchise, playing a prominent role in the Star Wars: Clone Wars franchise, as well as having a minor part in the prequel trilogy. Filoni explains that he ended up picking this Jedi to trick the cast because he is actually his favorite Jedi.

You can check out what the digital replacements featuring Plo Koon looked like in the form of concept art down below.

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