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All Love Is Blind Seasons, Ranked From Worst to Best

Love is Blind classic pods in view
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All Love Is Blind Seasons, Ranked From Worst to Best

It’s time to find out if love is really blind.

Love is Blind has become one of the most popular reality dating shows to release in the 2020s with a new season arriving soon. There are three seasons currently to rank. The Netflix original has taken place in a different big city each season. So far, singles have been selected for the experiment in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. This Friday, the experiment that took the United States by storm will take place in Seattle thus giving us a whole new set of contestants to follow obsessively on social media.

Certain cast members tend to rub us the wrong way as we question their intentions, and while it seems painfully obvious that certain singles simply want reality TV fame (cue the “crying” confessional with the spilling of artificial tears), us fans have our red and green flags ready to wave depending on the actions of each contestant. Over the course of each season, we grow to love or loathe each cast and our general sentiment towards them often determines how enjoyable the season is overall.

And that’s what we’ve done here! Our ranking takes into account the general likability of the cast and the major flash points to determine which is the all-time best season of Love is Blind.

3. Season 3: Dallas

Image Source: Netflix

Fans (myself included) seemed generally unimpressed by this cast. The contestants often displayed distasteful behavior toward their partners including straight-up telling them that someone else is way more attractive. The pod-dating experience brought out the best in this cast, as did the initial reveals.

But, once all the couples met face-to-face, the game changed completely. Bartise, for example, connected with Nancy and Raven in the pods, but he seemed genuinely happy until he saw Raven for the first time. After that, he could not stop drooling over her and calling her a “smoke show” to anyone who would listen. 

Aside from not understanding the whole point of the experiment, much of the cast generally did not seem to treat their partners well and were appropriately called out by fans. Other contestants blamed their prospective marital partners unjustly.

One of the most controversial scenes aired after the reunion episode as well. Leading up to the altar, Cole faced a lot of backlash from castmates and fans, but one controversial scene worked in his favor to show that his portrayal was unfair. Fans use the infamous “cuties” scene as proof that Zanab had lied about many incidents involving Cole’s mistreatment of her. Overall, this season earns its spot on this list for the general unlikability of its cast.

2. Season 2: Chicago

Image Source: Netflix

While none of the couples in this experiment lasted, the Chicago singles came out of the experience as a close-knit group of friends. The women from season 2 frequently share their get-togethers on social media even years later. While castmates from other seasons developed a friendship following their appearance on the show, the bond seems the strongest between the Chicago cast. 

Despite this season having some of the worst “villains” displaying absolutely disgusting behavior, the cast in general included some of the most genuine people. Danielle, for example, has spoken out about mental health both during her season and after. She continues to use her new reality TV fan to speak out for others who may struggle with similar mental health struggles. Alongside Danielle, other castmates have also used their platforms to speak out. Deepti has written extensively about body image and self-love, while Natalie has exposed the racism she dealt with during and after the experiment.

1. Season 1: Atlanta

Image Source: Netflix

With multiple prospective singles from Atlanta, this season kicked off Love is Blind with a bang. Being the first to partake in this experiment came with its advantages. For example, the show captured a more realistic portrayal because the cast truly wanted to find love. The experience in and out of the pods still created drama throughout the season, but there were a lot of genuinely sweet moments, with couples starting to form real, stable relationships.

Not only did season 1 introduce us to the series, but it also provided us all with the strongest, most lovable couple on reality TV ever: Lauren and Cameron. Lauren and Cameron were the first to get engaged in their season, and in the show in general.

It was difficult not to root for them as they quickly hit it off in the pods and then shared the sweetest moment together during their reveal. Aside from Lauren and Cameron, this season arguably had the most success in creating lasting couples, all of which are still married!

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