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5 Genshin Impact Theories About the Traveler That’d Blow Everyone’s Minds

Who is the Traveler, really?

Genshin Impact lore is dense, and lore about the Traveler is intentionally confusing because the game’s still putting the pieces together itself. The game is barely, if even, halfway to complete (with at least three more regions coming down the line), and there are too many unknown concepts that could play a part in the Traveler’s story, like time travel. Because of this, players have come up with various theories surrounding the Traveler and their sibling.

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Just to be clear, these are all fan-created theories that are circulating around the community. Genshin Impact itself hasn’t confirmed any origins or plotlines about the siblings, so these are all just speculation from various parts of the story. However, they’re worth thinking about – some things you may have thought were obvious have the potential to not be simple.

The Siblings Were Trying to Leave Teyvat

Lumine trying to leave Teyvat theory Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

One of the most interesting theories circulating TikTok right now is that, at the beginning of Genshin Impact, Lumine and Aether were trying to leave Teyvat. The basic idea of this theory is that the siblings are trying to escape Teyvat after Khaenri’ah was destroyed. However, the Unknown God prevented them from leaving.

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The biggest piece of information backing this theory is how Lumine looks in the beginning cutscene. She has the Inteyvat flower in her hair, which is the national flower of Khaenri’ah as Dainsleif tells the Traveler. While there’s a possibility that this could be an oversight by Hoyoverse, it’s arguable that the game has too many combed-through details to let this slide without it meaning more.

Of course, the beginning cutscene of the game explained that the Siblings had fallen to Teyvat and were trying to leave when they were stopped from leaving. However, it makes it sound as though they didn’t spend much, if any, time on the continent, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Traveler Was Stripped of Their Powers Prior to Waking

Traveler no powers theory in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

Another theory about the Sibling’s arrival to Teyvat includes the Traveler being stripped of their powers upon waking, which first started circulating on HoYoLab. This theory is easiest to follow by looking at Aether’s costumes.

As most players know, the Traveler’s outfit will change in some areas depending on what Element they have equipped from a Statue of Seven. However, in the character cards for the Traveler, those areas are colorless. This is a bit odd because in the opening cutscene, these areas are glowing white. These areas are again glowing white when the Traveler sees their Sibling at various points in the story.

What’s weird is that the Traveler wakes up with colorless areas as well. It seems as though they had a power that was stripped from them in the beginning cutscene by the Unknown God while their Sibling, who woke up earlier, doesn’t have theirs stripped.

This Element doesn’t match with any of the Visions colors so far in Genshin Impact, so it looks like a completely different power completely. In fact, the original theory here argued that the Sibling is actually an archon of sorts for that new Element-like power.

Venti Summoned the Traveler

Venti and Starfell Lake theory in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

This theory gives a reason as to why the Traveler and their Sibling ever came to Teyvat to begin with. According to the Reddit theory, it’s actually Venti’s prayers that brought the two to Monstadt. Venti’s lines, along with some of the lore-heavy parts of the game like books, explain that there was a time when Venti asked the stars for a way to heal Teyvat.

Interestingly enough, Venti is the first person the Traveler meets at the beginning of the game (with the exception of Paimon). The name of the area on the map where the Traveler wakes up is also Starfell Lake. It’s also important to note that Venti seems to have a bigger role in the overall story still, as evidenced by his single Character Story available to play through.

The Traveler Is a Star

Lumine is a star Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

The idea that the Traveler is a star is pretty standard. At the beginning of the game, the Traveler and their Sibling are shown as shooting stars while they’re traveling. Additionally, the beginning cutscene shows a picture of two stars together that the Traveler drew in the sand.

There are also a handful of voice lines that talk about the Traveler in reference to stars, including some from Ei, Razor, Kazuha and Albedo. Even Genius Invokation TCG references them as stars in the description of The Bestest Travel Companion card. Even the Siblings’ idle animations include them creating constellations.

The Traveler Is Gathering the Archons for an Ultimate Showdown

Archons gathering for Traveler theory Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

While players don’t know where the story is going to go between the Traveler and their Sibling, there’s one idea that essentially looks at them as Lucifer figures. As the Traveler goes around Teyvat, they’re making allies with all the archons (so far). Despite each archon losing their gnosis in some form, they’re still indebted to the Traveler by the end of their nation’s storyline.

All of these archons ironically have names related to various demons, and even Paimon can’t escape this theory. There’s a Reddit idea that somehow the Traveler will end up leading all of them against some force of evil, a twist on the idea of Lucifer that would give the Traveler and Teyvat a happy ending. Coincidentally, these archons are generally the best characters in Genshin Impact.

Whether or not these theories are true or not, they all point to various things in Genshin Impact that make people question what’s truly going on. Genshin Impact’s story is years from completion, but some of these theories may ring true in the long run. Some of them are years old already and still hold up with current lore in the game, which may mean that there are threads of truth to them.

Do any of these theories sound valid to you? Let us know your wildest theories in the comments below.

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