The Sims Spark’d: Less Llama Drama, More Resolution in Episode 2

Sims Spark'd

The second episode of The Sims Spark’d kicked off with some more drama and wrapped up some rivalry with teamwork. If you missed our recap of the first episode and what the show is about, check it out here.

Team Freezer Bunny was eliminated in episode 1, leaving the new challenges with Team Gnome, Team Llama, and Team Cowplant. The excitement to win $100,000 feels even more intense now that there are only a few teams left, and the way that the contestants come together in this episode leaves us feeling like they are getting more serious about winning.

In episode 2, they are each faced with a challenge in which they must create a story depicting three separate stages of a Sim’s childhood.

Team Gnome kept up the great teamwork, surprising the judges with an emotional story from Plumbella. Team Llama hit off with some more awkward moments and drama between Xmiramira and DrGluon, leading to another loss with the initial challenge. Team Cowplant presented a story about gender identity struggles, leading to their win.

The second challenge was to create a story video using three Sims packs. With Cowplant getting first place and Gnome following up, the two teams entered the second challenge with first pick of the packs.

That didn’t stop Team Llama from finally coming together and creating the winning video, however, leaving the judges happily surprised.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the new episode or want to refresh your memory, check it out here.

Team Gnome eliminated? What?! This episode was filled with completely unexpected– ups and downs. We loved the way that Team Llama resolved their earlier issues and put their heads together.

Simmers took to Twitter to share their opinions on the new episode and how they feel about the show so far.


Who knew that The Sims Spark’d could be this intense!  We loved those hilarious sound effects by Team Gnome in the second challenge.

Stay tuned on TBS to watch the next episode this Friday at 11 p.m. ET/PT, or the following Monday if you watch through Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

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